June 25, 2008

From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Venue: Pennsylvania National Guard Armory

Adam Pugh def. Mathew Voltaire via pinfall
Singles Match

  • Pugh hits a modified Whiplash before getting the pinfall.

Crimson Hawk def. Michael Haynes via Submission
Singles Match

  • Haynes taps out to Hawk's Submission move, "Hawk’s Eye"

Kenzo Katana def. Lil Finga via knockout
Singles Match

  • Katan hits the Burning Blade after which he ref calls for the bell.

Seth Frost def. Drake Vinaldi
2 out of 3 falls Match

  • 1st Fall - Vinaldi - Pinfall - Vinaldi hits a Lunatic High for the 3 count
  • 2nd Fall - Frost - Knockout - Vinaldi is knocked out by a Cryonic Sleeper
  • 3rd Fall - Frost - Pass Out - Vinaldi passes out from aHypothermic Blitz

KANSHI def. Matt Woodson via Pinfall
Singles Match

  • After being on the receiving end of two Clubbed 2 Death's Woodsoon is unable to kick out from the cover.

Tyler Hart def. Roderick Brookes via Submission
Pure Wrestling Match

  • Brookes taps out to a Boston Crab while being choked between two ropes after both men use up all rope breaks.

Blake Straker def. Nicolas Smirnov via Submission
Singles Match

  • Smirnov taps out to a triangle choke hold.

Darius Falcon def. Rob Cavallo via Pinfall
Main Event

  • After a vicious Ode To Darwin Falcon is able to make the cover.

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