The PWW World Heavyweight Championship is a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship in Pro Wrestling Warriors. While the name may imply a heavyweight weight class, the title is contestable by any members of the PWW roster, regardless of weight. When the Freestyle title was first introduced, the World Heavyweight title, which was the first title introduced in PWW, was considered to be superior in terms of prestige, but currently, the titles are considered to be on an equal footing.

The current champion is Malice.

Championship history

Wrestler: Reign: Date: Event: Notes:
Kenzo Katana 1 October 22, 2006-February 25, 2007 Destiny Fulfilled First champion. Defeated Drake Vinaldi and Darius Falcon in a submission match.
Drake Vinaldi 1 February 25, 2007-March 15, 2007 Malice Defeated Kenzo Katana in a Pure Rules match to win a Best of Five series.
Lance Van Leer 1 March 15, 2007-July 6, 2007 War Defeated Drake Vinaldi in a singles match.
AJ Cross 1 July 6, 2007-July 15, 2007 War Defeated Lance Van Leer in a singles match. Stripped of the title after it was revealed that Van Leer's foot was on the ropes during the pinfall. The title was declared vacant.
Vacant July 15, 2007-August 12, 2007
Komodo 1 August 12, 2007-October 3, 2007 Scars and Stripes Defeated Sean Walker in a singles match in the final of the PWW World Heavweight Title tournament.
Blake Hades 1 October 3, 2007-November 28, 2007 War Defeated Komodo, Hindustani, Tommy Riggs, Cal Cannon, SJ Angel, The JoZ, Terry Martinez, Malice, AJ Cross & Dimitri in a 10-man gauntlet match.
Roderick Brookes 1 November 28, 2007-February 6, 2008 War Defeated Blake Hades in a singles match.
AJ Cross 2 February 6, 2008-April 6, 2008 Winter Warfare Defeated Roderick Brookes, Drake Vinaldi, Brad Regan, The JoZ & Dimitri in an Elimination Chamber match.
Malice 1 April 6, 2008-Present War Defeated AJ Cross in a singles match, via his previously-won title shot contract, after Cross had defeated Dante Priest in a title match.
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