The PWW World Traditional Championship is a former professional wrestling championship in Pro Wrestling Warriors. The title was introduced by Alex Michaels, who brought the HCW Traditional Championship to PWW. The title was renamed the PWW World Freestyle Championship during Tristan Novak's reign as champion.

Championship history

Wrestler: Reign: Date: Event: Notes:
Alex Michaels 1 February 4, 2007-April 8, 2007 Winter Warfare First champion, after Michaels brings the HCW Traditional Championship to PWW and renames it the PWW Traditional Championship
Tristan Novak 1 April 8, 2007-October 28, 2007 Last Laugh Defeated Alex Michaels and Brett Stokes in a Fall to Crawl Ultimate X Match. During Novak's reign, the Traditional Title is renamed the Freestyle Title.
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