Phelen Kell was an extremely popular wrestler who was perhaps best known for his love of raping endangered species (pandas, condors, etc.). Indeed a true great of E-wrestling...and gay porno...actually just gay porno. Known in the gay porn community as "the bear king", he has starred in over 10,000 adult films...this year. With such classics as "Plowin Kell" and "Hostile Youth: 2nd Cumming Up My Ass", he received the indusry's highest honor, The Teabag Award. Sadly In 2012 during a routine panda rape, his extremely tiny penis was violently ripped off...limiting his gay porn to the role of receiver. Today he hosts a podcast with long time lover Ashton Cain entitled "Two Fat Fucks Review Weiners". He is really your average run and gun nigga.

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