Metallic Dragon and American Warrior form Pig Vomit. Currently not employed because the handler wishes to retire and they aren't welcomed in a lot of places, Pig Vomit have made appearances in the DWF, EWW, XWWA, AWE, WCXF and more.

Formed in the late 1999, Pig Vomit was originally a face in a small indy promotion with their half brother "The Raven" (now Chris Cobain). At the time Metallic Dragon and American Warrior were known as Z-Lo Killer and X-Calibar. When the promotion folded, The Raven vanished and The Dark Era went their separate ways. Then came the DWF, Dragon was supposed to be a singles wrestler but American Warrior couldn't help but jump into the action. They won the tag team titles, then lost it to the Re-Virus and the fallowing month regained it. They joined the Re-Virus to feud with Zeek Williams and Reese Benson. That is when they brought in their manager Bozo the Gay clown, the promotion folded. They visited many promotions, EWW, AWE, XWWA, capturing all the tag titles when they showed. They lived up to their names by dumping animal vomit over their oppeants.

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