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Having been held by such greats as Heidi Amazon, Crys Marie, and Sherri Taylor, the PRW Women's Championship is a pinnacle achievement for any female competitor to strive for. Although introduced back in 2005, the title was eventually declared defunct due to a lack of activity. However, with the reemergence of female wrestling in PRW, this belt has since been reinstated, ready to be competed for once again.

Holder History

Old Champion: New Champion: Times: Date:
Vacant Jenny Carpenter 1 July 31, 2005
Jenny Carpenter Heidi Apocalypse 1 September 29, 2005
Heidi Apocalypse Crys Marie 1 November 24, 2005
Crys Marie Spiderbabe 1 July 26, 2006
Spiderbabe Crys Marie 2 August 25, 2006
Crys Marie Bridget 1 September 26, 2006
Bridget Spiderbabe 2 February 2, 2007
Spiderbabe Bridget 2 February 25, 2007
Bridget Spiderbabe 3 April 28, 2007
Spiderbabe Kerry Marie 1 June 27, 2007
Kerry Marie Sherri Taylor 1 August 28, 2007
Sherri Taylor Roxy 1 September 26, 2007
Roxy Sherri Taylor *1 2 December 7, 2007
Vacant Sherri Taylor *2 3 January 18, 2010
Sherri Taylor Bridget 3 March 22, 2010
Bridget Sherri Taylor 4 May 22, 2010
Sherri Taylor Chelsey Lynn Garner 1 June 21, 2010
Chelsey Lynn Garner Basemah Peeples 1 July 24, 2010
Basemah Peeples Sherri Taylor 5 September 16, 2010
Sherri Taylor Regan Crowe *3 1 October 15, 2010
Record: Record holder: Record number:
Longest reign Crys Marie 247 Days
Shortest reign Sherri Taylor 30 days
  • 1. Title deemed inactive and vacated; Sherri Taylor was the final Women's Champion.
  • 2. Sherri Taylor regained the vacant championship after it was reinstated at Salvation 2010.
  • 3. Title was once again deemed inactive; Regan Crowe was the final Women's Champion

Championship Rules

1.) Each month, the #1 Contender will be selected to challenge the champion. The winner of the proceeding title match will either receive or retain the championship. ---1A.) The #1 Contender is NOT obligated to defend their position against anyone, and therefore may turn down any challenges presented to them. ---1B.) On occasion there will be cases where there is more than one challenger competing in a championship match (i.e. Triple Threat, Fatal-4-Way, etc.).

2.) Former champions do have a rematch clause. They may re-challenge the competitor they lost the championship to ONCE before having to work their way back up to the #1 Contender’s position. The Administrators will decide when and where the rematch will take place if it is utilized.

3.) Any competitor may consult with the Commissioner or any Administrator to schedule a match to become the next #1 Contender.

4.) The Administrators reserve the right to force a championship or contender's match at their discretion.

5.) This specific championship is for FEMALE CHARACTERS ONLY.

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