Piccie Smalls
[[Image:|px|Image of Piccie Smalls]]
Real name Unknown
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Height 6ft 4"
Weight 255lbs
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Resides Anywhere there is booze
Billed from The Land of Crunk
Trainer PWA Power Plant
Pojo Wrestling Alliance (2006-Present)
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Debut January 2006 (PWA)
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The Notorious PIC aka Piccie Smalls is actually just a drunken college student who was convinced at a party (after many, many drinks) he's really the famous rapper the Notorious BIG. Ironically, he's never performed a rap which makes it even more obvious that he's just a drunk.Wrestling talent can be ify at times if too intoxicated, but he knows a lot of moves from watching wrestling on TV since he was a little kid and he has had some training since arriving at PWA. Initially he had none but since PWA couldn't drive him away, they decided to train him some so he wouldn't kill anyone in the ring. He's drunk all the time, sometimes too much and his in ring ability may be sloppy when he gets that way. He has bought some instructional videos so he's not to be taken lightly. Like all drunks, he becomes a brawler if pissed off, ready to fight anyone or anything and can often deliver some lethal blows. Much to everyone's surprise, Piccie Smalls' success took off like a rocket in PWA with Smalls winning every major title in his weight class in a little over a year and a half, including the World Heavyweight Title, which he earned the shot at by winning the prestigious Three Hours of Power tournament. Ultimately, Piccie Smalls was suspended by PWA for excessive substance abuse. His partying had become too much to stand and affected his in ring performances. For example, while World Champion, Smalls used his fame to get into many Hollywood parties instead of focusing on wrestling, which contributed to his losing the World Title to Triple 6. Once Smalls was suspended, he was forced to go to rehab. It was during this time that Smalls announced his retirement from professional wrestling. While it was a short lived career, Piccie Smalls is famous for being the fastest rising star in PWA history; a super nova that exploded on to the scene and was gone just ask quick.

Several months after his retirement from the ring, The Notorious PIC made his return to PWA...but this time as Commissioner. Desperate for management help, PWA Owner Vegeta was forced to turn to his longtime friend for help. It was a questionable move considering Smalls' past as a drunk, but Smalls convinced Vegeta that he was completely sober and capable of doing the job. While Smalls has done a good job as acting commissioner, suspicions are the Smalls is still drinking, often while on the job.


Finishing moves

  • "The Hangover" (Asai DDT)
  • "DWI (Diving While Intoxicated)" -Leg drop off the top rope

Trademark moves

  • "The Kegstand" (tree of woe)
  • "Crunk Up"-exactly like Hulk Hogan's Hulk Up but it takes place after

Smalls drinks his Crunk Juice mid match.

Championships and accomplishments

  • 1-time PWA World Heavyweight Champion
  • 1-time PWA Intercontinental Champion
  • 1-time PWA European Champion
  • 1-time PWA Tag Team Champion
  • 2-time PWA Hardcore Champion
  • 2007 Three Hours of Power Winner
  • Career record at retirement: 34-10-1

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