[[Image:|px|Image of Pillage]]
Real name Unknown
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Height 6'7
Weight 216 lbs.
Date of birth Unknown
Place of birth African Rain Forests
Date of death None
Place of death None
Resides Montgomery, TX
Billed from
Trainer Self
Global Wrestling Coalition, KFWF/AWPW, Pro Action Wrestling, The Pure Wrestling Project
Handled by
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Debut 2007
Retired {{{retired}}}

Pillage Is still a rookie to the Wrestling scene, but is quickly doing well since his Debut in Global Wrestling Coalition. After his debut on AWPW's AWPW: Viva la Glory, Pillage moved up to KFWF, only to lose his debut match vs. Jake 'The Badass' Storm. He is still awaiting a debut from Feds such as: Pro Action Wrestling, The Pure Wrestling Project. He had a small, successful run in CNW/K.O.R.E., but the two Federations were quickly closed and he prefers not to speak of it.

Personal Info

Early life

Not much is known of Pillage. He spent most of his youth fending for himself by hunting and killing many animals in the Rain Forests of Africa. He was moved to Montgomery, Texas when a group of Poachers found him skinning a dead tiger. He now uses that Tiger skin as his wrestling garment. While in Texas, he was quickly exposed to Television Wrestling, and he almost immediately took to practicing moves on some other wrestling fans he knew. He took to dominating small Backyard Wrestling federations, which is where he developed his HardCore but Technical move set. He went to a Wrestling school in Houston, Texas, of which he quickly graduated, and was ushered onto a waiting list for his current federations.

Wrestling career


Pillage was quickly dispersed of in Feds such as CNW/K.O.R.E., but he did get his start in those federations. He quickly went from there to the Global Wrestling Coalition, in which after Two successful matches, he is looking for a title contension spot in the next few weeks. He is currently in a feud with Skyler Striker.

GWC Match History

Record (Wins-Losses-Draws): 4-1-0

1. Win by pin v. Vander Cage v. Reckless Jack v. Jester Juggalo v. JT Stone [2/14/07]

2. Win by pin v. Eric Kennedy v. Ryder [2/21/07]

3. Loss by pin T-Money/DJ/Pillage v. Skyler Striker/Ba Monk/Jamal Carter [3/5/07]

4. Win by pin v. Skyler Striker [3/12/07]

5. Win by pin v. Ryder v. Phantom [3/21/07]


KFWF Match History

Record (Wins-Losses-Draws): 1-1-0

1. Loss by pin v. Jake 'The Badass' Storm [3/10/07]

2. Win by pin v. Jester Joe [3/17/07]

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