Professional RPG Wrestling

Head Administrator: "The Professional" Russ Bellinger

Assistant Head Administrator: "Cajun" Matt Caje

Other Administrators:

Vincenzo Savonarola

Lion Merteuil

Gunnar Wuher

The Inquisition

Heavy Metal Hero

Sean Aries

Global Moderators:

Owen Slade


Hutton Brown

Jason Garrick


Steven Politzer (Senior Referee)

Patrick Hebner (Co-Assistant Senior Referee)

Thomas J. Tickles Umberto Rivera Mitch Mitchellson Albert Cunningham Kris Norrison Jonathon Alejandro Fury Kyle Knight

Jim Hawkins (INACTIVE)

Joey Smith (INACTIVE)

Mike Kiona (INACTIVE)

Rex Tyler (INACTIVE)

Fred Reiko (INACTIVE)

Wendi Storm (INACTIVE)

Dave Durango (INACTIVE)

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