PWC World Junior Heavyweight Championship

The Pro Wrestling Council World Junior Championship belt.

The Pro Wrestling Council World Junior Heavyweight Championship is the highest ranked cruiserweight championship one can obtain in the Pro Wrestling Council. It is won and defended through the roleplaying style of competition during one of Pro Wrestling Council’s quarterly supercards. The title can also be defended on the territorial federation shows when contracted to do so. Only the best roleplayer and professional wrestler under and up to the weight limit of 235 pounds within the Pro Wrestling Council will hold this title.


The Pro Wrestling Council World Junior Heavyweight Championship is an original championship. It has no history and waits for the promotion to jumpstart.


There is no current lineage for the Pro Wrestling Council World Junior Heavyweight Championship. When the title is won and loss, the lineage will be provided.


Record: Record holder: Record number: Notes:
Most reigns N/A ## Notes
Longest reign N/A ### days Notes
Shortest reign N/A ## days Notes
Oldest champion N/A ## years N/A
Youngest champion N/A ## years N/A
Heaviest champion N/A ### lbs. N/A
Lightest champion N/A ## lbs. N/A

Current World Junior Heavyweight Champion

The current World Junior Heavyweight Champion is N/A, who is in his N/A reign. He won the title from N/A on MONTH/DAY/YEAR at EVENT NAME in LOCATION.

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