The Pit of Decimation is an brutal, hardcore, yet intricate and multi-layered singles match made up by Joshua Gytrike. Only two have ever officially occurred, between Joshua Gytrike and Ghalleon at the Apocalypse pay-per-view in the Wrestling Online Federation, and at the Patriot Games pay-per-view in Full Throttle Wrestling Online, between Gytrike and Rick Dushae.


The Pit of Decimation match has four parts to it.

The first part is a no holds barred, hardcore competition where the ropes and turnbuckles of the ring are temporarily removed (via mechanical assistance), and the floor of the area outside the ring is littered with various weapons for seven minutes. During this time, no pinfalls or submissions are counted.

After a timer reaches the seven minute mark, the apron area of the ring begins to shoot flames around the ring area, leaving the competitors inside it with nothing but them and any weapons left in the ring at that time. During this portion of the match, the weapons surrounding the ring are removed. This section lasts five minutes. During it, only submissions are counted by a referee placed on the outside of the ring.

When the timer of the match finishes this period, if it is necessary, the flames disappear and the turnbuckles rise from their hidden positions, only instead of having actual ring ropes, they are lined with barbed wire. This portion of the Pit of Decimation also lasts three minutes. During this time, only pinfalls are counted.

If the match lasts after these three portions without a victor, than the timer is stopped, and the turnbuckles and barbed wire are sent back to their starting positions. After this, the area outside the ring has hundreds of two-inch long metal spikes raised up from under the floor. The match then proceeds until one of the competitors scores a three-count or makes his opponent tap out. Throwing the opponent, or otherwise, onto the spikes is legal.

Ghalleon/Gytrike Match

In the only official Pit of Decimation match to take place, creator Joshua Gytrike took on Ghalleon. The match proved to be a very brutal one indeed, as the two fought hard, each receiving burns, cuts, and falls onto the outside spiked area. In the end, Gytrike got the pinfall over Ghalleon.

Gytrike/Dushae Match

In the second ever POD match, Gytrike found himself against former Formation partner Rick Dushae. The match did not disappoint to back-up its gory reputation, and said match lasted twenty minutes, each man doing plenty of damage in that time. But late into the match, after Dushae attacked Gytrike with a machete, Dushae was bumped off the ring and onto the spikes, before being hit with Gytrike's finisher, leaving Gytrike the winner.

The match has yet to be used since, and Gytrike remains undefeated in it.

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