Paramount Championship Wrestling
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Company Profile
Acronym PCW
Company Slogan
Founder Ken Kashmere
Founded 2007
Formerly {{{formerly}}}
HeadQuarters Dallas, Texas
Area Served
Key People
Sister Companies

Paramount Championship Wrestling (PCW) was founded in Dallas, Texas by Mr. Kenneth Kashmere. Initially, the organization was only going to tour the State of Texas. For unknown reasons, Mr. Kashmere was forced to sell the organization to a new management group. The group is represented within the organization by Mr. Landon DeVos. The group has scrapped plans to tour just the state of Texas, and are now embarked on a tour of the American South East. They run a weekly show called Zenith, a bi-monthly PPV and a bi-monthly special presentation called MONSTER.

Current Champions

Current title holders

Championship Current champion(s) Date won
Paramount Championship "Hollywood" Howie Banks June 2007
A-1 Championship Vacant
Defiance Championship "Grizzly" Rex Grimmson June 2007

External Links

Official Homepage
Paramount Community Board

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