Background of Padula Family of Wrestling

The Padula Family of Wrestling was started back in the year of 2006 when the second oldest of 5 children broke on to the wrestling scene. Gage Padula was the first Padula child to make into the e-fedding world. Padula wrestled under a couple different promotions until reaching CEW and UWF, which is Padula owned. He still wrestlins in CEW. In the UWF, Gage became to grow somewhat of a chip on his shoulder being apart of the newest wrestling family in the 21st century rivaling the one of the Harts. He began to become Cocky giving him the name "Cocky Canadian" Alex and Jimmy Padula both made there way in to the e-fedding world under the managerial ship of their father Tony. Tony being a world class wrestler himself is promising a huge future for his two youngest boys. Alex and Jimmy are currently under contract in XWA. The boys are a tag team and are set to make there debut in the near future. The oldest brother of the Padula family is Jake Padula. Jake finally got his big break in EFW. Jake Padula is also scheduled to make some appearances under the UWF name as well. Katie Padula is the only female in the group. She was trained by her father and she is still making her way around the independent league.

As of April 2007, all 5 children of the Padula family of wrestling are contracted in major e-feds. Read below for more details

Tony Padula

Tony Padula was born on December 5, 1959. Tony Padula is the founder of Ultimate Wrestling Federation. He married Kelly Padula on July 16, 1978. He is the father of 5 children. Jake, Katie, Gage, Alex, and Jimmy. He has trained all of his children,except Gage(see below) in the art of professional wrestling. Tony Padula is known for his classic battles with the Nature Boy Ric Flair and Verne Gagne for the AWA and NWA world titles throughout the 1970s and mid 1980's. Tony retired from a full schedule in 1985 due to the birth of his first daughter and second child Katie. Tony is currently under contract with the XWA managing his two youngest boys, Alex and Jimmy.

Kelly Padula

Kelly Padula was born on February 27, 1961. Kelly is the wife of Tony Padula, famed e-fedding legend. She is the mother of all 5 Padula Wrestling Family members. Kelly is most noted in the world of professional wrestling as the manager of her husband Tony Padula. She managed Tony throughout 1979, when she found out she was pregnant with her first child. She currently is not involved with wrestling, but makes appearances at her children's wrestling matches.

Jake Padula

Jake Padula was born on July 12, 1980. Jake is the oldest child of Tony Padula and Kelly Padula. Jake Padula is known for showing the same style as his father. Jake shows an old classical style of wrestling a huge respect for the sport. Jake was mostly trained by his father and Lance Storm. Jake is currently married to Alicia Walters. They have been married for over the last 3 years and are planning on having there first kid in the near future.

Katie Padula

Katie Padula was born on February 18, 1985. Katie is the only female child of Tony Padula and Kelly Padula. Growing up, Katie was forced to play with her brothers. This was a benefit to Katie as she began to pick up the art of professional wrestling. Katie is a highly gifted athlete. April 2007, Katie signed over to UWF, ran by her father, and is scheduled to begin wrestling A.S.A.P.

Gage Padula

Gage Padula was born on September 19, 1986. Gage Padula is the third oldest child of Tony Padula and Kelly Padula. Gage is known for his loud mouth and cocky attitude. Gage is under respected by the legends of this business. Tony refused to teach Gage do to his cocky attitude, so Gage was forced to find training else where. Gage was trained by Lance Storm until his 18th birthday, when he went and joined his father's Ultimate Wrestling Federation. Here, Padula shot up through the ranks and became world champion in a little under two months. He is currently contracted under CEW and R.O.D. He is the current reigning and defending CEW Television Champion.

Alex Padula

Alex Christiansen Padula was born on January 12, 1989. A.C. is one of the two twin brothers of the Padula family. He is one of the youngest kids to Tony and Kelly Padula. Alex was trained by his father and alongside Brian Pillman. Alex was taught the art of highflying moves due to his little size. He is the smallest Padula standing in at 5'11 and 207 pounds. He is current under contract at the XWA.

James Padula

James Padula was born on January 12, 1989. He is the twin brother of A.C. Padula. He is one of the youngest children to Tony and Kelly Padula. Jimmy was trained by Jim Neidhart. Jimmy is physically the biggest and strongest of the Padula kids. He is known for his brute strength and muscular power. He and his brother A.C. are tag team partners in the XWA. They are managed by there father.

Other wrestlers trained by Tony Padula

Tony Padula has trained some other wrestlers, who are considered to be apart of the Padula Family of Wrestling.

Tucker Giffin
Danny Blade
Adam Hart
Solid Scorpion

TKO, Solid Scorpion, and Adam Hart wrestle with Gage Padula in CEW in the stable known as Canadian Perfection. A group of competitors who take pride in being from the country of Canada. They are managed by Chris Jenkins, another Canadian wrestler.

Tucker Giffin

Tucker Giffin is an American born professional wrestler. He is from Seattle, Washington. He is currently contracted in the WAR. He is in a 9 man battle royal at WrestleMania. Tucker Giffin was born on February 9, 1987. Tucker Giffin was trained in Calgary by Tony Padula.

Danny Blade

Danny Blade is an American born professional wrestler. He is from Detroit, Michigan. At the age of 16, he left high school and made his way north to Calgary to enter Tony Padula's wrestling school. Here, Danny Blade learned much of what he knows in wrestling today. He had classic feuds with Gage Padula and Jake Padula over the UWF World Championship. Danny Blade was born on March 15, 1984. He is currently contracted in WXW.Danny Blade is the current WXW United States Champion.

Adam Hart

Adam Hart is from Trenton, New Jersey. He was born on April 12, 1988. Adam Hart is the suspected love child of the great Brett Hart. Adam Hart was trained by Tony Padula in Calgary. Adam Hart is currently contracted to CEW where is apart of Canadian Perfection with Gage Padula.

Solid Scorpion

Solid Scorpion was born in Montreal, Qubec, Canada. He has a strong French background and it is shown in his wrestling style. Solid Scorpion was trained by Tony Padula. Solid Scorpion had a successful career in UWF until being reached by Jim McAfee at CEW where Jim sent him, Gage, TKO, and Adam Hart contracts to wrestle.


TKO was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was trained by Tony Padula and Chris Jericho. TKO made his debut in the UWF where he was a high mid card for a long time. He is made his CEW debut on April 12. He went down to ringside for Gage's triple threat CEW TV Title match with the rest of Canadian Perfection.

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