Perfectly Marvelous
Tag Team
Members "Perfect" Paul Paras
"Marvelous" Mario Maurako
Name(s) Perfectly Marvelous
Debut 1999
Promotion Extreme Wrestling Association
Elite Wrestling Alliance
Online Championship Wrestling
High Octane Wrestling

Perfectly Marvelous (often simply called "PM") are an American professional wrestling tag team, most notable for their work in the Elite Wrestling Alliance, Online Championship Wrestling, and High Octane Wrestling. The team, consisting of wrestlers Perfect Paul Paras and Marvelous Mario Maurako, are best known for their brash arrogance, elaborate entrances, and their gorgeous bevy of valets, the PM Dancing Girls. PM have won many tag team and singles titles both together and during their many notorious team implosions. When apart, Paras and Maurako have had countless brutal, bloody wars against one another. When together, the combination of Paras' technical skill and Maurako's strength makes them a force to be reckoned with in any tag team division. Despite their occasional lack of cohesion, the pair are often thought to be one of the greatest tag teams of all time among professional wrestling pundits and fans. The team was primarily active from 1999 through 2006. In October 2012, the team reunited in High Octane Wrestling and won their seventh Tag Team Championship together. In May 2017, they began their final run in a surprise return to Online Championship Wrestling, winning their eighth Tag Team Title.

In wrestling

  • Team finishing moves
  • Blast From the Past (Jackknife Lift by Maurako, followed by a rebound middle-rope knee strike from Paras)
  • Double Entendre (High/Low combination of a Paras spinning legsweep and Maurako clothesline from hell)
  • Twin City Destroyer (With Paras in front of opponent and Maurako behind, combination Reverse Russian Legsweep and Forward Russian Legsweep)
  • The Jackpot (Military Press Slam by Maurako, thrown into a mid-air Cutter by Paras)
  • MP3 (Maurako has opponent in an Electric Chair position, then falls backwards as Paras catches opponent with a neckbreaker)
  • Perfectly Marvelous Ending (Parasyte followed by Maurako Rocker)
  • Team signature moves
  • Perfectly Legal (With the referee distracted, Paras has opponent in the Minneapolis Crab, Maurako puts on a protective metal facemask and hits the Nosedive onto the opponent's groin)
  • Perfectly Legal Too (Again with the referee distracted, Maurako puts opponent in a Figure-4 Leglock around the ringpost, Paras hits a baseball slide dropkick to opponent's skull)
  • Double spinebuster
  • Double flapjack
  • Former managers
  • Accomplishments
  • Extreme Wrestling Association Tag Team Champions
  • NECF Tag Team Champions
  • Elite Wrestling Alliance Tag Team Champions (x2)
  • Online Championship Wrestling World Tag Team Champions (x2)
  • Both individual members of OCW Hall Of Fame
  • HOW Stable Champions (w/ the Argonauts of Awesome) (x2)
  • High Octane Wrestling Tag Team Champions (x2)
  • Winners of the Perfectly Marvelous Intergalactic Tag Team Tournament (fictional)
  • Quotes
  • Just us being here makes you suck!
  • You may be good... you may be great... but you're not PERFECTLY MARVELOUS!
  • We will devastate you deliberately!
  • It would do our hearts good to kick your ass!

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