Petalhead Pat Prouder, or Triple P (PPP), is an active wrestler in the Lock Wrestling Federation.

Personal Details


Spawned from two hippies after take a heavy dose of LSD themselves, he is the Guy Who Sees Angels Falling After Drinking “Soda” come to reality to wreak ungodly bodily odors on anyone unlucky enough to get close to him. He was too ugly for his parents, tossed in a garbage can to die 10 minutes after birth, and was nursed to health by a pack of pigs. Resurrected as almost a human once again, born in America, he seeks something to eat. His burps and farts are both irresistible forces. Their paths cross many times, but when they work together, there is no stopping them. Although nearly human, he still retains much of his super smell and pig like instinct to eat whatever is around. He was trained in matzoh ball and hot dog eating by Takeru Kobayashi.


The Guy Who Sees Angels Falling After Drinking “Soda”, average height and overweight, dressed in whatever was lying around with mustard stain trim. His unwashed head complements his uneven-looking goatie. His eyes are an uncanny shade of nuts brown that can frighten any man. He is a pig Incarnate in human form, with a tattoo of a butcher with his initials PPP under it on his right arm. His left arm has a slice of bacon wrapped around a slice of cheese, his trademark symbol. Above that on his shoulder there is a small grass stain, since he is the leader and founder of the Roll Around On the Grass gang. Across his upper back he has a snail facing off against a turtle, symbolic of the struggles of pig kind. In the middle of his lower back he has a purplish green Ferret with the Arby’s symbol in the background. On his stomach is a small piece of whatever he was eating that morning. He has a weird birth mark over his heart. Very nauseating, both in appearance and manner....we are still not sure if he is like a pig, or a Pig himself!


Very sluggish and not very charismatic. Lowly intelligent and anything but articulate. He is the ultimate crowd pleas-er... or barf-inducer! He fears anchovies. When challenged, he will answer when he wakes up, no matter what time of day he may have passed out. His uncleanliness, however, gets him in trouble sometimes. He prefers a food fight, and feels that the crowd is cheated if there is a no food stuck on the victor. He only interferes if he was offered some sort of pork product as reward for doing so. He loves the game mortal kombat. Anybody who messes with him feels sick after smelling him. He won't stop until his plate is cleaned. He's sick, he's got some sort of disease no one can identify, and he is truly piglike.


Entrance Theme: I’VE FALLEN AND I CAN’T GET UP by Steve Urkel Entrance: Urkel’s voice comes on as the lights stay on. Much like his style, there are many doughnuts. The Urkel opens up slow, heavy, and soft. Triple P is seen waking up from being passed out (top a counter in some room in the arena) as the Guy Who Sees Angels Falling After Drinking “Soda.”. A lone security guard follows him to make sure he does not fall to the ground, then stumbles down the aisle to the ring. He does not hear the cheers from the crowd, even sluggishly and stupidly yawning since he just woke up. He crawls onto the apron and falls over the ropes, causing a loud thud. He'll often go turnbuckle to turnbuckle to wave to the crowd and soak in the sweat he has accumulated, falling back to the mat from the top as he leaves the corner. Then the Urkel stops and the lights continue to stay on.

Fighting Style

Very strong for a fat guy, not so agile. A constant juxtaposition between devastating flatulence, painful noogies, and violent brutal hard-hitting pies to the face. An expert in chow-downs and reversals of things he has eaten, he is also a belly flop artist with no mercy on whatever may be below him. Trained by the best on the planet in Southern Redneck beer drinking and chugging. His most deadly attack is his heart attack which he’s had 4 of. His strategy usually centers around a single body part depending on the opponent (majority of the time it is his stomach as set-up for his post match meal). What he lacks in cooking skills, he makes up for with his vast knowledge of Chinese takeout phone numbers and pizza delivery services. His best weapon, besides his petal head which he constantly bashes walls with when he falls over, is his stomach. Since he is so fat, it is no wonder that opponents in eating contests always fall in pain after being hit with all of the food that flies out of his mouth. Although his burps are devastating, he may choose to make an opponent submit to the fart instead of pinning an opponent if the gas becomes very built up. He enjoys seeing his opponents smell in pain.

Common Holds or Maneuvers

eats 2 hot dogs at once, double dips whenever possible, uses his own barbecue sauce on steaks, uses both hands to shovel food in his mouth, wipes his hands only on the left side of his shirt, the right side he uses to keep some food for later, holds beer bottles in both hands while drinking, eats the worm, passes out wherever he is, sucks his thumb in his sleep, knows 10 wrestling moves, 2 of which he saw pigs doing to each other, gets into a football stance when cow tipping, likes to punch things, likes to pick things up over his head and throw them, likes to throw things against the wall then run at them and splash them, when something is down in a corner of some sort he likes to rub his ass up against it which will generally make the thing pass out from the smell, likes to climb up on top of things and do a flying kick which rarely works, sometimes he’ll jump off and try to throw his arm at something


  • The Fallen Fat Guy Splash
  • The Flatulence Tamer
  • Taco Fusion (from front, often after farting on an opponent he’ll run off the ropes and do a big splash)
  • Reverse Pizza Delivery Driver (from behind, often after reversing or tripping over an opponent)


  • "It's not the size of the pig in the fight that's the size of the fight in the pig that makes a slob. THERE IS NO PIG with more food in him than me. Any hot dog that falls onto my plate will become MY LITTLE hot dog SNACK!"
  • "It doesn't matter how many times you fall's how many times you eat whatever is on the floor that makes you a pig."
  • "When you're ready to eat, just let me know."
  • "Everbody has the will to eat....not everyone has to will to work and prepare to eat. Empty stomachs lead to shattered dreams."
  • "I'm not racist...I have no problem eating foods of all colors!"
  • "I hate the taste of blood....I tried it once!

Titles and Accomplishments


  • Food Network Tag Team Champion x1 (w/Crazy Cow; The PigCow) def Crazy China Eating Patrol
  • Food Network Tag Team Champion x2 (w/The Butcher; Petal Patrol) def Comedy Central
  • Carnegie Deli Sandwich Champion x1 (pastrami only) def Sid Fernandez
  • Carnegie Deli Rye Bread Champion x1 def Joey Chestnut
  • Chili’s Baby Back Ribs Champion x1 def The Rib Master
  • T-Bone Steak Champion def A Whole Lot of Cows
  • People's Republic of China Sushi Champion x2 def Some Sumo Wrestler From Japan
  • World’s Laziest Man Champion x1 def Slothy Magee
  • 2003 Lord of the Dance def Michael Flatley
  • Food Network Tag Team Champion x3 (w/The Butcher; Petal Patrol) def NWO- Nacho World Order 2003 Taco Bell Burrito Champion
  • Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Champion x1 def Kobayashi and 23 others
  • Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Champion x2 def Joey Chestnut
  • Arby’s Global French Fries Champion x1 def The Hamburgler
  • Arby’s Tag Team Champion x1 (w/Ronald McDonald) def Bad Andy and The Dell Guy
  • ARM Champion x1 def Elbow (Bending, final round of tournament, first in ARM history)
  • LEG Champion x2 def Ankle
  • EAR Tag Team Champion x1 (w/Ear Drum; Petal Patrol) def Ice Cream/Sprinkles
  • McDonalds Completely fed Champion x1 def Big Shrimpin and 2 others; elimination


  • 2002 GOT LOST inside his own house
  • 2002 TCBY COLD DESSERT Buried in Ice Cream: won, later puked behind the rafters, abducted Ice Cream Scoop!
  • 2002 World Eating Tour Best Newcomer Award
  • 2002 Burger King Whopper Eating Rookie of the Year
  • 2003 PIZZA HUT MASSIVE PEPPERONI eliminated 5 pizza pies, puked all night
  • 2003 ULTIMATE GROOVOLUTION final person eliminated for getting his groove thang on too much
  • 2003 Nathan’s 4th of July Career Match: ended Takeru Kobayashi’s career via barfing! retained Hot Dog Eating title
  • 2003 BATTLE AT THE MALL def. Clubber Lang, became double champion (AA and BB)
  • 2003 LORD OF THE DANCE def. Michael Flatley and his feet
  • 2003 World Series of Poker Champion Literally did not shower for 7 days and grossed people out enough where they just left, became responsible for people starting to play online instead

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