Paul Marshall
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Height 6'10"
Weight 289 pounds
Date of birth August 17th, 1980
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Billed from Chicago, Illinois Flag of the United States
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The Bloodstone Wrestling Federation
Empire Wrestling Organization
Renegade Wrestling Association
Regional Wrestling Alliance
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Win/Loss Record 365-241-24
Debut October 2002
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Character Description

Current Alignment: Anti-Hero

Paul is a submission specialist, having learned the trade himself. He used to be a powerhouse in the ring, but has developed ring psychology and he uses it to control the match, no matter if he is facing a cruiserweight or a super-heavyweight. His wide array of moves and offense will make his opponents work harder to take the ring veteran to the limits. Opponents that attempt a submission manauver on Paul will find out that Paul can counter almost anything unless the area being focused with the submission has been worked on during the match. Paul lives a drug-free lifestyle, his look is all-natural and the product of working out the past several years. He used to weigh 325 pounds, but has slimmed down to be more quick in the ring. He can be seen having an occasional alcoholic drink, but he is definitely against drugs and steroids. His body mass was achieved by working out during his time in high school and in college, where he was a quarterback for a Division I-AA football team. He was one of the best quarterbacks in the division and people speculated that Paul would enter the NFL Draft, but after being introduced to wrestling after his junior year in college, Paul preferred the adrenaline rush that wrestling provided, so after he graduated from school, he went straight to the indies, then found himself in the Bloodstone Wrestling Federation.

He has tolerated pain throughout his career...went through a few injuries, but nothing has yet to keep Paul out of the game. He may have technical qualities, but he knows how to adjust in any kind of match. When Allan Dharker brought the PURE movement into the BwF, Paul respected Allan's fight to make professional wrestling enjoyable, like the classic days that he eventually joined the movement, shocking almost everyone in the company. Since then, he has persevered through Damon Kaeris making his life a living hell. Once Damon disappeared, Paul managed to weasel his way out of a nearly nine-month long title ban that was imposed on him in December 2006. Shortly afterwards, he left the PURE Movement while Allan was injured and it seemed that PURE had died until Dharker returned. Paul brought back the days of the New World Order, a group he was involved in with Blade Insanity, as the Age of Destruction...only now to be known as nWo:Anarchy, with[[CDaWg]], who is another notable legend in Bloodstone Wrestling Federation History. Currently the group is inactive due to the BwF collapsing under Scott Cole's reign. It is unknown whether Marshall will revive the nWo:Anarchy during Owen Wright's tenure and who the members would be.

Nowadays, his asparation is to be bigger than the immortal Blade Insanity. He has learned a lot under Blade's guidance, but Blade's refusal to directly pass the torch to Paul...instead passing it on to Ryan Hunter (who is retired) feuls Paul's strive to claim the torch meant for him by beating the holy grail of records in this company - Blade Insanity's 17 World Title wins. He's halfway there on the goal with an unprecedented nine World Title reigns. He doesn't care how he gets there, he knows that to be the legend of legends...he has to beat the holy grail...

Character's Gimmick: Paul had taken a new lease on life. Not as cocky or egotistical as he was before, Paul still believes that he is able to fulfill his legacy to be one of the best athletes in the BwF. Paul is very relentless...will go the extra mile to prove a point. He used to be a Purist, but with the movement going nowhere, and his struggles in becoming successful have driven him to go back to square one. He can be very unpredictable...and most everyone will tell you that Paul Marshall is a different person inside the ring. It doesn't matter if the match is a standard match or a hardcore variant match, Paul will always give 100% and will always find a way to weaken his opponent in the ring. He's not a fan of backstage attacks, but he will do them on a need basis. If he is targeted first, then one could expect him to respond in kind. He tries to be one step ahead of his opponents. He always scouts his opponents and tries to learn as much about them as he can so he can be ahead of the curve.

Paul was engaged to Kendra Frost, but she disappeared on him and rumors flew around that she had an abortion shortly after disappearing as she was carrying their child. For now, Paul is more focused on maintaining his newfound legendary status, finally eclipsing out of the shadow of Blade Insanity. It's only a matter of time before Paul surpasses the accomplishments of Blade and the rest of the legends and becomes the new standard in pro wrestling. If it comes down to possible relationships, it would happen whenever...Paul doesn't care as he feels he can compete and have a relationship, but if it happens, it happens.

Championships, Notables, and Other Accolades

Bloodstone Wrestling Federation
World Heavyweight Champion (10)
Intercontinental Champion (3)
Television Champion (1)
Dominion Champion (1)
Suicidal Champion (2)
Hardcore Champion (1)
Tag Team Champion (4)

2004 King of the Ring
Triple Title Holder (Intercontinental, Television, Suicidal)
Grand Slam Champion (World, Intercontinental, Hardcore, Tag)

Empire Wrestling Organization
Television Champion (1)

Renegade Wrestling Association
United States Champion (1)
Tag Team Champion (1)

Regional Wrestling Alliance
Disputed World Heavyweight Champion (1)*
*Disputed because the fed closed before the champion was decided due to politics. Marshall believes that he is the first and last World Champion for this company, but the truth is still out there.