Both Trey Spruance and James McDaygo were in FMW at the very beginning and both were taken out of action due to injuries, Spruance from an attack from the Hood Starz and McDaygo from a back stage attack from his former partner Homicide or Peter Saint as he is now called. While injured both were walking back stage, McDaygo drunk while Spruance was stoned and they just started partying together and going out picking up bar fights and when both realized that the two of them loved the violence of Hardcore wrestling they decided to team up to bust some skulls and make the ring stained with blood wither it be their blood or there opponents


  • Trogdor the Burninator: Spruance distracts the ref while McDaygo pulls a flask and lighter out and spits fire into opponents face blinding them
  • Conglassto: McDaygo swings a glass bottle while Trey swings a glass bong and both cold cock the same person in the head

Primary Finisher

  • Trey hits a T-Bone driver on the opponent while McDaygo climbs to the top rope and hits the Barley Mowe.

Secondary Finishers

  • PARTY UP!: Double DDT off the top rope.



Championship History

Win/Loss Record

  • Wins - 0
  • Losses - 0
  • Draws - 0

Match History

Party Animals
Members Trey Spruance & James McDaygo
Billed From Eureka, CA & Boston, MA
Theme Pantera – “Walk”
Combined Weight 480lbs
Alignment Ultra popular Tweeners
Federation Full Metal Wrestling

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