The PFW Supershow Guarantee is the Pure Frontier Wrestling's most coveted achievement you can earn, only second to the PFW World Championship itself. Allowing the current owner a total of 3 separate Championship Title shots at any time before the next Supershow against any 3 current Champions.

History & Conceptual Design Of Guarantee

The PFW Supershow Guarantee was the sole creation of now-PFW Co-Owner, Alex Weaves. Designed as the "Main Event" for every Supershow which is held once every 6 months (twice yearly), it pits any number from 6 to 10 participants in a brutal No Holds Barred Ladder Match, the winner being the first one to climb up a ladder and retrieve the 3 Guarantee Contracts inside a Briefcase suspended high above the ring.

Although the Guarantee allows for 3 Title shots at any time of the holder's choosing there ARE two strictly enforced rules that go along with this prize, however they can sometimes be bent but only by PFW Co-Owners Alex Weaves and Katrina Edison themselves:

1. Must Be A Champion: The holder of the Supershow Guarantee cannot challenge for a Championship unless that Championship is currently being held by another PFW Roster Member. Vacant Championships CANNOT be automatically gained in using a Guarantee on it and instead results in a wasted Guarantee shot.

2. No Night-Ofs: The holder of the Supershow Guarantee CANNOT challenge for a Championship the same night that they won the Supershow Guarantee at the Supershow. HOWEVER, if the Supershow Guarantee were to move hands on a normal MNF or MNSC Brand show while a Guarantee Title shot remains in the Briefcase, then the new or then holder may use it that same night.

SS Guarantee

Supershow Guarantee Briefcase

The First Holder

The PFW Supershow Guarantee was created on April 15th, 2007 and contested for that same night. After the six participants of the night's Main Event were decided all the other unqualified talent plus three new "surprise" additions to the PFW Roster then battled over the right for the Guarantee. After an agonizing and very long battle, it was Anthem Odysseus who outlasted all the rest and endured to climb the ladder and retrieve the Guarantee for the first time in PFW History. Though when PFW reopened the next year, Anthem was forced to relinquish his Supershow Guarantee in fairness to the new arrivals to the company including the Sin City Brand. However, out of fairness Katrina Edison announced the night of Sin City I that Anthem would be automatically be given the first entry spot in the next upcoming Supershow Guarantee match.

List Of Champions

Holder Dates # of Used Shots/Guarantees
Anthem Odysseus April 13th, 2007 - June 11th, 2007 0

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