This is the detailed title history of defunt sim federation Pain Stained to Wrestling.

  • PSW Heavyweight Championship
    • Dark Devil defeated Ecks at PSW Three
    • Merrick Brycen defeated Dark Devil on Breaking Point

- Dark Devil won the title in the climax of a tournament to decide the first champion, and would hold it for just under two months before dropping it to Merrick Brycen. Brycen would hold the belt until the remerger of the PSW brands, where the title was stripped, and renamed the PSW Championship. He was scheduled to face the new champion, but this never happened after his disappearance from the company.

  • PSW Championship
    • The Buck defeated Zach Zero, Charon, & Jason at the Brutality ppv
    • Y72 defeated The Buck on Implosion 10

- After The Buck won the 4-way match at Brutality, where he defeated Charon, Zach Zero, & Jason (who attacked & replaced Cross Eye), he held the gold for nearly half a year, with many successful defenses. He would drop it to Y72 in a classic match on Implosion 10. The much anticipated rematch between the two would never happen due to PSW shutting down soon after.

  • PSW Television Championship
    • Twist defeated Bray R.S. at the Climb to Greatness ppv

- Twist endured the epic PSW TV Tournament to become the first ever and only ever Television Champion in PSW history. KC Wolf had won a shot at the gold near the end of PSW, but would never get a chance to use it.

  • PSW Tag Team Championship
    • Supreme Thunder defeated Team Blizzard, Pimp Patrol, & One Size Fits All at the Climb to Greatness ppv
    • Team Blizzard defeated Supreme Thunder on Implosion 10

- Supreme Thunder fought past three of the top teams in PSW at Climb to greatness to become the first ever PSW Tag Champs. They held the belts to what would be the company's final show, Implosion 10, where they dropped them to the mixed tag team of Team Blizzard after interference from the team of Brendan Caine and Matt Maxwell.

  • PSW Hardcore Championship
    • Devilin defeated Dark Transient on the first episode of Implosion
    • Pinch Copenhagen defeated Devilin on Implosion 2
    • Cross Eye defeated Pinch Copenhagen on Implosion 2
    • Jason defeated Cross Eye at the Brutality ppv
    • Matt Maxwell defeated Jason on Implosion 5
    • title is vacated after controversial victory
    • KC Wolf defeated Matt Maxwell, Jason, & Brendan Caine on Implosion 9

- Devilin won the Hardcore belt on the first episode of Implosion, and would defend on the next episode against Zach Zero not once, but twice. However, afetr being jumped by all four members of the Copenhagen Killers, he was pinned by Pinch, who became the champion. He would only reign for about an hour, however, as Cross Eye would attack and pin Pinch for the gold. Cross Eye went on to hold the belt for about 2 months, and is arguably the most dominant PSW Hardcore Champion ever. Jason, along with Adam Masters and AbNormal, attacked him at Brutality (taking him out of the main event) and Jason took the belt, only too loose at the next Implosion to Matt Maxwell backstage. Maxwell held for about two months as well, even defending it at Climb to greatness after interference from his friend Brendan Caine. Adam Masters quit as a result, and PSW Commissioner Daniel Hanson stripped the belt. KC Wolf would win the vacant belt in a four-way at Implosion 9, and hold it until the closing of the company.

  • PSW Shit-Talking Championship
    • The Hawk defeated Tony Myers in the first round

- This title was not an official championship, and was actually a set of verbal rounds held by Brendan Caine. After the word fights, people would vote on who won the battle. The Hawk won the title in the first round, and would go on to be the only champion, out shit-talking many PSW stars, including Tony Myers, Adam masters, and Brendan Caine. This belt was also referred to as the Battle Of the Bitches Championship.

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