"Perfect" Paul Paras
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Real name Paul Canaan Paras
Ring Names "Perfect" Paul Paras
Height 6'3"
Weight 255 lbs.
Date of birth September 12, 1974
Place of birth Minneapolis, MN
Date of death Living
Place of death Living
Resides Minneapolis, MN
Billed from Minneapolis, MN/San Francisco, CA
Trainer Giovanni DiMarco
Online Championship Wrestling
Extreme Wrestling Association (1999-2000)
NECF (2000-2001)
Elite Wrestling Alliance (2000-2001)
Online Championship Wrestling (2000-2002, 2005, 2006, 2017)
Real Pro Wrestling (Commissioner, 2004)
High Octane Wrestling (2008-2009, 2010-2011, 2012-2013)
Global Championship Wrestling Association (2010)
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Debut 1999
Retired Active

Paul Canaan Paras (born September 12, 1974 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA) is an American professional wrestler, businessman, and community spokesperson, best known by his ring name, "Perfect" Paul Paras. Paras is highly regarded for his work in High Octane Wrestling, Online Championship Wrestling, and the Elite Wrestling Alliance on his own, as half of the Perfectly Marvelous tag team, and as part of the Argonauts of Awesome stable, as well as for his leadership of the counterculture Perfect Life Movement. He is known by wrestling fans for his place on a short list of wrestlers who have transitioned from a wildly successful tag team wrestling run to an equally successful singles career.

Early history

Paul Paras was born and raised in one of the wrestling capitals of the US, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Early in childhood, Paul was introduced to professional wrestling by his classmate, Mario Maurako. He quickly became intrigued by the sport and, at age 13, saw his first live wrestling show in a local high school gymnasium. Captivated, Paras would join his high school wrestling team a year later and was a consistent performer in his weight class during his freshman and sophomore years.

Paul's father, Ceallach "Cal" Paras, was a heavy drinker, which created massive turmoil in the Paras household. At 16, Paul and his younger sister, Shay, left home at their mother's urging and rode wherever each new bus they hopped onto would take them. Their road trip would eventually take them to New York City, where they found residence at the home of their maternal cousin, Silas Moore. They would remain there for nearly ten years. In New York, Paul would hear about a local wrestling promoter offering training to anyone who could survive a rigorous "boot camp" program. Paul jumped at the offer and began training while simultaneously working retail for minimum wage and taking classes through an alternative education system. The promoter, Italian-American grappler Giovanni "G-Force" DiMarco, quickly saw Paras' natural athleticism and began serving as both a teacher and a mentor to the budding talent. Paul ran through the "boot camp" with little difficulty, and was soon the top student in DiMarco's academy.

Both Paras siblings would graduate from the alternative education program with flying colors and Paul soon finished up his training at DiMarco's. Getting news from home that their parents had divorced and their father had left town, Paul and Shay headed back home to Minnesota, moving into a suburban apartment together near their mother, Linda Rosen-Paras. Mario Maurako, who had also pursued wrestling training during the previous years, met up with Paul over lunch one day and the two decided to look for work as a tag team on the Minnesota independent scene. After finding success in the indies as a team, the pair took their act to the big time and were signed by the Extreme Wrestling Association in the summer of 1999.

Extreme Wrestling Association

Upon entering EWA, Paras and Maurako were entered into an invitational tag team tournament for the vacant EWA World Tag Team Championships. After the rookie team won the tournament in stunning fashion, President Darkkane knew he had stumbled upon two diamonds in the rough on the independent scene. The pair gained more popularity with every win and soon were seen by their fellow performers as the best thing to ever happen to the EWA—a fact they would let others know at any opportunity. They became arrogant, brash, and extremely confident, christening themselves "Perfect" Paul Paras and "Marvelous" Mario Maurako, known collectively as Perfectly Marvelous, or PM for short. As EWA Tag Team Champions, "Triple P" and "Triple M" (as they were often nicknamed by announcers) were known for their elaborate ring entrances (which often included confetti and leaflets falling from the rafters and Maurako driving his Hummer to the ring with Paras trash talking on a microphone while standing on top of the vehicle, all while flanked by the beautiful PM Dancing Girls). They also were notorious for carrying a lead pipe (Paras) and 2x4 (Maurako) to the ring, which were used strategically on opponents during and after matches.

It was during this run that PM, along with allies Blue Thunder and The Postman, raided the training facility of a rival faction and, after unceremoniously kicking out the former owners, took the facility over. Branding their own wrestling style, High Impact, PM had the facility remodeled and renamed the High Impact Training Facility, or H.I.T. It opened for business in late 1999 and has gone on to serve many young, aspiring wrestlers throughout the years, with Paras and Maurako as the head trainers.

After dominating the tag team ranks in EWA, PM left on good terms and found work elsewhere.


While Paras was still nursing a back injury suffered at the hands of the Shadow Walkers (Dark Hawk and Black Phantom) in EWA, Maurako had a successful singles run in the NECF. Months later, Paras would fully recover and would appear in an NECF ring for the first time, hitting Maurako's opponent for the night in the back with the lead pipe, leading to a Triple M victory. Perfectly Marvelous would officially reunite as a team the next week, winning the NECF Tag Team Championships, which they would hold until the company's closing.

Elite Wrestling Alliance

President Hoerig, head of the "second" EWA (unrelated to the first), offered PM contracts while they were still employed by NECF. Due to the open contractual nature of the NECF, the pair were able to compete in both companies simultaneously. Upon their arrival, Perfectly Marvelous defeated Yin & Yang for the Tag Team Championships, then would form an unlikely alliance with the same men who had badly injured Paras earlier in his career, Dark Hawk and Black Phantom. The faction would be short-lived, as PM would controversially lose their titles to the Shadow Walkers, and Paras would become disgusted with the lack of spotlight he was getting while sharing it with three other wrestlers. Paras soon broke away from the stable and from Maurako to begin a singles career.

Triple P Tour 2000

In summer of 2000, Paras and his three remaining valets from the PM Dancing Girls, Katie, Sarah, and Erica, traveled to Las Vegas, NV to signify a new direction in Paul's wrestling career. Paras became a showboating ladies' man with an affinity for mingling with celebrities, casino gambling, and piña coladas. He imported a custom painted double-decker bus while in Vegas and began a cross-country promotional trek, dubbed "Triple P Tour 2000". Fans started flocking to the solo Perfect One and he quickly became one of the most popular fan-favorites on the EWA roster.

With his new singles career jump-started, Paras returned to action in EWA, earning a string of victories, including a key win against soon-to-be EWA World Champion, The Mime, and a hardcore, falls-count-anywhere war against HaVoK that took place inside the Mall of America in Minneapolis (dubbed "The Brawl in the Mall"). Paras would gain his first singles championship when his scheduled opponent, EWA Intercontinental Champion, Buddha, left the company and relinquished his belt to Triple P. Perhaps the highest point of Triple P Tour 2000 occurred as Paras successfully defended his Intercontinental Championship against his former partner, Marvelous Mario Maurako. The buildup to the match made front page news in their hometown of Minneapolis and Paul's win established both members of Perfectly Marvelous as legitimate singles competitors in the minds of many fans. To show that there were no hard feelings, PM reunited to once again capture the EWA Tag Team Championships. Soon after this, however, poor leadership decisions set off a chain of events that would ultimately cause the company to collapse. Paras, openly disgusted with the direction of the company and requiring bicep surgery after suffering a tear in a match, was forced to take time off from in-ring action and stepped in as a backstage consultant to try and right the ship. In this role, Paras would help set up perhaps the greatest Pay-Per-View in EWA's history, Central Carnage, using his New York connections to book the event outdoors in New York's Central Park. Two weeks after the show, Paras had a falling-out with management and left the company on his own accord.

Online Championship Wrestling

In October 2000, both members of Perfectly Marvelous were signed by Online Championship Wrestling. It was here that PM would find their greatest success yet and their most longevity. Under President Dean, OCW featured a solid mix of established and young talent, and it didn't take long for PM to find their place on the roster. After a rocky start where rushed shots at the OCW United States Championship and OCW Television Championship against seasoned OCW veterans led to little success, Paras refound his niche in the Tag Team division, as Perfectly Marvelous defeated Mississippi Mud for the OCW World Tag Team Championships. The pair would gain notoriety for their impressive title defenses (most notably, an amazing Scaffold Match against the 3rd Earth Kliq at Apocalypse Now), their lavish backstage parties, and their better-than-you mentality. PM set a new standard for tag team wrestling in OCW and are still considered by many to be the greatest tag team to ever set foot in the company.

Hitting the Jackpot

During Perfectly Marvelous' Tag Team Championship reign, they traveled to Paras' home away from home, Las Vegas. While playing slot machines at the Agua Caliente Casino during an OCW promo, a machine the two had reserved for the day actually hit the elusive jackpot, showering the Tag Champs with riches on live television. This newfound wealth prompted PM to extend their business lives beyond the H.I.T. They opened the PM Bakery in Minneapolis in January 2001, followed closely by Triple M's Marvelburger restaurant. Two months later, Paras would invest in a new chain department store project. The first Paul-Mart opened March 9, 2001, in Las Vegas. Several of PM's OCW promos took place within the friendly confines of these businesses. Many of the old buildings, however, entered into various states of disrepair during PM's time away and were shut down; the last Paul-Mart in St. Paul, MN was closed in winter of 2013.

Championship and Exodus

After gaining respect from the OCW elite through PM's tag team prowess, the now Singapore cane wielding Paul Paras began looking forward to establishing himself as a household name. PM joined forces with The Great One to form the stable Just F*cking Better in a game of one-upsmanship with rival stable Just F*cking Cool. Together, they instigated the improbable World Title win of perennial jobber Special K over Hall of Famer and JFC member D Double D. When a Lethal Lottery Tag Team Tournament was announced to decide the new #1 contender for the OCW World Heavyweight Championship, Maurako and The Great One were teamed together, but Paras was teamed up with his bitter enemy, JD Tyson, causing tension between the stable. The tension came to a head when Paras and Tyson pulled off the upset and won the tournament, with Paras pinning TGO in the final match, causing Maurako to explode on his "Great" stablemate for losing them the match. JFB parted ways and Paras went on to Razorbacked, where he defeated both Tyson and Everlast (who had just won the World Title from Shadow Stalker on the show) on the same night to become the new OCW World Champion. It would be Paras' first and only taste of the title, however, as OCW would experience one of its many shutdowns the night after Razorbacked. When the company re-opened in June, all titles were declared vacant and Paras would not receive a shot at reclaiming his belt until four years later.

Paul would return as a special guest referee at Sinful Nature II to inadvertently help The Great One defeat Triple M for the World Title, sparking a feud between the former Perfectly Marvelous teammates. The feud culminated in the second-ever and OCW's first Ultimate Iron Match, which ended with Maurako being powerbombed off the top of the cage to the floor by an interfering Great One, leading to Paras taking part in the formation of the short-lived stable Corporal Punishment later that night. The group was Paras' last stint in OCW before quietly leaving the company midway through the Last Man Standing Tournament in August 2001. Rumors would spread regarding his departure, claiming everything from Paras being unhappy with the way he was being used to him trying to start a mutiny backstage against the management. Paul himself has gone on record to site "self-defeating personal issues" as his reason for the mysterious departure. He would make only one more OCW appearance in the next four years after these events, showing up unexpectedly on a 2002 Monday Night Massacre to cane The Great One, costing him a match against an enhancement talent. The appearance was promotional in nature, as it coincided with the grand opening of Paras' new Paul-Mart location in New York City.

Real Pro Wrestling

When Online Championship Wrestling was taken over by new ownership and became Omega Championship Wrestling, former president Dean wouldn't go down without a fight. He enlisted the help of Arryk Rage and former OCW World Champion Silver Cyanide and created Real Pro Wrestling, a short-lived hybrid federation containing stars from many previous incarnations of OCW. In perhaps the best-known angle from RPW's short existence, Rage defeated Cyanide to award his ally, Dean, sole presidency of the company. After the battle, Dean named Mario Maurako as his new Chief of Staff. Before the match, however, Cyanide had signed one last contract, shocking viewers and wrestlers alike by bringing in Paul Paras as the new RPW Commissioner, Paras' first in-ring appearance in almost three years.

The two former Perfectly Marvelous teammates spent the next few months at each other's throats, fighting for power within the company. They were given their own program, RPW Spinebuster, to rule over, with each constantly trying to one-up the other with big match signings and shock value. The heelish Commissioner Paras would be best known for the latter, first by publicly firing wrestler Outcast in the middle of the ring by giving him a spinebuster through a table, then later unofficially winning the war with Maurako, finding a loophole in his contract and firing his former partner on a live edition of Spinebuster. The company soon went by the wayside after Dean was taken into police custody, leaving Paras and many other employees without work. Despite the tumultuous ending, in a 2013 interview, Paras stated that his times in RPW were still some of his favorites in his career.

OCW Rebirth

With Dean out of jail and back at the helm, Online Championship Wrestling re-opened for one more run in May 2005. On the second new Monday Night Massacre, Perfect Paul Paras showed up, completely unannounced, and set off for a fresh start in the company he disappeared from in 2001. It didn't take long for Paras to re-find his groove and he was soon tearing through the ranks with the fans behind him once again. He was entered into the OCW "Sweet 16" contenders series, which would determine the championship matches at Sinful Nature IV, via votes from an OCW advisory committee. At the Pay-Per-View, Paras was voted into the OCW World Heavyweight Championship Scaffold Match against Scott Syren, which ended up being a match-of-the-year candidate. Paras would come up just short in the match, but would get the last word when he, along with Silver Cyanide and a returning Marvelous Mario Maurako (who faked leaving the company in disgust when Paras returned, only to trick Syren and his allies into letting their guard down), viciously attacked Syren after the contest, with Syren's Just F*cking Cool stable trapped in their locker room by a forklift. The group ultimately locked an unconscious Syren in a shark cage, drove it to the California coast, and dropped it into the Pacific Ocean to end the show. The trio, calling themselves Still F*cking Better (SFB), became a force to be reckoned with in OCW's closing days. The company would officially fold at the end of July.

Blackout 2006

When OCW Intercontinental Champion Pete Parker refused to participate in the OCW reunion Pay-Per-View, Blackout, he was stripped of his title and a new opponent had to be found for #1 contender Andy Murray. At the last minute, OCW Commissioner D-Rock offered Paul Paras the spot on the show, and the offer was accepted. Wanting to make an impact in what could be his final title shot, Paras dismantled Murray in short order, making him submit to the Minneapolis Crab and winning the OCW Intercontinental Championship. Murray, claiming Paras cheated, demanded a rematch and was immediately granted one, only to be pinned after a Parasyte a minute later. Furious, Murray demanded one more title shot, and no sooner could Paras accept than Murray was TKOed by the Weapon of Mass Perfection for Paul's third win and second title defense of the night. Paras would be the last OCW Intercontinental Champion and would quietly retire after plans for another OCW Pay-Per-View were scrapped.

High Octane Wrestling & The AoA

After two years away from the ring, Paras made a shocking return to wrestling in High Octane Wrestling at the Rumble At the Rock Pay-Per-View event. He once again teamed up with Mario Maurako, attacking Maurako's opponent for the night, Jeff Harris, and gave him the Perfectly Marvelous shark cage treatment, dumping him into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of San Francisco, California. Paul would loosely align himself with Lee Best's Best Alliance as a gun-for-hire, although he never actually joined the group. After Triple M won the HOW Stable Championships for the Alliance, he, Paras, and a debuting Derek Mobley abandoned Best's group and took the Stable Titles with them, forming the Argonauts of Awesome. The trio successfully made their first major title defense in a Hell in a Cell match at ICONIC against "Godly" Ken Davison, Jaxson "Blaze" Baxter, and David Black of Team Epic. The Argonauts would go on to hold the titles for the longest reign of any kind in HOW history.

Upon Mobley's release from the company, Paras and Maurako set out to find new members for their stable, scouting various HOW stars. "Phenomenal" Ryan Faze was set to be the first new AoA member, but he was banished from the group when he protected Mario Maurako's wife, Amanda, from the wrath of her husband instead of joining in the beating. A supposed scandal arose between Faze and Amanda when (blatantly doctored) photos of the two together surfaced on the internet. The man revealed to be responsible for the photos, Christopher America, officially became the first new Argonaut, joining PM in a brutal attack on Faze, destroying the Phenomenal One's knee with their signature weapons. Soon after, John Sektor shockingly turned his back on the Legion of Darkness stable he had formed only weeks earlier and also joined the AoA, turning heel on Bobbinette Carey. Months later, a returning Silver Cyanide would become the group's final member. The faction's collective charisma, overwhelming success, and strict emphasis on team-based wrestling etched the AoA initials into the minds of many in HOW, paving the way for the rebirth of the HOW Tag Team division at the end of 2009.

The Perfect Life Movement

Months into his HOW run, Paras' gimmick would develop into that of a manipulating leader of a counterculture of Minnesota residents affected by the United States' economic problems; he also reverted to a more extravagant version of his womanizing character and maintained his his usual arrogance. With this change, Paras would be seen as a fan favorite in Minnesota, but a hated heel everywhere else in the world. He began broadcasting commercials on HOW television, urging viewers to join and donate money to his "Perfect Life Movement," a faith aimed at following Paras in all that he does in hopes of one day achieving his level of personal and professional greatness. After Paul's declaration for legal polygamy among his followers (known as "Parasites") was vetoed by then-Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, Paras declared his intentions to run for Governor, planting hallucinogenic drugs in Pawlenty's home in order to enrage his supporters and cause a re-election. After a rollercoaster campaign, Paras shocked the state of Minnesota, voluntarily dropping out of the gubernatorial election, but revealing that, in the interim, Paras used The Perfect Life's resources to buy out every major banking institution in Minnesota, effectively claiming ownership over the entire North Star State.

The "Minnesota Messiah," as Paras was now known, began gaining steam in his wrestling career at this time as well. Paras swept the Narcotic Group of the 2009 Best Invitational, defeating the masked Tenma and HOW Hall of Fame members Chris Kostoff and Bobbinette Carey. At HOW March To Glory, Paras teamed up with fellow Argonaut John Sektor to defeat the Knights of Epicness (Carey and David Black) and the Best Alliance (Blaze and Static with Kostoff) in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match to win the AoA's second Stable Championship. On April 27, 2009, Paras defeated Issac Slade to win his first HOW singles title, the High Octane Wrestling ICON Championship, en route to being named Wrestler of the Month by the HOW roster. Soon, however, dissension among the AoA would lead to the group being unofficially disbanded as Sektor disappeared from HOW, Maurako temporarily retired, Cyanide was released, and Paras and America went on to fight on opposite teams at HOW War Games. After suffering many injuries in the brutal War Games match at Normandy beach, Paras stayed off HOW television for almost two months. During this time, HOW held a talent draft, wherein Paras was drafted to the Thursday Night Turmoil brand by Lee Best. Two weeks later, however, Best completed a trade with Monday Night Mayhem GM Ryan Faze to send Paras to Mayhem before he could ever appear on Turmoil.

Face Turn/Championship Aspirations

Paras returned from injury at a Monday Night Mayhem show, appearing alongside Ryan Faze in backstage segments where Faze courted Paras to turn on his former AoA teammate and Faze rival, Christopher America. The following week, Paras, America, and Mario Maurako all attacked Faze, turning face in the process. Faze began taking a more aggressive booking strategy with the three after this incident, though Paras antagonized the drug-abusing GM on a weekly basis, including tricking Faze into allowing him to be the guest referee for America's LSD Title match against David Black at Capital Punishment. Triple P won his first match back from injury, a battle royal that included the entire Mayhem roster sans ICON Champion Shane Reynolds. The following two weeks, Paras defeated Reynolds in consecutive matches, creating an intense rivalry between the two.

A drugged and controlled Issac Slade soon became involved in their feud, with Reynolds' attempts to punish Slade for his "sins" being combated by Paras' goal of restoring Slade to his former independent self. They began to feud over the ICON Title, with Reynolds frequently refusing to grant Paras a title shot until he finally could no longer stand Triple P's rise in popularity for defeating him, causing Reynolds to challenge Paras to a match at HOW Rumble at the Rock II inside the fabled dungeons of Alcatraz. Shane would lose the title to Max Kael weeks before the Pay Per View, but once he was betrayed by his partner, World Champion Aceldama, he would purchase an HOW World Title shot in hopes of attaining vengeance, putting it on the line at the Pay Per View. In a grueling battle featuring Slade as the referee, Paras chained an unconscious Reynolds to the dungeon wall to become the new #1 Contender to the HOW World Title.

The following week, it was announced that instead of getting a one-on-one title match, Paras would face World Champion Aceldama in a grueling Best-of-Seven series for the World Title. Despite heavy outside interference, Paras won the first contest, a Lumberjack Match, but would lose the next three matches. The fifth match, a Street Fight, ended in a Paras victory, but the sixth would end the series, and many thought it would end up being the Perfect One's last appearance in HOW. After the loss, Paras was violently attacked by the Maurako Family (sans Mario) in the parking lot, then was suddenly released from his contract the following day after disputes with HOW owner Lee Best.

Global Championship Wrestling Association

Any leftover animosity between Paras and Maurako appeared to be extinguished upon Paul's next business venture. In May 2010, Paras signed a two-show deal in the GCWA after his former ally, Trevor "The Great One" Kent, donated a large sum of money to the Perfect Life Movement. Paras, along with Jack Sullivan, shockingly appeared on a Friday Night Inferno broadcast to join the TGO-funded "OCW All-Star Team" alongside Mario Maurako and Silver Cyanide, the latter of which turned on Derek Mobley's GCWA team moments later. The four men would face off against Mobley, Warrick Hill, and El Linchador in a handicap elimination tag match at GCWA Ultimate Survival. Seemingly ill-prepared, Maurako and Cyanide were eliminated early in the match, leaving Paras and Sullivan to fight 2-on-3 for most of the contest. Paras would be the final surviving member of his team, eliminating Warrick Hill before ultimately being defeated by Mobley. Finishing his contract, Paras returned to Minneapolis and his temporary retirement.

Return to HOW/Double Champion

Paras returned to HOW in the summer of 2010, appearing with Maurako and John Sektor to reform the Argonauts of Awesome. It was revealed that each of the three had unresolved issues with HOW management and were back to collect on these damages. The AoA would brutally attack the Best Alliance, rivals of former AoA member and temporary owner of HOW, Christopher America. America rewarded Paras with a shot at David Black's HOW World Title at Rumble at the Rock III, only for Paul and the rest of the AoA to attack America the week after, irate at his representing the management of the company that they were fighting against. In the weeks leading up to the Pay-Per-View, Paras and Sektor represented the group, defeating teams from The Elite and the Best Alliance in a 3-team elimination match. One week later, America's Lethal Lottery provided the return of the HOW Tag Team Titles. In a twist of irony, random draw pitted Paras and Sektor against one another in the main event, which featured Paras and unlikely partner Trick r' Treat (James Varga) defeating Sektor and Kirsta Lewis to become the new HOW Tag Team Champions. The new tag team, dubbed "Sex & Candy," successfully defended the titles against Mark O'Neal and Ethan Cavanaugh of the Best Alliance on the next Mayhem broadcast.

At Rumble at the Rock III, Paras received his title shot against David Black in a Falls Count Anywhere match at Alcatraz prison. During the course of a brutal war, Paras took the fight onto the roof of the prison, inadvertently kicking Black off the top of the prison building and to the ground of Alcatraz Island below. Back at ground level, with Black possibly severely injured, Paras applied the Messianic Complex, forcing the referee to stop the match for Black's safety, earning Paras his first HOW World Championship.

One week later, Paras and the newly unmasked James Varga lost the Tag Team Titles when Varga turned on Paras and joined the Best Alliance. Smelling blood in the water, Lee Best booked Paras in perhaps the most lopsided World Title defense in company history—a gauntlet match against the entire HOW roster. Against all odds, Paras retained the title, defeating all 13 opponents in consecutive matches, including his rivals Shane Reynolds and Aceldama, his former tag team partner James Varga, former friend Christopher America, and current teammates Mario Maurako and John Sektor. The win cemented Paras's place in HOW history for the most title defenses in a single reign. Paras would defeat HOW Hall of Fame member Graystone in his next match, inside the confines of a steel cage.

During the buildup for ICONIC 2010, Paras's rivalry with David Black would turn personal. Paras Mansion was burned to the ground, with the arsonist assumed to be Black. Black had a group of associates raid the remains of the mansion, stealing the State of Minnesota's bank contracts, a good deal of money from the Perfect Life Movement, and some of Paras's cult drugs. As a result, Black had the contracts re-written, effectively stealing Paras's monetary control of the state. The next week, Black drugged a group of Minnesota citizens live on Monday Night Mayhem, and had them join him in a brutal attack on Paras. After suffering his first loss to Black a week later, a large group of Minnesotans marched on Paras's West Minneapolis apartment and forced him to leave the state, fearing his influence on the state's people would destroy it. Paras flew to the United Kingdom for ICONIC and has yet to return to his home state. At ICONIC, Paras participated in the Best Ladder Match against David Black, Mike Best, James Varga, Ethan Cavanaugh, Aceldama, and Mario Maurako with the HOW World, ICON, and Tag Team Titles on the line. Paras would dominate much of the match, but would leave empty-handed, losing his World Title after Black prevented him from grabbing the last briefcase and Best came down with the belt. Before HOW's annual Holiday Break, it was announced that Paras would be a #1 Seed in one of the groups of the Lee Best Invitational.

Stable Warfare Revisited

Early in 2011, Mario Maurako suddenly retired from wrestling, and HOW Hall of Famer Jatt Starr joined the Argonauts of Awesome, forming the "Big 3" version of the group (with Paras and Ryan Faze). The stable had a different, more comedic tone from previous versions, making mostly backstage appearances and finding little success in the ring compared to their counterparts in the Best Alliance and The Foundation, a newly formed group of old PWX stars. All three members of the group were eliminated from the Lee Best Invitational and were in need of a dramatic overhaul.

Paras defeated Shane Reynolds in his lone win of the invitational, capping off one of HOW's most heated rivalries. Paul then moved on to a mini-feud with the Best Alliance's Ethan Cavanaugh after both men owned victories over the other. In February 2011, it was revealed that Christopher America had obtained ownership of Lee Best's Best Arena in Chicago and would book all shows taking place on its grounds. The next week, America officially rejoined the AoA, along with "Golden" Greg Davis and a returning Mario Maurako. This version of the AoA immediately found its place in the BA vs. Foundation stable war that had grown from the start of the year. Paras would unsuccessfully challenge for the HOW Tag Team Titles with the Foundation's Valerie Belmont and Davis as partners in multi-team matchups. America would announce one more title shot for Paras at March to Glory 2011, teaming him with his old Perfectly Marvelous teammate Maurako against Paul's rivals, Cavanaugh & Black of the Best Alliance and Fear & Chris Kostoff of the Foundation. Perfectly Marvelous would emerge the new HOW Tag Team Champions, their sixth Tag Title as a team.

Weeks later, PM would drop the titles to another Lee Best-created superteam of ICON Champion Brad Jackson and LSD Champion James Varga. They would never receive a rematch, and unrest in the backstage environment led to a series of events that quickly took the AoA and Paras out of the company. Ryan Faze suddenly retired from wrestling, Greg Davis was fired days after showing up out of ring shape for a tag team match with Paras, Jatt Starr was suspended indefinitely, and Paras, after publicly protesting the upcoming War Games Pay-Per-View, was released from his contract. After his release, Paras returned home to Minnesota and vanished from the public spotlight, unofficially retiring from wrestling.

Second Return to HOW

Paras finally reappeared in HOW on August 9, 2012 on a live Turmoil broadcast to reunite Perfectly Marvelous. At HOW Bottomline, Perfectly Marvelous became the new #1 contenders to the HOW Tag Team Championships, defeating Southern Comfort. It was revealed that Paras had moved to San Francisco, CA sometime after his previous HOW run to start a new life. Paras appeared for multiple Southern California independent promotions to reinvigorate his passion for wrestling. He also partook in underground club fights for the Fierro en Guerra organization, run by Emilio Lucas, known by his stage name, E.M. Luc. Lucas, an ordained minister, helped Paras to bolster the polygamy beliefs he once preached to the Perfect Life Movement—Lucas oversaw Paras' weddings to a total of twelve different women over the course of a year.

On October 1, 2012, Paras reclaimed singles gold in HOW, winning the HOW Television Title from Kirsta Lewis on a Lethal Lottery edition of Monday Night Mayhem. He and Maurako matched up once more the following week, with Paras defeating his tag team partner in a Last Man Standing match. Paras would lose the TV Title to Jace Parker Davidson a week later, but he wasn't without championship gold for long, as on October 28 at Rumble at the Rock, Perfectly Marvelous defeated COOL Reality (Scottywood and Cancer Jiles) to determine the final holders of the HOW Tag Team Championships.

After retiring the Tag Team Titles, Perfectly Marvelous once again came to blows, with Maurako turning on Paras on a December edition of Mayhem. The two were set to compete in a steel cage match to settle their score, but the HOW front office refused to air the match due to backstage politicking by other members of the roster. Instead of being relegated to a dark match, Paras and Maurako both left the company at the start of 2013. Paras thereafter returned to semi-retirement.

2017 OCW Return

In February 2017, Paras was contacted by new OCW President Marcus Welsh to appear on the company's OCW Survivor program, featuring both past and present talent competing in a grueling reality show in the Amazon jungle. Unbeknownst to viewers until halfway through the series, Paras and Mario Maurako had both signed Legends contracts to compete on a part-time basis for the company. On the May 22nd Monday Night Massacre, Perfectly Marvelous made a startling appearance at the end of the show, decimating the Tokyo Knives tag team and informally challenging Tag Team Champions the Aptitude to a title match at the upcoming Pay-Per-View, Stainless Steel Ride. On June 19th, Perfectly Marvelous made good on their challenge, defeating Matt Meyhu and The Incredible One of The Aptitude to win their eighth Tag Team Championship as a team and their second OCW Tag Team Championship.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Messianic Complex (Anaconda Vice)
    • Acid Test (Running Knockout Boot to the side of the head of kneeling or sitting opponent)
    • Weapon of Mass Perfection (Air Raid Crash)
    • Parasyte (Reverse Russian Legsweep)
  • Signature moves
    • Perfect Circle (Rolling German/Tiger/Dragon Suplex Series)
    • Minnesota Slice (Falling Reverse DDT)
    • Minneapolis Crab (Rolling Crab)
    • Parasault (Rounding Moonsault)
    • RPW Spinebuster (Anderson Spinebuster)
    • DiMarco Special (Inverted Headlock takedown into Rear Naked Choke)
    • Blue Angel (Single Leg Running Front Dropkick)
    • Air Paras (No-Hands Somersault Plancha)
    • Roll Them Bones (Over-the-Shoulder Toss over the ropes to the floor)
    • STO Backbreaker
    • Superkick
    • Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick
    • Repeated knees to the gut/head
    • Running Yakuza Kick
  • Illegal signature moves
    • Singapore Cane shot
    • Singapore Cane-assisted Parasyte
    • Chili Powder thrown in the opponent's eyes
  • Retired signature moves
    • Vegas Bomb (Burning Hammer)
    • Roulette Wheel (Shooting Star Press)
    • Perfectplex (Fisherman's Suplex)
  • Nicknames
    • "The Perfect One"
    • "The Minnesota Messiah"
    • "The Mecca of Modern Wrestling"
    • "The King of High Impact"
    • "The People's Choice"
    • "The Paragon of Perfection"
    • "The Perfect Athlete"
    • "The Hennepin County Headliner"
    • "The Hero of Lore"
    • "The San Francisco Savior"
    • "The Zen Master"
  • Previous Stables
    • The MOB (w/Mario Maurako, Blue Thunder, and The Postman) (Extreme Wrestling Association)
    • Ground Zero (w/Mario Maurako, Dark Hawk, and Black Phantom) (Elite Wrestling Alliance)
    • Just F*cking Better (w/Mario Maurako and The Great One) (OCW)
    • Corporal Punishment (w/The Great One, Josh Allen, Everlast, Mark Kelley, and Pete Parker) (OCW)
    • Still F*cking Better (w/Mario Maurako and Silver Cyanide) (OCW)
    • Argonauts of Awesome
      • (First version w/Mario Maurako and Derek Mobley) (HOW)
      • (Second version w/Mario Maurako, Christopher America, John Sektor, and Silver Cyanide) (HOW)
      • (Third version w/Mario Maurako, John Sektor, and Ryan Faze) (HOW)
      • (Fourth version w/Ryan Faze and Jatt Starr) (HOW)
      • (Fifth version w/Mario Maurako, Christopher America, Ryan Faze, Jatt Starr, and Greg Davis) (HOW)
  • Championships and Accomplishments
    • Extreme Wrestling Association Tag Team Champion (w/Mario Maurako)
    • NECF Tag Team Champion (w/Mario Maurako)
    • Elite Wrestling Alliance Intercontinental Champion
    • Elite Wrestling Alliance Tag Team Champion x2 (w/Mario Maurako)
    • Online Championship Wrestling Hall Of Fame x2 (both solo and with Perfectly Marvelous)
    • Online Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion
    • Online Championship Wrestling Intercontinental Champion
    • Online Championship Wrestling World Tag Team Champion x2 (w/Mario Maurako)
    • High Octane Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion
    • High Octane Wrestling ICON Champion
    • High Octane Wrestling Television Champion
    • High Octane Wrestling Stable Champion x2 (w/ The Argonauts of Awesome)
    • High Octane Wrestling Tag Team Champion x3 (x1 w/Trick r' Treat and x2 w/Mario Maurako)
    • Winner of the Perfectly Marvelous Intergalactic Tag Team Tournament (fictional, w/Mario Maurako)


  • Perfect Paul Paras was inducted into the OCW Hall of Fame in 2001.
  • Perfectly Marvelous fought in, won, and successfully defended their Tag Team Titles in the very last match in NECF history.
  • Upon his hiring, Online Championship Wrestling requested that Paras no longer carry his lead pipe to the ring after injuring several performers with it in NECF and the Elite Wrestling Alliance. This would lead to his use of the Singapore cane for a large portion of his career.
  • Paul and former valet, Kathryn "Katie" Gamble were romantically involved and were engaged to be married in 2003, but tensions about Paul's career direction caused the couple to split in late 2004.
  • Paras has a Doctorate in Social Psychology from the University of Minnesota, which he completed during his time away from the ring. He graduated in May, 2015. Paul's friend and manager for a time in OCW, Dr. Alistair Jacobs, was his Abnormal Psychology professor during his Bachelor's program.
  • Paul created the Ultimate Iron Match while serving as a backstage consultant in the Elite Wrestling Alliance.
  • Paul still trains new students at the H.I.T. frequently.
  • Paul was the Best Man in Mario Maurako's wedding to his first wife, Amanda, and a groomsman in Silver Cyanide's wedding to Natasha Andropov.
  • Paras is a longtime friend of former NFL quarterback Brad Johnson.

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