Tag Roster


  • Management
  • Randy Jay - General Manager
  • Announcing
  • Howard Dick - Play By Play Announcer
  • Landon Savage - Colour Announcer
  • Jack Taylor - Ring Announcer
  • Interviewers
  • Jannet White
  • Referees
  • Austin Broyels

Back-Up Staff

  • Management
  • Unknown - General Manager
  • Announcing
  • Jerry Richter - Play By Play Announcer
  • Andrew Jones - Colour Announcer
  • Raul Jackson - Ring Announcer
  • Interviewers
  • Amber Clarke
  • Robert Taylor
  • Referees
  • Joshua James (JJ) Palmer (Head Referee)
  • Marko Willoughby
  • Brian Hastings
  • Jason White


Promotion Championship
or accomplishment
Current champion(s) Held since
Pro Wrestling Xtreme PWX World Heavyweight Champion Matt Smith Breakdown 1
PWX Xtreme Champion Vacant N/A

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