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Height 6'2"
Weight 220 lbs.
Date of birth December 25, 1982
Place of birth Phoenix, Arizona
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Resides Chicago, Illinois
Billed from Phoenix, Arizona
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Debut April 2001
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Phoenix born (December 25, 1982), is an American professional wrestler who previously wrestled for the Lock Wrestling Federation. He suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder and has two distinct personalities, a crusader of good known as The Hero and a ruthless and evil persona known as The Replica.


Phoenix is both the LWF's greatest hero and its greatest villain.

Lock Wrestling Federation



LWF began on April 9, 2001, with the Elite 8 Tournament. In his debut match as part of the first round, Phoenix defeated TMA. Later when Lock was unable to defeat Phoenix in the semifinal match, he attacked him with a chair and got himself disqualified. Lock called out Iceman immediately, and together they beat down Phoenix and Iceman pinned him to become the first LWF Champion.

Phoenix formed an alliance with TMA against Lock and his Regime. Lock manipulated events so that the two would face each other in a match to determine the first Cross-Hemisphere Champion, and after interference by lumberjacks at ringside, Phoenix won the match and the championship. He defended the title against Therion at Maul in the first ever Inferno Pit Match and was defeated, however after the match Phoenix earned his namesake by rising back out of the flames.

World Champion

The next month Phoenix faced Iceman for the World Title at Resurrection in a match that was a rematch of the initial championship match two months earlier, however this time it was in a Steel Cage Match. During the match, TMA betrayed Phoenix and tried to help Iceman win, but Badass Bob stopped him. Ultimately, Phoenix escaped the cage and won the championship.

While Phoenix defended the championship valiantly, including in a Gauntlet Match, the betrayal he felt prevented him from pledging his allegiance to a group of allies, The Revolution, and he initially refused to fight against his former friend, TMA. Lock and the Regime continued to try to manipulate him, but when Lock attempted to use Lexus against Phoenix, the honorable Therion wouldn't stand for it, and turned on the Regime to help Phoenix.

The new team of Fire and Brimstone teamed together at Lord of the Ring to defeated the Ghetto Boyz for the LWF Tag Team Championship, making Phoenix the first double champion in LWF. The LWF Title was not defended that night so that the Lord of the Ring Tournament could take center stage. Fire and Brimstone held the titles for two weeks before they were defeated by The Puppet Masters as part of a coup by Lock and the traitorous Robert Ooley.

At Revolution, Phoenix defended the World Title in a Triple Threat Match against both Iceman and TMA, and lost the title without being beaten when TMA pinned Iceman.

Fighting the Fallen

At Meltdown, Fear was considered the ultimate underdog in a match against Xecutioner, and Xecutioner brutalized Fear until Phoenix intervened and ultimately cost Xecutioner the match. An angry Xecutioner sent the debuting Flame Demon to attack Phoenix during Fire and Ice's tag title defense later in the evening, and kidnapped Lexus. The following night Xecutioner lowered a giant symbol from the rafters and threatened to sacrifice Lexus unless Phoenix willing took her place. He did so, but Lexus betrayed him and aligned herself with Xecutioner before Phoenix was indeed hung from the symbol. Lexus taunted Phoenix over the following weeks and it was her distracted that cost Fire and Ice the Tag Team Championship in a match against Team Future.

On September 3rd a historic match was held, as TMA was forced to defend both the World and Cross-Hemisphere Titles in successive falls against Crow, Phoenix, and Xecutioner. TMA would pin Crow to keep the Cross-Hemisphere Title, but Xecutioner shockingly won the World Title when he pinned Phoenix after Team Future interfered. Later that week Xecutioner would assemble a new faction in the ring, consisting of himself, Flame Demon, Team Future, and Lexus, and that it would be named The Fallen. This new group existed for destruction, with Phoenix as their main target. Phoenix would convince Therion to come out of retirement to aid him, but Therion betrayed him to join the group as well. Phoenix managed to defeat each of Xecutioner's followers individually, but the group would always overwhelm him.

At Vengeance, Phoenix faced Xecutioner for the championship in an Inferno Pit Match. The rest of The Fallen attempted to intervene, but it was now revealed that after months of being himself manipulated, Phoenix had turned the tables, as Therion was on his side all along and evened the odds. Phoenix was able to knock Xecutioner into the pit, and became the first 2-Time World Champion in LWF history.

The Second Reign

TMA quickly demanded an opportunity at the championship he had himself never be beaten for, which he had ironically won from Phoenix in a match that Phoenix himself was not beaten in. At Day of Reckoning, the two finally had their confronation with the title on the line, at Phoenix successfully defended the championship.

Over the next month, Phoenix was a fighting champion, defending the title against Crow, TMA and Psiko, Crow again, and Flame Demon. At The Outlast Tournament, he overcame the entire federation and defended his championship.

However, on November 26th, in what was expected to be a routine defense, CoolJ pulled off a shocking upset and defeated Phoenix for the title after Iceman betrayed Phoenix. Phoenix would be able to get a measure of revenge against Iceman when he defeated him at Betrayal in a Cage Match.


Climbing Back To The Top

Lock had no intentions of allowing Phoenix a chance to win back the championship from CoolJ, leaving Phoenix only one viable option: winning the Massive Melee. Phoenix entered at #16, and the match came down to Phoenix against his nemesis, Xecutioner, who had already eliminated five people. Ultimately, Phoenix was able to eliminate Xecutioner and earned a shot against the champion in the main event of Lockmania.

However, with that event still two months away, Phoenix took some time to help a friend, his protege, Psiko, who was trying to win the Tag Titles from the Demonic Phenomenon. At Maximum Carnage, Phoenix and Psiko challenged for the titles in an Earthquake Match, but ultimately came up short.

Finally, after four months of waiting, Phoenix got his rematch against CoolJ at Lockmania. It at one point appeared that CoolJ had won the match and kept his title, but the referee reversed his decision, and in the restarted match Phoenix was able to hit Rise No More and win back the title on the grand stage for his third reign as champion.

It would not last long, as one month later at Maul, Lock forced Phoenix to defend the championship in a Six Pack Challenge against Arelas, CoolJ, Crow, Psiko, and Xecutioner. Lock himself served as referee, and fast counted a pin while Crow was pinning Phoenix, stealing away the championship from Phoenix, who in three reigns had yet to be cleanly defeated for the championship.


Arelas needed a partner in his struggle against The Puppet Masters, and Phoenix stepped up to the plate. At Resurrection, the two teamed to face the Puppet Masters with the vacant Tag Titles on the line, but Xecutioner interfered an again hung Phoenix above the ring from his symbol. Later during the main event, a Hell in a Cell Match between Crow and Psiko, Xecutioner cut the supports and the symbol fell through the roof of the cage. The injuries Phoenix suffered to his back from the fall would plague him the rest of his career.

Lock declared himself the best technical wrestler the world had ever seen and awarded himself the new LWF Technical Championship, which could only be won and lost by submission. Phoenix quickly defeated him for the championship, and was forced to defend it against Xecutioner at Lord of the Ring, putting up the new championship against Xecutioner's Havok Title. The match ended when Xecutioner had Phoenix in the Walls of Purgatory and Lock called for the bell, in spite of the fact that Phoenix had never actually tapped out.

Defending the Federation

The Empire Wrestling Federation invaded LWF in July, and several members of LWF defected to the invading faction, included Nightmare, who subsequently won the Cross-Hemisphere Title. At Revolution, Phoenix got the night off to a strong start for LWF, when he defeated Nightmare and won back the championship for LWF.

Several members of the EWF faction remained after the group was run out, including the traitorous Nightmare. At Meltdown, Phoenix defended the Cross-Hemisphere Title against both Nightmare and Crow in a Triple Threat Match, and won when he again pinned Nightmare for the second month in a row.

Birth of the Replica

On September 22, 2002, at the Vengeance Pay-Per-View, Phoenix defended the Cross-Hemisphere Title against Crow in a Cage Match. Phoenix was surprisingly brutal in the match, and it ended when Phoenix threw Crow through the wall of the cage, inadvertently giving Crow the victory. Later that night, all of LWF was shocked when Phoenix interferred in the LWF Title Match between LWF Champion Arelas and Robert Ooley. Phoenix, until that time the top face in the company, shockingly turned heel and helped Ooley become LWF Champion. After the match, Phoenix kicked down Arelas with his foot and raised Ooley's arm as the new champion.

The next night on Warzone Phoenix told the crowd that he was tired of being their puppet and that it was time to reinflict all of his past suffering onto others. The Replica had come, and it was time for the darkness to burn LWF to ashes. Lock with open arms welcomed Phoenix into the Regime, but Phoenix ignored him, and did not come to the aid of the Puppet Masters later that night when they lost a tag team match to Arelas and Psiko. Later that week on Lockdown, Phoenix annihilated Fear and pinned him following his new finisher, Rise and Fall. After the match, Phoenix beat down Fear with a steel chair. Alan Fernandez tried to make the save with the Mallet of Doom, but Crow attacked him from behind with a barbwire 2x4 before he could make it to the ring.

September 30 on Warzone, the Metal Militia defeated Freak Show Central to win the tag titles. CoolJ and Flame Demon attacked the Militia after the match, but Phoenix made his entrance and laid out CoolJ with Rise and Fall, while Crow came out of the crowd and attacked Flame Demon. Later that week on Lockdown, CoolJ and Flame Demon got a small measure of revenge when Flame Demon pinned Crow to win a tag match against the Birds of Prey, but after the match Phoenix single-handedly laid out both men again. On the October 10 episode of Lockdown, the Birds of Prey interfered in a Tag Title Match between the Metal Militia and CoolJ and Flame Demon. The match ended in disqualification when Phoenix attacked the challengers, and after the match the Birds of Prey laid out the champions as well.

Days before the Day of Reckoning Pay-Per-View, the Birds of Prey defeated Psiko and Fear after Phoenix pinned Psiko using Psiko's Havok Title belt. At Day of Reckoning Phoenix faced Psiko with the Havok Title on the line. During the match, Phoenix put Psiko through the announcer's table with Rise and Fall. Later in the match, Psiko used a shard of the broken table to cut Phoenix's face, but Phoenix was still able to hit Rise and Fall for the victory and the title. After the match, Phoenix allowed his own blood to drip over the fallen former champion.

Formation of the Following

The following night on Warzone, Arelas and Lock met in the ring to finally put aside their differences once and for all. As Lock admitted his defeat and offered Arelas peace, Phoenix ascended from the stage and entered the ring. Phoenix laid out Lock with Rise and Fall and told him that the Regime was over. After a second Rise and Fall, Robert Ooley and Iceman rushed the ring to come to their leader's aid, but when given a choice of a new allegiance or their own destruction, Ooley and Iceman attacked Arelas. Psiko tried to make the save along with Emperor and Ruff Rabbi, but Crow was lying in wait, and the would be saviours were themselves beaten down. Phoenix ended the night by proclaiming his own ascension.

On the October 28 edition of Warzone, The Following faced Arelas, Psiko, Emperor, and Ruff Rabbi in an eight man tag team match. Lock returned and helped Ruff Rabbi pin Iceman, but Phoenix again laid him out after the match. Later that week Lock was scheduled to face the entire Following in a Gauntlet Match, but lost the first match to Iceman. The next week, Phoenix retained the Havok Title against Lock, crushing him once again. On Lockdown Arelas and Lock teamed together to face Fire and Ice, but Lock turned on his partner, and after Phoenix pinned Arelas, Lock pledged his own allegiance to Phoenix and the Following.

As Outlast approached, Phoenix warned Ooley that he was on his own when it came to defending the LWF Title, and that when Phoenix came for the title, it was his. At Outlast the Following (minus Ooley, who would defend the LWF Title later in the night) faced the team of Arelas, Psiko, Emperor, and Ruff Rabbi in an Outlast Match. The first elimination came when Psiko was counted-out after Phoenix drove him through the Spanish announce table with Rise and Fall, inflicted an injury that kept Psiko out of action for months. The match came down to Phoenix against Ruff Rabbi in what looked to be a mis-match, but Arelas returned to the ring and hit both the Eternal Slam and Angel Wings on Phoenix, and Ruff Rabbi pinned him with the Fate of Gamorah. In the main event, Ooley lost the title to Alan Fernandez.

The night after Outlast began with Iceman getting himself disqualified in a match against Ruff Rabbi. Arelas attacked Iceman after the match, prompting the ascenscion of the Replica to the stage, but Arelas tackled Phoenix back into his own flames, and both men needed to be rushed to the hospital. Fire and Ice would defeat Arelas and Ruff Rabbi later that week in a tag match when Phoenix pinned Ruff Rabbi. The next week on Warzone, a Fatal Fourway would be held to determine the new #1 contender, with Arelas, Phoenix, Ruff Rabbi, and Triple M. Arelas won the match after he pinned Ruff Rabbi.

A Change in Followers

On December 2, Fire and Ice challenged Nightmare and Big Pimpin for the Tag Team Championship, but the Puppet Masters interfered and attacked Phoenix. Lock proclaimed that the Regime lived again, but the Metal Militia ran down and laid out the Puppet Masters. Phoenix told Lock that his new Regime would fall at the feet of his Following. Later that week Phoenix pinned Arelas after his new follower Triple M interfered and attacked Arelas with a chair. Six days before the Betrayal Pay-Per-View, the Following (Phoenix, Iceman, Triple M, Xecutioner) won an 8-man tag against the Puppet Masters, CoolJ, and Ruff Rabbi. On Lockdown that week, Fire and Ice defeated Nightmare and Big Pimpin to win the Tag Titles when Phoenix pinned Big Pimpin.

At Betrayal, Fire and Ice defended the Tag Titles against the Puppet Masters. In the main event, Triple M lost the Technical Title to Arelas in the first fall of a two fall triple threat match. Phoenix ascended to the stage and watched the second fall without expression, as Alan retained the LWF Title.

The Road to Lockmania

The night after Betrayal, Phoenix interrupted the Talk of the Town's celebration, indicating that the LWF Title was his next target. Triple M confronted Phoenix, upset that Phoenix didn't help him the previous night, but Phoenix told him to keep his place and prove himself. Later that week on Lockdown, Triple M did just that, pinning Fear to win the People's Title. On the December 30th edition of Warzone, Triple M defended the People's Title against Flame Demon, and Xecutioner interfered and attacked Flame Demon, causing a disqualification. Triple M and Xecutioner celebrated after the match, when suddenly Triple M attacked Xecutioner and he and Flame Demon beat him down together. Phoenix ascended to the stage and came to the ring, and told Xecutioner that he was the weak link, and that he had never truly accepted his former nemesis into his Following. Under Phoenix's direction, the beatdown continued, and Xecutioner was left lying in the ring. Later that night, in the final match of the year, Iceman challenged Alan Fernandez for the LWF Title. Phoenix distracted the referee during the match, allowing Iceman to hit the Talk of the Town with his own Mallet of Doom and busting him open, but the Innovator of Offense was able to overcome it and with his own blood running down his face hit Human Wreckage to win the match and retain the title. The aftermath of the match dissolved into a melee as Xecutioner attacked Phoenix, Triple M and Flame Demon came to help only to be taken out by Ruff Rabbi, Phoenix hit Rise and Fall on Ruff Rabbi, and turned around into Human Wreckage from the champion to close out 2002.


After an 8-man tag in which The Following faced off against Freak Show Central, CoolJ, and Xecutioner, in which Xecutioner pinned Flame Demon, a frustrated Phoenix demanded a LWF Title match at Massive Melee, and Commissioner Ooley came out and announced that Phoenix would get his shot, but would have to put his own Havok Title and Tag Titles on the line as well, as Fire and Ice would face Freak Show Central in a Title versus Titles match. On Warzone, Alan Fernandez used the Replica entrance himself, and told the crowd that despite being apparently unstoppable, Phoenix was just a man, and that his legend would die at the Melee. As Alan headed backstage, the Replica entrance restarted, and Alan fell into the hole. Phoenix ascended to the stage for real, with a bleeding Talk of the Town at his feet.

At the Massive Melee, Phoenix pinned the Talk of the Town and became the LWF Champion, and now held four titles all at the same time (World, Tag, Havok, and Technical). Later that night, Arelas won the Massive Melee Match, seemingly setting the long time rivals on course to finally have a singles match on the grand stage at Lockmania, but Alan Fernandez promised to make life hell for both men.

The Talk of the Town made good on his vow, and on an episode of Warzone attacked Arelas and laid him out. Alan prepared to address Arelas and the crowd afterwards, but Phoenix ascended to the stage and cut him off. Phoenix told Alan that his words were empty, and that he would finish the Talk of the Town off once and for all at Maximum Carnage. Ten days before they would battle over the LWF Title, Phoenix was scheduled to defend the Havok Title against the Innovator of Offense, but Alan instead introduced a replacement challenger, as Lock returned from an absence and after Alan hit Phoenix with the Mallet of Doom followed by Human Wreckage, he draped Lock over Phoenix for the victory, taking away one of Phoenix's three titles.

At Maximum Carnage, the Talk of the Town won back the LWF Title in controversial fashion in an Inferno Pit Match, as both men fell into the pit and it was ruled that Phoenix fell in first. Phoenix protested the decision, claiming that as the inventor of the match, he knew the rules best, and that he should have been ruled the winner instead. Lock agreed to the logic in part, but refused to change the result, instead compromising that the main event of Lockmania would become a Triple Threat Match.

On an episode of Lockdown Fire and Ice defended the Tag Titles against Lock and Emperor. Arelas promised to keep Alan Fernandez away from the match, and when the Talk came to interfere Arelas tried to stop him, but missed with his superkick and hit Phoenix instead, allowing Emperor to pin him for the victory. The entire Following encircled Arelas backstage and beat him down, ending their temporary alliance. The next week on Warzone Arelas faced the entire Following in a 5-on-1 handicap match, and was beaten badly.

At Lockmania, Phoenix battled Arelas and defending champion Alan Fernandez for the LWF Title, but Arelas pinned the Talk of the Town to win the championship.

Fall of the Replica

The night after Lockmania, Phoenix said that the weak link would be eliminated from the Following, and turned on Ruff Rabbi as the group beat him down. At Maul, Phoenix challenged CoolJ for the Technical Title. The match ended when CoolJ reversed the pressure off a Figure Four and trapped Phoenix in the JMission, and Phoenix tapped out. After the match, Phoenix snapped and drove CoolJ through the announcer's table. He then dragged him through the shards and drove his bleeding body through the Spanish announcer's table as well. The next night as CoolJ was lying in a hospital bed, a cloaked figure stood by him and promised it would never happen again.

Triple M began to see himself as the true leader of The Following, comparing his recent successes to Phoenix's shortcomings. Triple M targeted Arelas and the LWF Title himself. Triple M had to defend both of his titles in a two fall triple threat against Xecutioner and Diablo, and after Xecutioner pinned Diablo to win the People's Title, Phoenix interfered and attacked Xecutioner, and in the chaos Diablo used a school boy pin to win the Cross-Hemisphere Title, pinning Triple M. Backstage later in the night, Phoenix encouraged Triple M to set his sights higher.

Phoenix began to suffer a serious of increasingly debilitating headaches. This would come to a head at Resurrection, as he collapsed during a match against Xecutioner for the People's Title, and Xecutioner pinned Phoenix with the Demanufacturer. After the match Triple M started to berate Phoenix for the loss, questioning his leadership of the Following, but softened and showed genuine concern once he realized something was actually wrong. Phoenix brushed aside his concerns and instructed Iceman and Flame Demon to ensure Triple M won the LWF Title later that night.

In the main event, Triple M faced CoolJ, Emperor, Lock, Robert Ooley, and defending champion Arelas in a King of the Hill Match for the LWF Title. In the closing minutes of the match, Iceman and Flame Demon ran down to help Triple M, but the lights went out in the arena and Phoenix rose to the stage, using new music and his original entrance theatrics. He took out Iceman and Flame Demon and hurled Triple M into the crowd, preventing him from winning the match, which Emperor would go on to win and become LWF Champion.

It was soon revealed that Phoenix suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder and that the Replica was an alternate personality that had taken control. Back in control of himself, Phoenix sought to undo the damage his other self had done, and the Following was dissolved.

Seeking Redemption

Phoenix sought to undo the damage he had caused as the Replica, but one of the first things he did was have the match that the fans of LWF had been waiting for years to see: a one on one match between himself and Arelas, and it happened as the first match of the Lord of the Ring Tournament. After one of the hardest matches either man had every fought, Arelas pinned Phoenix with a roll-up.

Phoenix made it his goal to prevent Metalhead Matt Marauder, the protege of the Replica, from fulfilling the mission the Replica had laid out for him: winning the LWF World Championship. Similarly, Triple M wanted to destroy the man he felt had betrayed him. Both men challenged Emperor for the LWF Championship in a Triple Threat match at Revolution, but the match ended when Lock announced the purchase of UWF and laid out all three men.

With injuries the back injury suffered over a year earlier at the hands of Xecutioner beginning to cause problems again, Phoenix had his comfrontation with Triple M at Meltdown, in an "I Quit" Match. Triple M took advantage of Phoenix's injuries and brutalized him, but it was the referee that stopped the match when Phoenix refused to state the words "I Quit" in spite of the severity of his injuries. After the match, Triple M was devastated by his inability to make the legend give up. Weeks later a recovered Phoenix would defeat Triple M to win the vacant LWF People's Championship, which he would successfully defend against Lock at Vengeance.

Phoenix became the next target of the manipulative mastermind Fear, but in a counter to the mindgames of the Cross-Hemisphere Champion, Phoenix challenged him to the innovative Hall of Mirrors Match. However, despite creating the match, it was Fear who made it his own, and defeated Phoenix in the match at Day of Reckoning after hurling him through a mirror to escape the maze.

At Betrayal, Phoenix became a 2-Time Technical Champion when he defeated Nomad to win the title.



Phoenix's issues with Emperor began in the 2004 Massive Melee after Emperor eliminated Phoenix. The two met in a match at Maximum Carnage in which Phoenix's LWF Technical Championship and Emperor's LWF Imperial Championship were both on the line, and Phoenix won the Imperial Title when Emperor passed out while trapped in Dust to Dust.

After Emperor caused Phoenix to lose the Technical Title back to Nomad, they met with the Imperial Title once again on the line at Lockmania III in a Last Man Standing Match. During the match, a masked man, later revealed to be Psiko, DDTed Phoenix onto a chair and propped Emperor up in a corner, allowing Emperor to win back his championship.


Phoenix set his sights on the traitorous Psiko and his newly won LWF World Championship. Phoenix was one of five challengers for the title at Maul in a King of the Hill Match, and Phoenix lost when Lock pulled him out of the ring with three seconds remaining.

Phoenix challenged Psiko one on one for the championship at his namesake Pay-Per-View, Resurrection, but Lock interfered and attacked him along with fellow Regime members Dr. K and JJ Massacre, giving Phoenix the win by disqualification but allowing Psiko to retain the championship.

Phoenix received his third consecutive PPV title shot at Lord of the Ring, this time in a Fatal Fourway in which Psiko was also defending against Emperor and Triple M, who earlier in the night won the right to enter the match by defeating Fear. Ultimately, it was Triple M that walked away with the championship, pinning Psiko.

At Revolution, the feud between Phoenix and Psiko came to a head in an Inferno Pit Match. Phoenix dominated the match, but as he went to finally superkick Psiko into the pit, the exhausted Psiko collapsed, and Phoenix tripped over him and fell into the pit.

Phoenix and Psiko met on Pay-Per-View for the fifth consecutive month at Meltdown in an Elimination Chamber in which Triple M was defending the LWF World Championship against them along with Emperor, Fear, and Red Fusion. In a shocking upset, Psiko pinned Phoenix with the Psikotik to make him the first person eliminated from the match, and the confidence from doing so was all Psiko needed to go forward and win the match and the championship.

Staying the Course

At Vengeance Phoenix and Fear participated in a Triple Threat Match with the Cross-Hemisphere Champion, Dr. K, but it was Phoenix that Dr. K pinned to retain the championship.

At Day of Reckoning, Phoenix defeated his long time rival, CoolJ.

Phoenix overcame an early disadvantage in the Outlast Tournament and defeated nearly the entire opposing team in the first round to advance to the main event, but Phoenix proved to ultimately be the final person eliminated, as Ruff Rabbi retained the LWF World Championship.

At Betrayal, Phoenix participated in a Battle Royal for the vacant LWF Imperial Championship.


At the Massive Melee, Phoenix faced Triple M in a match with the stipulation that the loser had to enter the Melee at #1. Phoenix won the match, and later that night eliminated Triple M from the Melee itself as well, causing Triple M to snap and assault the entire ring with a chair, which allowed Lone Wolf to eliminate Phoenix.

At Maximum Carnage, Phoenix once more faced his former friend and now bitter rival, Psiko, and this time Phoenix walked away with the victory that had eluded him throughout 2004. Phoenix was scheduled to face Triple M in an Inferno Pit Match at The Lockmania That Never Was, with the winner facing the LWF Champion in the main event, but LWF closed before that event took place.


When LWF reopened in December 2007, Phoenix was nowhere to be found. However, when Triple M began playing a series of interviews of former stars sharing their thoughts on his career, it was inevitable that he would eventually get to his greatest rival. On January 28th, his video interview with Phoenix ended with Phoenix looking at the camera and telling him "this fire burns" and then appearing in the arena. However, Lock quickly announced that Phoenix was not under contract and would not be signed to one.

During Lockmania IV, Phoenix appeared live via satellite, apologizing for not being present at the event and announcing that due to the fraility of his mental condition and the risks of a return to the ring, he was officially retired. However, the following month at Maul, he showed up during the main event and caused Triple M to lose the LWF World Championship to Arelas.

Phoenix challenged Triple M to what he said would be his final match: a Last Man Standing Match at Resurrection. The match, however, would end in a draw. Phoenix re-challenged Triple M, but Triple M would only accept on the condition that Phoenix made a full-time return, terms to which Phoenix reluctantly accepted.

In Wrestling


  • Rise No More - An inverted suplex into a stunner (Used by The Hero)
  • Fiery Downfall - A flip piledriver (Used by The Replica)
  • Rise and Fall - A high impact spinebuster (Used by The Replica)

Signature Moves

  • Ashes to Ashes - Diving Headbutt
  • Dust to Dust - Sharpshooter
  • Split-Legged Moonsault

General Moves

  • Neckbreaker
  • Enziguri
  • Spear
  • Superkick
  • Tornado DDT
  • A variety of suplexes

Theme Music

  • "Hero" by Sliver (Current Theme)
  • "Torn" by Disturbed
  • "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage
  • "Rise" by Disturbed
  • "Replica" by Fear Factory (The Replica's Theme)
  • "Phoenix" by Breaking Point
  • "Machinehead" by Bush (First Theme)

Championships and Accomplishments

Lock Wrestling Federation

  • 6-Time LWF World Champion
  • 2-Time LWF Cross-Hemisphere Champion
  • 4-Time LWF Tag Team Champion
  • 1-Time LWF Imperial Champion
  • 1-Time LWF People's Champion
  • 1-Time LWF Havok Champion
  • 2-Time LWF Technical Champion
  • 2001 Outlast Champion
  • 2002 Massive Melee Winner
  • 2009 Massive Melee Winner
  • First Triple Crown Champion
  • Third Grand Slam Champion

Championship Succession

Lock Wrestling Federation
LWF World Championship
Preceded by:
May 20, 2001 - July 22, 2001
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
September 23, 2001 - November 26, 2001
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
March 17, 2002 - April 21, 2002
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Alan Fernandez
January 19, 2003 - February 23, 2003
Succeeded by:
Alan Fernandez
Preceded by:
March 22, 2009 - March 22, 2009
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Donovan Hastings
December 13, 2009 - January 24, 2010
Succeeded by:
Triple M
LWF Cross-Hemisphere Championship
Preceded by:
April 19, 2001 - April 29, 2001
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
July 21, 2002 - September 22, 2002
Succeeded by:
LWF Tag Team Championship
Preceded by:
The Ghetto Boyz
First (w/ Therion)
June 21, 2001 - July 7, 2001
Succeeded by:
The Puppet Masters
Preceded by:
Valoria Brothers
Second (w/ Iceman)
August 9, 2001 - August 30, 2001
Succeeded by:
Team Future
Preceded by:
Nightmare and Pimpin
Third (w/ Iceman)
December 12, 2002 - March 13, 2002
Succeeded by:
Lock and Emperor
Preceded by:
Creative Control
Fourth (w/ Triple M)
September 21, 2008 - November 10, 2008
Succeeded by:
The New Blood
LWF Imperial Championship
Preceded by:
February 15, 2004 - March 14, 2004
Succeeded by:
LWF People's Championship
Preceded by:
September 8, 2003 - September 22, 2003
Succeeded by:
Red Fusion
LWF Havok Championship
Preceded by:
October 20, 2002 - February 13, 2003
Succeeded by:
LWF Technical Championship
Preceded by:
June 3, 2002 - June 23, 2002
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
December 14, 2002 - February 26, 2003
Succeeded by:
Massive Melee Winner
Preceded by:
2002 Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
2009 Succeeded by:
Outlast Champion
Preceded by:
2001 Succeeded by:
Alan Fernandez

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