WWX Phase Out


Phase Out
WWX Phase Out
Promotion World Wrestling Xistence
Brand(s) Fury
Date November 30th, 2007
Venue Madison Square Garden
City New York, NY
Attendance 12,363
Pay-per-view chronology
Hall of Pain 6 Phase Out Final Countdown
Phase Out chronology
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Friday November 30th 2007

Live from Madison Square Garden in New York City

WWX International Title

Wasted Youth picks up a very close and controversial win over The Lone Wolf, Ethan Cavanaugh, to retain the WWX International Championship.

WWX Women's Title

Athena def. Satanica Lust to retain the WWX Women's Championship.

WWX Tag Title

The Dirty White Boys defeat the Dream Team (Rick and Scott Dreamie) for the WWX Tag Team Championship.

Phase Out Match

4 teams of 4 members Single elimination. Winner gets a guaranteed shot at the WWX World Championship at Countdown.

  • The team of The Lost Soul, Rheinhardt, B.B. King, Gordon McAndrew


  • Krimson Blaze, Mass Destruction, Paco Lapse, Evil Sped Eastin
  • Ryan Rayne, J. Stylez, Jorgen Lightfoot, Corporal Sanders
  • Ardnand Meyers, Kelvin Klynne, Decimus, Justin Sane

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