Pete Whealdon
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Pete Whealdon]]
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Height 5'8"
Weight 208 lbs.
Date of birth March 23, 1985 (Age 22)
Place of birth Walla Walla, WA
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Resides St. Louis, Missouri
Billed from St. Louis, Missouri
Trainer Anton Assault
Kazushi Sasaki
UNION Wrestle
West Coast Wrestling Association (May 2007 - present)
Wrestle Coast: Cascadia(July 2007 - present)
Superstar PROWrestling Republic
Wrestle: Atlantic Coast
Handled by Aaron S.
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Pete Whealdon is an American wrestler currently working for UNION Wrestle in Japan .He is a former member of the CHIMERA Fight Team, He is also the former tag team partner of Alexander Shaw as LIONS FC in the World Fantasy Wrestling Alliance, Where he was a former World Tag Team Champion with Curtis Penn as his partner.


Pete's been in to wrestling most of his life, if it wasn't watching wrestling, it was competing as an amateur wrestler for his high school, or training to become a professional, being from the dirt nothing town of Walla Walla originally, Pete was spotted by LIONS FC Guru Anton Assault, and was brought under his wing and trained as a professional wrestler, He formed a tight bond with Nathan Rageous(the most famous wrestler in the world if you hadn't noticed.)

After competing successfully in singles competition in ireland in WR, Pete was recalled by LIONS FC for re-deployment in tag team action on the west coast with training partner Alexander Shaw, the team was wildly successful quickly capturing and defending the WCWA Tag Team titles for a little over two months, things would turn for the worse when Alexander Shaw would fracture bones in his arm while competing in Japan.

Shaw was ordered to cease competing while his tag team partner was out with an injury, forcing Pete to miss a tour of Japan and matches with c. bones and Eric Dane, Whealdon had become bitter over this stretch and focused on his training, and moving away from the LIONS FC Facilities to Osaka Japan to work out in the tenchu-do facilities ran by Jason Ramsey.

Pete left LIONS FC, after a being shelved because of "team" philosophy. He has joined up with the CHIMERA Fight Team and is looking to continue domination on the team level. After quickly defending the WCWA Tag Team Titles(thus earning them again in the process), Pete Whealdon and Curtis Penn captured the World Wrestling Alliance Tag Team Championships from faces of Death in what was widely considered to be one of the hardest hitting tag matches in recent memory. Whealdon would pick up the fall submitting Kengoro Sugamoto.

They would go on to successfully defend the titles against 80 Proof(former 2-time champions themselves) and retired them in another long, classic match, earning their respect and shaking their hands, this would also be first signs of decay between the champions, At the WWA premiere event Summer Games IX, they would lose to the NWA Tag Team Champions after a sprint match that left both teams exhausted and spent.

They would lose the World Wrestling Alliance World Tag Team belts at WrestleCOAST: Cascadia's Year One event, when Whealdon turned on Penn, giving The Sex Symbols the Victory over them and the third team competing in the match Team Danger. Penn and Whealdon would shake their swords at one another until Whealdon left due to disagreements over the direction that Cascadia was leaning towards.

With renewed interest in both his craft and sport, Pete removed himself back to Japan, where he found a home first in DYNAMITE, and Subsequently UNION, further training would help him strip down his moveset and rebuild himself as a fighter in a more modern based Shooto Style. He would ultimately begin tagging with former Summer Games winner Dusty Griffith.

In Wrestling

Standard Moves

Signature Moves

Finishing Moves

Rare Finishers


WCWA Tag Team Champion with Alexander Shaw
(07-07-2007 to 09-26-2007)

WCWA Tag Team Champion with Jeirgif Solodky
(03-23-2008 to 05-23-2008)

WWA World Tag Team Champion with Curtis Penn (05-09-2008 to 07-31-2008)

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