_______________________________ Real Name: Pablo (pablito) Antonio Rosado Vazquez Jr.

Wrestling name/s: The Saint, the last angel,

From: Vega Baja Puerto Rico ( now living in Rochester NY)

Weight: 250 Pounds

Height: 6'6

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years pro: 6

Acommplishments: WWC Puerto Rican champion(6 times) WWC universal champion(2 times)

Finishers: pump handle exploder suplex(Saints row), rear naked choke(saints welcome), running super kick, moonsault

Famous quote: "arrriba la rassa" "o hellll no" "i hate you, and ill always hate you. NOW GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, AND LEAVE!" "I'm sorry, repeat that, i tend to ignore dumb asses" "i will now ignore you entirely"*then turns away, or just does something else like a random statement, that usually insults the question giver* "I'm not cocky, just over enthusiastic"

Feuds: tyshawn govan

Entrance Music: Atrevete- calle 13 _______________________ pablo Vazquez Jr was born in Vega Baja Puerto Rico. at the time of his birth his father was busy between waiting for him to be born, and watching a big oscar de la hoya match. when he was 5, he saw his first professsional wrestling match the day before he moved to New York, after that he was hooked. at 12 he attended Monday night raw in maddison square garden. at 18 he went to collage in long island, where he also trained at miky whipwreck's pro wrestling school. after finally becoming a wrestler, he went to san juan to participate in WWC. after a while, he was asked to join ewcf by king soprano, and thus vacated the wwc universal championship

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