Patrick V.
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Patrick V.]]
Real name Patrick
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Height 6'1"
Weight 225 lbs.
Date of birth Unknown
Place of birth Manila, Philippines
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Billed from Los Angeles, California
Trainer N/A
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Debut November 2006
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Patrick V.

Patrick V. is a Filipino wrestler who wrestles for the UNIVERSAL WRESTLING LEAGUE where he is a one-time(current) UWL Heritage Champion.

He is a bit of a smart-mouth who never backs down and doesn't take nothing from no one which tends to get his ass kicked more often than it should. He refuses to quit no matter what the cirumstances are and he frequently does stupid stunts or practical jokes to his rivals to either psyche them out or have a kick out of it. He has an electric guitar but he is yet to use it to smack somebody in the head.

Brief Bio

Patrick came from the streets of LA. His family is originally from the Philippines but they went to the USA thinking it would make life easier.

Patrick didn't plan on being a wrestler. He was doing all sorts of job, he was a jack of all trades but master at none. When he got laid-off his job he decided to blow some steam and watched a live UWL event.

There Patrick remembered his favorite wrestlers and those old dreams of his of becoming a wrestler. Then after talking to a couple of people Patrick was hired by UWL. He is now working there proving to everybody else that he has what it takes to make it in the ring. And now he is living a childhood dream...


Patrick wears a black undershirt, a jacket, cargo pants pants and a red headband on his forehead. He has black eyes, fair skin and a spiky hair like those in an anime


There is a glass with the letters J and P, there is also an image of letters J and P at the . A blazing V crosses with J and P the one at the arena and at the . As the song begins to "rock", Patrick V. jumps through the glass and the one in the breaks and is replaced by clips of Patrick V. doing his finishers and trademark moves.

Universal Wrestling League

Patrick had his debut in professional Wrestling in the 11-02 TV Taping against Shane Tallin where he won hitting Tallin with the V-Stun. After the match he was assaulted by fellow wrestler Adam Primrose. The two would feud for a short while ending in the One Year Celebration where Patrick defeated Adam with a rollup.

He would eventually get a title shot for the UWL Heritage Championship against Josh Eagles on the 11-30 TV Taping in a losing effort when Josh pinned Patrick after an Eagles wings.

Patrick would win against Jason Daniels the following week which opened a gate to a feud when Jason insulted Patrick right after the match. They are bound to have a match at Access Denied. After Patrick won the title against Rob Matthews the match was announced to be for the UWL Heritage Championshiip marking Patrick's first title defense of the Heritage Title.

Signature Moves

1. Rock Drop (does the "Rock On" Gesture in the face of his lying down opponent and say "Let's Rock", Patrick does a Senton Bomb or Moonsault)
2. Renegade Rock Drop (does the "Rock On" Gesture in the face of the lying down opponent and Patrick says "Let's Rock, bitch!", Patrick does a rope step hitting the enemy with a top rope springboard Senton Bomb or a top ropespringboard Moonsault)
3. Spin-out Powerbomb (set-up for Rock Drop or Renegade Rock Drop)
4. Running Neck Snap
5. Cut Drop (Cutter + Drop Kick; usually done with multiple opponents)
6. Super Kick
7. Stepover Toehold Sleeper
8. (Ripping off enemys finisher)

Finishing Moves

1. JPV (TKO or Elevated Stunner or F.U.; there are three variations)
2. JP-Slam (Patrick stands behind the opponent and grabbing his other shoulder jumping forward and slamming his opponent front-first to the matt)
3. V-Stun (Stunner)
4. V-Cut (Cutter)

Additional Information

- The V in Patrick V. stands for the letter V
- People usually spell it as Patrick V, disregarding the period after V

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