The PFW World Championship is the Main Cross-Branded Championship of Pure Frontier Wrestling. It was created at the same time PFW was originally opened, April 15th, 2007.

Design Of Championship

Although there have been no recorded photographs of the Championship up close, details upon its distinct appearance have been given out at various times. It has a black backing strap with four sets of gold "buckles" to click in to hold it around the Champion's waist. Each buckle is rimmed with a ruby red color. It has a set of two gold miniature plates just before the buckles on both sides, the left side possessing the PFW's Monday Night Frontier (MNF) and the PFW's Monday Night Sin City (MNSC) Insignias. And finally in the center is a large round gold plate with "PFW" inscribed on it in bright bronze metal. It also has the appearance of a man behind the "PFW" flexing both his muscles to the sides of the PFW lettering.


The First Champion

The PFW World Championship was created on April 15th, 2007 at the time of the PFW's original opening. That night at SuperShow 1, a Tournament was held between 10 men, a sixth "Last Chance Five Man Elimination Rules" Match was contested to determine a wild card entry into the Main Event. All six men in the Main Event put up a hell of a battle in a "Six Man No Holds Barred Elimination Rules" Match. But in the end, Curtis Conway overcame them all and captured the PFW World Championship, becoming the first PFW World Champion in PFW History.

A New Era

As of Inception 2008, a new "Era" of PFW has begun with the Title reign of Vladamir Malkavius. At Inception 2008, Vladamir captured the World Title for Sin City after defeating Frontier's own Cougar by Technical Knock Out after Cougar refused to submit to Vladamir's "Drain You" Submission Hold. Bleeding profusely from his possibly fractured skull, Cougar passed out during the submission and was rushed to a nearby medical facility. And as such, Vladamir takes the gold to Sin City for keeps as Alex Weaves and Katrina Edison had wagered earlier on in the night that whoever would win the Main Event would take the Title to their corresponding show permanently.

List Of Champions

Holder Dates # of Reigns
Curtis Conway April 15th, 2007 - June 11th, 2007 1
Vladamir Malkavius (Sin City) July 13th, 2008 - Present 1

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