PRW X-Division Championship

High flying, death defying, innovation...that is what the X-Division Championship has come to represent in PRW. Creation is key when it comes to this title; contenders and champions alike often find themselves in precarious, over the top matches that can effectively make or break their career. Literally. If crowd pleasing, gimmick matches are your thing then look no further than the X-Division Championship.


Combining the PRW Cruiserweight Championship with the PRW X-treme Championship, this title was created. Professional RPG Wrestling

Holder History

Old Champion: New Champion: Times: Date:
Vacant Sebastian Cobain*1 1 April 1, 2006
Vacant Jordan Xaviers 1 April 30, 2006
Jordan Xaviers Joey Dynamite 1 May 31, 2006
Joey Dynamite Samuel "Hollywood" Hale 1 July 28, 2006
Samuel "Hollywood" Hale Drake Smashem 1 August 29, 2006
Drake Smashem Patrick "Havok" Denton 1 October 27, 2006
Patrick "Havok" Denton Drake Smashem 2 January 3, 2007
Drake Smashem Samuel "Hollywood" Hale 2 March 27, 2007
Samuel "Hollywood" Hale Jason "Spardis Garrick 1 April 30, 2007
Jason "Spardis Garrick Alex Legendary 1 May 26, 2007
Alex Legendary Sebastian Cobain 2 June 30, 2007
Sebastian Cobain Gunnar "Da' Pimp" Wuher 1 August 2, 2007
Gunnar "Da' Pimp" Wuher Adam Xclusiv*2 1 September 2, 2007
Adam Xclusiv The Inquisitor*3 1 September 27, 2007
Vacant*4 Zangetsu 1 July 4, 2008
Zangetsu Gunnar "Da' Pimp" Wuher 2 January 28, 2009
Gunnar "Da' Pimp" Wuher Joke Killings 1 February 6, 2009
Joke Killings Tim Kage 1 February 18, 2009
Timothy Kage The Rok 1 July 21, 2009
The Rok Timothy Kage 2 December 29, 2009
Timothy Kage Zangetsu 2 February 18, 2010
Zangetsu Shawn Silva*5 1 April 20, 2010
Vacant Lion Merteuil 1 May 22, 2010
Lion Merteuil Chaos the Clown 1 September 21, 2010
Chaos the Clown Travis Levitt 1 May 25, 2011
Travis Levitt Canary Kid 1 September 23, 2011
Canary Kid Travis Levitt 2 December 22, 2011
Travis Levitt Ninja MAGIC 1 January 20, 2012
Ninja MAGIC Joey NOX 1 March 25, 2012
Joey NOX Ninja MAGIC*6 2 June 28, 2012
Vacant Horestes Girotti 1 September 18, 2012
Record: Record holder: Record number:
Longest reign The Inquisitor 252 Days
Shortest reign Gunnar "Da' Pimp" Wuher 10 days

  • 1. Sebastian Cobain was injured by Spite, ending his reign.
  • 2. Xclusiv showed up in a European X match for this title and claimed the briefcase, thus winning the belt.
  • 3. The Inquisitor ran down after Xclusiv had defended the title in a match, and demanded a shot based on a thought-defunct contract he had won in a match against Drake Smashem (Corbin).
  • 4. A disappointing showing in a triple threat resulted in the title being declared vacant.
  • 5. Silva was forced to vacate the title due to injury
  • 6. Ninja MAGIC vacated the championship when he won the Undisputed Championship.

Championship Rules

1.) Each month, the #1 Contender will be selected to challenge the champion. The winner of the proceeding title match will either receive or retain the championship. ---1A.) The #1 Contender is NOT obligated to defend their position against anyone, and therefore may turn down any challenges presented to them. ---1B.) On occasion there will be cases where there is more than one challenger competing in a championship match (i.e. Triple Threat, Fatal-4-Way, etc.).

2.) Former champions do have a rematch clause. They may re-challenge the competitor they lost the championship to ONCE before having to work their way back up to the #1 Contender’s position. The Administrators will decide when and where the rematch will take place if it is utilized.

3.) Any competitor may consult with the Commissioner or any Administrator to schedule a match to become the next #1 Contender.

4.) The Administrators reserve the right to force a championship or contender's match at their discretion.

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