The PM Dancing Girls were a professional wrestling dance troupe, best known for their roles as valets for the tag team Perfectly Marvelous in the Extreme Wrestling Association, NECF, and Elite Wrestling Alliance.



The first troupe (Katie, Sarah, Candy, and Tracey) was originally brought into the EWA by Perfectly Marvelous to take part in their elaborate entrance routines. The quartet would dance down the aisleway as PM made their way out to the ring and soon became a big hit with the EWA fans, despite the tag team's status as brash rulebreakers. Despite almost always appearing together, the troupe was usually divided, with Katie and Sarah representing Perfect Paul Paras while Candy and Tracey represented Marvelous Mario Maurako. In late 1999, Perfectly Marvelous held a mix of a beauty pageant and a gameshow in order to select two brand new PM Dancing Girls. The duo took votes from EWA fans, but ultimately picked the winners based on their own opinions anyway. The two winners, Erica and Joy, joined Paras and Maurako, respectively, on EWA television the week after the competition ended. The six girls became famous for their trademark entrance with PM-- Maurako would drive his red and black hummer down the aisle with Joy, Tracey, Erica, and Sarah flanking it on either side with their dance routine. Candy sat in the passenger side window of the hummer, waving to the fans, while Katie was perched on top of the vehicle with Paras, either dancing or posing with him as Paras trash talked the opponent for the night on a microphone.

The troupe would follow PM to the NECF, and later, the Elite Wrestling Alliance. At some point during the switch, Tracey found herself in legal trouble, causing her to be released from her contract. At the start of the EliteWA days, Katie and Paul Paras became romantically involved, both on-camera and behind the scenes. Candy and Mario Maurako's brother, Martino, also became romantically involved. EWA president Hoerig, mistakenly thinking Candy and Mario were an item and wanting to prevent outside emotions having to be written into storylines as they had for Paras, had Candy placed in as a manager for Johnny Elite and Jeffery James, known as Seventeen to limit her personal appearances with Maurako. This, of course, didn't have the desired effect, and Marty and Candy were married two years later in Minneapolis. Upon the team's move to Online Championship Wrestling, all five remaining girls were hired, but Joy was soon let go after suffering an apparent severe psychological breakdown on the road. Mario Maurako's real life wife, Amanda, began appearing on television alongside her husband, but was never an actual member of the PM Dancing Girls. After the company came back from a hiatus in 2001, only Katie returned to television alongside Paras, while Candy began managing a now-solo Johnny Elite.

Paul Paras and Katie Gamble were engaged to be married in 2003, but suffered a messy breakup, resulting in Paras' original trio of valets filing a lawsuit against him for emotional and monetary damages after Paras didn't help Erica and Sarah get their jobs back with OCW. Paras settled the suit on OCW television and regained a close friendship with the three girls. Erica would later be instrumental in Paras' ownership of the State of Minnesota after she gave Paras deed information on every major banking institution in the state. Tracey made a surprise cameo in a 2008 Triple M promo at a Curves in Parma, Ohio, but has not been seen since. Joy appeared as the judge in Maurako's 2009 trial versus the State of Illinois. Candy and Martino had their first child, a daughter, in August 2009.

Where are they now?

  • Candy and Martino Maurako are still married and living in Minnesota. In November 2008, they announced they were expecting a child, a daughter, who was born on August 20, 2009.
  • Erica works for the independent Twin Cities Wrestling Alliance. She is currently the valet for Scott Aeres and Ahman Isakson, the Hi-Fi Society.
  • Katie is a concession girl and field worker for the Lansing Lugnuts AAA baseball team in Lansing, MI.
  • Joy is a judge for the Cook County court system in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Sarah shares an apartment with Katie in East Lansing, MI and is currently unemployed.
  • Tracey works as a personal trainer at a Curves in Parma Heights, Ohio.

Wrestlers managed

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