PWC: Ultimate Wrestling Association
Banner UWA forum
Federation Name PWC: Ultimate Wrestling Association (PWC:UWA)
Federation type Roleplay
Based in North Eastern United States
Shows Wednesday Night Warzone
Show Frequency Bi-weekly
PPVs Every Other Month
Time open March 2008
Owner(s) Alexia Valentine
Homepage PWC at
Forum New Haven : Pro Wrestling Council
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PWC:UWA or Ultimate Wrestling Association is the first and flagship promotion of the Pro Wrestling Council. Shows are bi-weekly with pay-per views held every other month. However at this time PWC:UWA has gone dark. No news has come up about a re-opening.



March 2008, Alexia Valentine and several unknown persons open a promotion to help the on-coming Pro Wrestling Council. Ultimate Wrestling Association is born, and becomes the first promotion under the PWC umbrella.


As of February 2009, PWC:UWA has gone dark, a reopening is possible but doubtfull.


Championship Champion(s) Defeated Event Notes
PWC:UWA Heavyweight Champion Cake Boy Mary "The Grand Mystique Warzone XIV Defeated The Grand Mystique in the last Wednesday Night Warzone broadcast.
PWC:UWA Tag Team Champions N/A N/A N/A First Champions has yet to be determined
PWC:UWA Television Champion N/A N/A N/A First Champion has yet to be determined
PWC:UWA X-Custom Champion N/A N/A N/A First Champion has yet to be determined

Match Types

The following matches can and will take place in any PWC:UWA show.

  • Singles
  • Tag Team
  • Three Way Dance
  • Fatal Four Way
  • Table
  • Ladder
  • Hardcore
  • Scaffold
  • Steel Cage
  • Submission
  • Glass Table
  • Burned Alive
  • Razor Wire Cage
  • Clockwork Orange
  • Last Man Standing
  • Loser Leaves Town
  • Best 2 out of 3 Falls
  • Falls Count Anywhere


The following people are signed to PWC:UWA currently

  • Jim "Old School" Mills *Senior Referee*
  • Land Lord *Enhancement Talent*
  • Lizard *Enhancement Talent*
  • Maverik Micheals *Referee
  • Sarah O'Doyle *Referee*
  • Shane Thomas *Referee*
  • Spirit *Enhancement Talent*
  • Squee Wee Herman *Enhancement Talent*
  • Tin Man *Enhancement Talent*


The following people are considered Alumni by PWC:UWA Board of Directors


Fhe following people are no shows and are not in PWC:UWA any longger

  • Adam Shane
  • Belle Fishe
  • Bull
  • The "Unbreakable" Angel
  • The Dagger
  • Daniel Spears
  • Francis Bailey
  • Grant White
  • Jackson King
  • Jorgen Lightfoot
  • Nick Travis

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