Pete Osbourne
Real name
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Height 6'5
Weight 245 lbs.
Date of birth August 30, 1986
Place of birth Los Angeles, CA
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Resides Philadelphia, PA
Billed from
Trainer Raven, Mikey Whipwreck, and Tazz
National Wrestling Federation
Handled by
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Debut 2000
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Pete "POz" Osbourne is an American professional wrestling personality currently the Vice President of the National Wrestling Federation.

Early History

Growing up in Los Angeles, California, Pete Osbourne had two loves...acting and professional wrestling. Widely known, it's very hard to make it in Hollywood, so Osbourne found himself homeless and jobless. The negative happenings got worse when his misfortune made his attention turn to alcohol and drugs. After a time, he became fed-up with this and decided to give his other love a try. Pete remembered that, at one audition, he had been contacted by an ECW road agent, who thought he might want to give the business a try. Osbourne called the agent, who put him in-contact with Raven and Tazz. The two, along with Mikey Whipwreck, began training the young Osbourne. Unfortunately for the man who would later shorten his name to "POz" as a nickname, the fed was on its last leg, but the training would not go void.

After ECW's Collapse

After Tazz and company went to WWE, Osbourne decided to opt against that. Since he didn't have much in-ring experience at the time, he felt he wouldn't perform well in a try-out match he was offered. With that, Osbourne followed the road most wrestlers have to take to start their careers by running the independent circuit.


During an independent show, Osbourne met wrestler Dave Kipfer, a former World Heavweight Champion for Internet Wrestling Zone. The company had been around for about a year, and Kipfer told Osbourne he should look them up. After meeting with IWZ Administration, Osbourne signed a contract with the company. The terms of that contract are unknown to this day. With the training he received, Osbourne fared well even in the early goings of his stay in IWZ. At the time, a stable called 420 was headlining IWZ shows. With aspirations of possibly joining the group, POz made acquaintances with the wrestler Danny Williams aka Pimp D, co-founder of the group. Unfortunately (again) for Osbourne, IWZ wasn't too far from being on its last leg, also. Much like his experience with the ECW wrestlers, POz's venture was not void. Pimp D became a mentor and friend to POz, teaching him everything he knew about the federation and wrestling in-general. While not having enough time in IWZ to officially become a member of the stable, POz was known as an ally to the group, Pimp D specifically.


When the IWZ folded in 2004, POz went back to attempt acting again now that he had national television exposure. After a few small roles, Osbourne received a call from Danny Williams. He had decided to open up his own federation called the National Wrestling Federation, and he wanted Osbourne to become of the wrestlers to open the fed. Osbourne accepted and became one of the "NWF Eight", the nickname given to the eight wrestlers that were hired before the fed's opening. During what can be deemed his 'first run' in the NWF, Osbourne won the NWF World Heavyweight Championship two times. During this time, he encountered and defeated several Main Event players in the NWF. Nagging injuries took their course, and Osbourne was forced to take a hiatus from the NWF.

Rest Time

Able to afford the time off, Osbourne took some time for himself and to get familiar with the big house he was able to purchase while working for his former mentor.


When the time came that Osbourne decided to return to the ring, he donned a mask and called himself "???". With his identity unknown to everyone except the NWF Owner, the mystery man entered the NWF's annual "Master of the Mat" Tournament, a 16-24 person single-elimination tournament. "???" went on to win the tournament and in-turn the vacated NWF World Heavyweight Championship, revealing to the world that it was indeed Osbourne under the masked identity. The title reign made history as Osbourne became the first person to hold the title three times. After the title run, Osbourne became bitter and took out his frustrations on his former mentor. Osbourne and Williams would go on to have one of the most memorable matches in NWF history. POz decided to "retire" after the match.

Moving Up

Shortly after the match, Williams and Osbourne decided to bury the hatchet. Having taught Osbourne everything he knew about the business, Williams decided to hire him onto what was a thin staff at the time. Osbourne would become Director Of Talent Relations for the NWF in charge of contract negotiations and recruiting. The position also gave him a probationary period with the title of Jr. Vice President, the first person in NWF history to be deemed as such. With that position, Osbourne would make history by bringing in talent that some would have thought impossible. The recently promoted Osbourne would also bring back a number of former NWF stars that had decided to take leaves of absence. Impressed by the roster moves and contracts Osbourne negotiated, Williams decided to drop the "Jr." off of POz's title and make him Vice President of the NWF. Osbourne maintains the position of Director Of Talent Relations as well as his Vice Presidency. Recently, Osbourne shocked the world by negotiating deals that saw former XUW star Wildlife come to the NWF and the return of former NWF World Heavyweight Champion Michael Brian Killion aka MBK. Considered the right-hand man of Williams, Osbourne to this day continues to make headlines as one of the most-active staff members in NWF history.

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