PRW Cyanide Championship

Duct tape? Check. Barbed wire? Check. Kitchen appliances, livestock and blood? Check, check and double-check. There isn't much more to be said about the Cyanide Championship, but at the same time there is plenty to say. With a 24/7, falls counte anywhere stipulation and over 200 champions, this belt proves difficult to hang on to. Enter into an attempt on this title at your own risk. Lord knows when a would-be challenger should walk by and knock you upside the head with a summer sausage just for chance at gold. Albeit fake gold, but gold nonetheless.


At the PPV Patriotism 2005 After a 6-man elimination cage match, Spicy McHaggis became the first Cyanide Champion. This title, unlike any other title in Professional RPG Wrestling, can be won by anyone at anytime.


  • Longest Consecutive Reign: Zangetsu- 63 Days
  • The referee Mike Kiona was the first and last referee in PRW History to win this belt.

He also held the belt the most for non-wrestler characers 3

  • Doug Smith was the first Announcer to be awarded the belt
  • A few have successfully defended the belt
  • Commonly, the belt is lost backstage
  • Matches that usually feature this belt are Bar Brawls which see the title change hands 10-15 times.


Please refer to the PRW Cyanide Championship Page locate under "External Links" for the full list of champions.

Championship Rules

1.) The PRW Cyanide Championship operates under a 24/7, falls count anywhere stipulation.

  • 1A.) Any REGISTERED character may make an attempt for the championship anywhere, at any time as long as the champion is NOT currently in a match.
  • 1B.) If the current Cyanide champion should enter into a match, the championship is indirectly at stake. Any falls they sustain will cost them the championship. Period.
  • 1C.) Any form of tag team match will NOT see the title change if the champion's team loses UNLESS the champion themself was the victim of the deciding fall.

2.) Referees are no longer allowed to make an attempt for the Cyanide Championship as of April 9, 2006.

  • 2A.) Any handlers that should use their referee to make an attempt on the championship will have that account deleted.

3.) Handlers that are in control of a referee account may NOT make decisions on their own attempts for the championship or in any other match situation.

4.) Since the Cyanide Championship is a valid PRW title, posts making an attempt on the champion should be DECENT.

  • 4A.) Overall post quality will be taken into consideration by the referee when an attempt is made on the champion. If the referee feels the attempt post is inadequate, a just decision will be made.

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