The Professional Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship (originally called the CPW Heavyweight Wrestling Championship, then later established as the CPW World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship and is currently defended in various promotions (with its current name)) is the top-tier, prestigious and the namesake title in Championship Professional Wrestling.

Championship History

The Championship was competed for in a tournament which was sanctioned and organized by Championship Professional Wrestling.

The tournament final was held in Tokyo, Japan between former multi-time Amateur and Professional Wrestling national champion, Mohammed Khan of Bangladesh. Khan defeated Danny Brun, who won the CPW Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship in a separate tournament. Brun also was the California Amateur Heavyweight Champion at the time.

On January 23, 1994, Brun defeated Khan to win the title, in a three out of four fall match at the first Battle of the Brains PPV.

Brun held onto the title until he lost it to his sister Blayze in August 1996 at the first In The Summer Time, who became the first female to win a Men's World Title. Brun won the title back the next day, as well as winning her CPW World Women's Heavyweight Championship (becoming the first male to win a Women's Title) in a double title match.

Over the next ten years, several prominent wrestlers from all over the world came to the CPW and won the title numerous times. Brun by early 2005, held the title a record sixteen times, was forced to give up his sixteenth title, due to winning the title an excessive amount of times. He eventually won his seventeenth, by winning the title in Charlotte, North Carolina in the first Covered Cage-pool match of the 2007 CPW Summer Spectaculars.

Brun, however, retired as a World Champion at In The Summer Time 12 on September 1, 2007, after defeating Gregory McGavin in a YOLD Flag Match for the CPW United States and the World Heavyweight Titles. He vacated both titles on September 2.

Over the next six months, McGavin and Archie Super would battle it out for the title in various matches. "Amazing" Anderson would become the #1 contender when McGavin regained the title in early 2008 when the title was vacated. Anderson, would then challenge McGavin in late February in a losing effort. Archie Super became #1 contender, and won the title in March in Oregon at "Madness in March".

Championship Record Book

  • NOTE: Will be adding full record-book, ASAP.
Wrestler Reign # Date Won Previous Wrestler
AJ Koehler (1) 10/19/06
Archie Super (1) 12/21/06 AJ Koehler
The Animal (3) 03/20/07 Archie Super
Archie Super (2) 05/23/07 The Animal
Danny Brun (17) 06/27/07 Archie Super
Gregory McGavin (1) 10/06/07 VACANT1
Archie Super (3) 10/30/07 Gregory McGavin
Gregory McGavin (2) 01/02/08 Archie Super
Archie Super (4) 03/05/08 Gregory McGavin 2
Jason Xu (9) 05/01/08 Archie Super
"Daring" DeLuca (5) 08/30/08 Jason Xu
Archie Super (5) 09/10/08 "Daring" DeLuca
"Amazing" Anderson (7) 12/10/08 Archie Super

1 - McGavin defeated Edward Gabrian, "Amazing" Anderson, and Archie Super in a four-way Elimination match at Fight Fest on October 6, 2007 in Carson City, NV to determine the new World Champion.

2 - Super won the World Heavyweight Championship from McGavin in Canyonville, Oregon on March 5, 2008 in an indoor Year of Living Dangerously pool match at Seven Feathers Casino Resort.

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