Pain Stained to Wrestling
Federation Name Pain Stained to Wrestling (PSW)
Shows Monthly
Time open 2004 to 2006
Owner Daniel Hanson
Based in United States of America
Style Pre-Booked Sim

Pain Stained to Wrestling was a Pre-Booked Sim federation that opened late 2004, and closed down mid-2006 after it's base site was hacked. It was owned by WWE4Ever adminisrator AdminHawk, who was controlled by the same person who created The Hawk. The name was soon after used for a fantasy diary, and has since been retired.

The Creation

PSW was created in late 2004 by the administrators (AdminHawk & DarkDevil) of former cult-website, WWE4Ever. The first show consisted of a rather small roster, which included The Hawk, Dark Devil, Ecks, Tony Myers, and a few more names. Paul Heyman was also established as an early figure-head, but this was dropped soon after. Throughout the first couple shows, a tournament to crown the first PSW Champion ensued, which saw Dark Devil coming out on top. Not long after, PSW held it's first pay-per-view, Dawn Of Time. This included Dark Devil against The Mercenary, many PSW debuts, and the first ever Hardcore Mayhem, pitting Ecks against The Hawk. Soon after that, creative disputes between the two writers started, and they decided to split the show into two separate shows, Breaking Point and Implosion.

The Division

It was decided that the two shows would divide the roster into two parts, and the rosters would only be united at pay-per-views. It was also announced that there would be four shows, one every 2–3 weeks, for each brand, leading to a pay-per-view. There were to be 6 pay-per-views in a PSW year. While Breaking Point continued many storylines from before the split, Implosion witnessed a fresh start going into the next pay-per-view. These are often referred to as the messiest days in PSW history, with people jumping from show to show, and feuds never being consistent. Only two truly notable feuds had been established at this time, with one on each show: The Hawk vs. Tony Myers, which had been ongoing since the first show, and Dark Devil vs. Merrick Brycen, which witnessed Brycen coming out as PSW Champion.

Shift In Power

Writers for Breaking Point became very inconsistent, and DarkDevil stepped down as a booker, causing Implosion and Breaking Point to merge again into one roster. With this happening just before the second ever pay-per-view, Brutality, the show turned into a giant slop. It witnessed many matches featuring writers from each shows, as well as Merrick Brycen being stripped of the PSW title. It was such a wreck that many of the PSW talent opted to leave after the show. It did have two redeaming moments, however, and those were the two main events. Tony Myers defeated The Hawk in a Last Man Standing match to culminate their feud, and The Buck defeated Charon, Jason, and Zach Zero in a four-way elimination match to become PSW Champion - many recognize him now as the first true champion of the PSW era. Thanks to the momentum these matches caused, PSW continued out of its bad days, and into its glory days.

A New Beginning

Soon after this pay-per-view, many other pre-booked sim federations closed down, and merged into one, known as Next Generation Sim Wrestling. SOS owner, Buck Pelletier, tried to get PSW in on the merger, but PSW opted to continue on its own. After reorganizing the roster, PSW began a climb back up the mountain. It saw a lot of great moments in the next month: The Hawk embarked on a feud with The Buck and Zach Zero, which witnessed many great matches between the three of them; A tournament began to crown a PSW Television Champion, which had arguably some of PSW's finest match-ups; and an epic feud went on between Jason Daniels and Chris Williams over a permanent spot on the PSW roster. These feuds would carry PSW to possibly it's finest show ever, Climb to Greatness. This show witnessed The Buck defeat Devilin in a ladder match to retain his title, Zach Zero defeat The Hawk for a shot at the title, Adam Masters winning the Hardcore title, Supreme Thunder being crowned Tag Team champions, Jason Daniels submitting Chirs Williams in a "Quiter Leaves PSW" match, and Twist becoming the first ever TV champion in PSW.

The Fall Of PSW

PSW was on the roll. The next few shows saw The Buck defeating Zach Zero in Zero's last PSW match, a great match series between Devilin and Daz, KC Wolf winning the Hardcore title, Team Blizzard winning tag gold from Supreme Thunder, and Y72 beating The Hawk to earn a shot at the PSW Championship. Right after that Y72 face the Buck in a winning effort to become PSW Champion. It was not long after this that PSW business would cease. Despite the show finally taking off, WWE4Ever was hacked, and in turn, PSW closed down. AdminHawk healf-heartedly attempted a revival, but after troubles getting it off the ground, the revival was dropped. Since then the PSW name was used as a fantasy diary. PSW had some of the greatest moments in sim-wrestling history; Grim chokeslamming Tony Myers off the titan tron, Y72 winning the World Championship in a surprise match with The Buck, and so many more. May it be remembered for moments like these, rather than all the bad times it had along the way. The owner has claimed he won't attempt to revive PSW again, but a new sim fed in the future isn't unlikely.

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