PJ Jones
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of PJ Jones]]
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Ring Names Ghetto Dragon
A Kuma
Aku Ma
Height 5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
Weight 196 lbs (88.2 kg)
Date of birth September 22, 1986
Place of birth Kalamazoo, Michigan
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Detroit, Michigan
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Trainer The Dragon King,
Southwest Michigan Wrestling School,
Norman Alaxander
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Debut October 10, 2004

Phillip Jamal "PJ" Jones, is an American professional wrestler better known by his ring name, Ghetto Dragon and in ICWF, Kuma. He is currently working for the Intense Championship Wrestling Federation(ICWF). He also has performed in the American independent circuit most notable for Pro Wrestling Honor and American Championship Wrestling. He also has competed in Japan, for the Pro-Wrestling FURY, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling promotions. He is usually very serious and usually declines challenges from wrestlers that won't be a challenge to him.


PJ Jones, comes from a long line of fighters. Some Pro Wrestlers, Amateur Wrestlers, MMA Fighters, and some boxers. So it was only natural he would carry on the family legacy. He grew up being toughened up by his MUCH larger cousin. He would go on to train in Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as he grew. He honed is skills and entered the Ryujinn Tournament [Dragon King Tournament], he lost being eliminated half way through the tournament. However, the holder of the tournament thought he was very impressive and had potential. So the Dragon King as he is called, found PJ, and said he would train him if he was willing, however being very proud and not wanting to rely on anyone but himself (a trait that runs in his family), he declined, and went on fighting. One day as he walked down the road, he was attacked by a rival Schools' Students who mistakenly thought he was a Student of The Dragon King. He was down, and out. When he awoke, he was on the floor of The Dragon King's dojo. He got up and was quickly sent back down by the King. After many vicious beatings, The Dragon King asked him once again if he wanted to train. This time he accepted. The Dragon King trained him in a Muay Thai/Judo hybrid style. He went through vicious training regiments, and one day after years of training, became a vicious warrior. He entered the next years Ryujinn Tournament, and won. And even tho he loved Martial Arts, he wanted to become a Professional Wrestler.

After his martial arts training, PJ joined a wrestling school in Southwest Michigan, later his friend Bobby Sepulveda (a Mexican pro wrestler) returned from Mexico, teaching him some Lucha Libre style, later Jones would return to find that his old trainer, The Dragon King had turned pro wrestler, he trained under his old teacher once more. After this, he wrestled in various independent companies under the names, Miles Jones, and his given name PJ Jones.

Ultimate Championship Wrestling

He was scouted by UCW talent scouts at one of the independent promotion's paperviews. He debuted in UCW in a stable called Blazin' Franchise (Danny Franchise, Pyro Parker, Kyle Evans, Jamal Walker). They introduced him the Monday prior to the UCW PPV event "Beating Frenzy". There was a 10-man tag match between the Blazin' Franchise and Rico Rivera's team. It was brought to their attention that they only had 4 members, when Ghetto Dragon ran out and bashed a Light tube over Rivera's head from behind, he was then announced to make his debut at "Beating Frenzy" in the tag match. After his debut he had a successful singles run, then entered the tag team division with his stable team member Danny Franchise. They set a record for having the championships the longest. But then at the next PPV Ghetto Dragon became fed up with Danny's anntics and attacked him, then walked out of the match, while Danny was pinned. He then broke away from the stable and wrestled in various other tag teams, however he attacked them as well. After continually attacking his parter's including Crazy Red (Team Red Dragon), Big Blue (Black and Blue), Kyle Evans (Extreme Experience), and P.J. Nightly (Blood Gangstas), UCW thought about banning him from the company, they banned him from tag team competition. He continually dominated and destroyed his opponents in vicious matches such as the "Hell's Cage Match" and "Ghetto Prison match", he was on the verge of getting fired due to the sadistic and dangerous beatings he gave his opponents, but the last straw was when he smashed a light tube across the UCW President's head. He was banned from UCW in early 2005.

Gojira Pro

He went on to the indy federation Gojira Pro. Ghetto Dragon had a successful singles run. Yoshihiro Kobashi previously ran a company called Pro Wrestling Honor, after he met John Jackson, he went on to form Gojira Pro with him. The company was owned by the two, Yoshihiro Kobashi and John Jackson. Shortly after Ghetto Dragon arrived, Kobashi said he didn't like the way Jackson was going with the company, so Yoshihiro broke off and re-formed Pro Wrestling Honor, which Ghetto Dragon followed.

Pro Wrestling Honor

After his short stint in Gojira Pro, Ghetto Dragon followed the split into PWH. And at the special "Back with a Bang" PPV event, Ghetto Dragon was scheduled to face off in the #1 contenders tournament. The show was however cancelled due to problems with some of the other competitors, and the next week it was announced that he was to face off in a four way title match. The next week, he faced Tyler Logan, DJ, and Drake Corbin for the PWH World Title. However as he went to execute his signature Slay the Dragon maneuver, Tyler Logan countered and won the match. The following week, Ghetto Dragon left PWH, due to issues with PWH owner, Yoshihiro Kobashi.

Intense Championship Wrestling


Making his debut in ICWF, Ghetto Dragon interfered in a match between Dexter Payne and "The Phoenix" Kyle Phillips, smashing a light tube across Phillips' head. The following MND, in a number one contenders battle royal, despite being attacked by a mystery giant, he went on to give an impressive showing in his ICWF in-ring debut. Then went on to feud with Jack Venus, wanting to earn respect from Venus. During the ICWF vs. IXWA feud, Ghetto Dragon of course sided with the ICWF. The following MND, he was in his mind, FORCED to be in a tag team match with Frostbite and Seth Brower against the IXWA team, Ghetto Dragon ended up making the cover in the end and winning the match. The next week at the "Birthday Bash" paperview he took part in the Birthday Bash Battle Royal which he won with the victory being very controversial. The following Thursday on the new and improved "Thursday Night Special", Ghetto Dragon faced off against Komodo Dragon in a match billed as "The Duel of the Dragons", the match ended with Ghetto Dragon hitting the Dragon Driver but time running out before the ref completed the three count. Shortly after, Aku Ma announced he would be coming for Adam Northstar's TV Title. The following Monday, on Monday Night Dynomite, Dragon suffered his first ICWF singles loss to the hands of Spade. On the next MND, Aku Ma came down to the ring after a match between Adam Northstar and Randy Acorn, at which point he told Northstar he was coming for his title. After which he made is way to Japan for a tour in Pro Wrestling FURY. Upon his return from his tourn in Japan's Pro Wrestling FURY, Aku Ma battled against Spooky Doom in a Satan's Cell qualifying match. Spooky was getting the upperhand, when Adam Northstar attacked Spooky Doom, disqualifying Aku Ma. In his next match he faced Jack Venus and came out on the losing end of the bout, as well as in his next match against Eraser. However on the next Monday Night Dynomite in the Last Chance Elimination Match, Kuma defeated Adam Flash, Phantom, and Randy Acorn, to become the last entrant in the Satan's Cell match at Six Feet Under.

American Championship Wrestling

Ghetto Dragon has won two matches thus far in ACW and is set to face Tobias Chapel Smith for his third match in the ACW independent promotion.


It was in Pro-Wrestling FURY that Ghetto Dragon got his debut in Japan. He had a very successful singles run on a tour. He is currently working on a contract with New Japan Pro-Wrestling

Wrestling Facts

  • Finishing Moves
  • Slay the Dragon (Shining Wizard from behind to the back of the head. Also to standing opponent)
  • Krush Driver/Kill Driver/Dragon Driver (Reverse Fisherman Driver. Also from second or top rope)
  • Time 2 Die (Fireman's Carry into European Uppercut)
  • Signature Moves
  • Kuma Kicks/Aku Ma Kicks (Kawada Kicks on Inverted opponent)
  • Kuma Clutch/Aku Ma Clutch (Reverse Kataha-jime Camel Clutch)
  • Bite of Kobra (Cobra Clutch Crossface with Body Scissors in ropes)
  • Hanging Kobra (Hanging Cobra Clutch Crossface on opponent in Tree of Woe)
  • Kobra's Venom (Cobra Clutch Crossface with Body Scissors on opponent caught between top and middle or middle and bottom ropes)
  • Detroit Deathlock II (Modified Texas Cloverleaf/Leg-Lace Boston Crab sitting on opponent's legs)
  • Barely Legal (Multiple submissions in the ropes with the submission being switched before the ref completes the five count)
  • Phoenix Splash (Corkscrew 450 Splash)
  • Liger Driver (Tiger Driver from second rope)
  • Twisting Dragon/Dragon Twister Elbow/Muta Twister (Twisting Elbow Drop)
  • Crypt Kick (Running-Arching Big Boot)
  • Touch the Sky (Springboard Busaiku Knee Kick)
  • Asai Krush/Asai Crush (Apron-to-Outside Springboard Enzuigiri)
  • Asai Krush #2 (Springboard Enzuigiri to opponent standing on apron)
  • Asai Krush #4 (Springboard Enzuigiri immediately after opponent springs off ropes)
  • Stiff Kick
  • Football Kick
  • Backflip Kick
  • European Uppercut
  • Mongolian Chop
  • Discus Kesagiri Chop
  • Open Hand Palm Thrust
  • Throat Spike
  • Tiger Suplex
  • Dragon Suplex
  • Saito Suplex
  • Various Gutbusters
  • Koji Clutch variations
  • Suicide Moonsault Plancha
  • Asian Mist
  • Quotes
  • Never wound...what you can't, kill
  • You shall fear...Kuma/Ghetto Dragon
  • I am Kuma, and I am...
  • My Kuma/Ghetto Dragon
  • I will show you why I am to be feared/respected
  • It is/It will be....Time to Die
  • Theme Music
Chasing the Dragon by iLL Bill feat. Necro 2005-2006 (as Ghetto Dragon)
Vato by Snoop Dogg feat. B Real of Cypress Hill 2007 (Early/as Ghetto Dragon)
The Way of the Bullet (Instrumental) by Starr Blazz 2007(Mid/as Ghetto Dragon)
Tribal Monster Music' (Current)


  • Ultimate Championship Wrestling
  • UCW Tag Team Champion (6x)
  • UCW Psycho-Division Champion (3x)


  • Ghetto Dragon 's favorite wrestlers are Low Ki, and KENTA and he uses various components from all of them
  • Ghetto Dragon is a First Degree Blackbelt in Taekwondo, and has studied Jiu-Jitsu and Judo
  • ICWF recently released a Kuma action figure, which has been a long time career goal for him
  • Jones has won numorous martial arts tournaments in real life
  • The name Kuma, means Bear in Japanese, which fits his brutal and strong style. It also comes from the word Akuma, which in Japanese means Demon, which also fits his style.

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