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The Beginning: Summerfest 2005

The very first match can be found here

On June 12, 2005 Summerfest(Matches) was born. This PPV, while only 2 matches and a promo, was a major success for a fledgling e-fed. Notably in this PPV we see the first Professional Party Pit.(W/host Russ "The Professional" Bellinger. The refs for each match were assigned by Professional and carried out by other wrestlers. We also saw a street fight between Owen Slade and Monster. The main event consisted of A triple threat between the 3 founders of PRW, Nightmare, Ice and "Cajun" Matt Caje.


Matches (06/12/05-07/06/05)

Outside of Summerfest there were a few preliminary matches. We saw PRW's first ladder match, Owen Slade vs. "Cajun" Matt Caje and a standard No-DQ match which saw Ice vs. Nightmare. For timeline sake, the matches took place prior to the PPV.

  • Ice drew Nightmare with a tie due to a double post. Considered illegal at time of match, the double post saw the first basis for the Rules section of PRW.Match

Promos (06/12/05-07/06/05)

We saw the introduction promo from "Cajun" Matt Caje and Russ "The Professional Bellinger for PRW basically stating that "... WEEEEELCOME ONE AND ALL TO THE GREATEST SHOOOOOOW ON EEEEEEARTH... PRW! Yeah, you know we bring all that, a bag of chips, the kitchen sink, and your mom to the table." -"Cajun" Matt Caje. This promo had an unanswered open challenge attached to it. Promo

  • We saw the debut of No Fear (Formerly an AWR exclusive) Promo
  • We saw the making of the Summerfest main-event. Promo

Post-Summerfest 2005 - End of 2005

Post-Summerfest 2005 - Pre-Patriotism 2005


Nightmare(ch) vs. Owen Slade for the PRW Net Title.

Ltrain vs. Monster in Ltrain's debut match.



Patriotism 2005

PPV(07/15/05 - 08/01/05)



Matches(07/15/05 - 08/01/05)(Outside of PPV)


Promos(07/15/05 - 08/01/05)(Outside of PPV)

  • Advocate(The Current GM), made the Main Event official for Patriotism 2005 Promo
  • Spicy Mchaggis asks Heidi Amazon to be his personal "escort". Heidi refuses, citing the GM's announcement that the winner of the 6-man Elimination Chamber would be awarded with her services. Run-in by Roberts. Promo

Post-Patriotism 2005 Pre-Clash of the Titans(CotT)(08/01/05 - 08/20/05)

Matches(08/01/05 - 08/20/05)

  • Havener vs. Andrew comes to a no decision when unrealistic posting by Havener causes the match to end quickly. Both have their debuts in PRW in this match Match.

Promos(08/01/05 - 08/20/05)

Coming soon

Clash of the Titans(CotT) 2005


Post-CotT 2005 - Pre-Superbattle 2005

Coming soon

Superbattle 2005


Post-Superbattle 2005 - Pre-Uprising 2005

Coming soon

King of the Hill 2005(Tournament)


Uprising 2005


Post-Uprising 2005 - Pre-Bloodletting 2005

Coming soon

Bloodletting 2005


Post-Bloodletting 2005 - Pre-Christmas Cage Carnage(CCC) 2005

Coming soon

Frightfest 2005(A mini-PPV)


Christmas Cage Carnage 2005


Post Christmas Cage Carnage - end of year

Coming soon

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