Name: Plasma Cutter Appearance:Black tights, no shirt w/a few scars on his body.. wears a mask with a white face and some red flames on the side of the mask.

History:Came from what people would say HELL ITSELF.Not much background on him..It is rumored he is crazier then someone possessed. He loves pain and loves to make people feel it.The funny thing is people actually like him and think he is a nice person..

Plasma Cutter joined the Shootclub Online Wrestling Game in November 2003, He's been in the following leagues...

Shootcamp Wrestling

Wrestling Association of Mexico

Golden State Wrestling

Outback Wrestling League

Empire State Wrestling

Lonestar Wrestling

Atomic Wrestling Association

LIFE AFTER SCW Cutter went off to WAM with intentions of picking up where he left off. Cutter was going to deal out punishment to all those who get in his way including his long time rival ...HELLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hellion and Cutter go back to SCW days and it was a long fought rivalry between to great stables...The Title Takers and The Spawn...although it was kinda short lived and really never ended..

Surprising to all Cutter has joined THE SPAWN in search of Gold and respect.WAM treated Cutter like he didn't belong and made him out to be something he wasn't.

Cutter moved on to GSW where he found his place in a stable called Crisis Intervention L.A. he isn't leading the stable but his influence and experience should help make them the best stable to enter GSW.After a few months in L.A. Plasma Cutter signed a contract with WAM. Unaware of them moving to Tijuana, Mexico Cutter and Home Less ruled the scene as they both went on to become WAM Heavyweight Champion. They had some short feuds with Scary-Assed Clown and the Dementia Coalition which featured the new talent of Soul Breaker/Hedgehog and "Demented" Rob Davies. Cutter lasted only a month in WAM before getting promoted by BAD BAD HEARTWORM the leader of Crisis Intervention Franchise.

Cutter and Home Less than teamed up with Caribou to win one of the biggest matches of their careers and won a contract to ESW. Upon arriving in ESW Plasma Cutter had his sights set on the Brooklyn Street Championship. However Johnny Black the ESW Promoter's Stable Black Terror currently holds that title.. Cutter has made enemies fast with the promoter and now he is in the newest and probably hardest struggle in his wreslting Career. He has to face the entire Black Terror stable to become the #1 Contender for the Brooklyn Street Championship.

Johnny Black has been fired and now Swerve has taken over. Will this new Promoter give Plasma Cutter what he deserves? Or will he make the biggest mistake of his life? Cutter has his eyes set on the Kyle Bain and will stop at nothing to destroy him. Bain is responsible for putting Cutter's Partner Home Less out of action.Bain will Pay for it.. One way or another.

A surprising thing happened leaving Plasma Cutter laying in the ring.. Widowmaker Turned on him and Crisis Intervention causing Cutter to leave ESW and head off to OWL.

Once Cutter arrived in OWL he teamed up with Leader of C.I. Bad Bad Heartworm to form the team Satan's Bad Bad Torch.. They reigned over the top of OWL in their very first month with Cutter winning the SWA International title and Bad Bad Heartworm working over the top tier of competition.. Finally Cutter lost the International title to a guy named Donovan Kayle.. That didn't stop Cutter as him and BBH went on to become OWL TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS in APRIL 2005.. BBH had also grabbed the SWA International Title.. At this point is where we stand..

Satan's Bad Bad Torch moved on to LSW.. where they would hold the Titles at least once.. Cutter managed to get into feuds with Seth Anarchy, Barry Horror and Konvikt.. Cutter held the LSW TV title 2 times and the LSW Badlands title.. but a DRAFT was announced and on draft Day Cutter and Heartworm were drafed by AWA..

AWA, The most competitive league in the Nationals.. Cutter found out fast when he stepped up to the plate and took the AWA Xtreme title and then won the "Our House" competition.. Seth Anarchy yet again became a pain in the [bleep].. but Cutter extinguished that flame fast.. along with others.. Ozzy Dethstrike and GHOST.. but for some reason Cutter didn't see the obvious forming right in front of him.. His long time Partner Bad Bad Heartworm turned on him.. basically initiating the fact that the "Hardcore King" would be nothing without him.. and that is where the story takes a turn for the better.. Cutter being attacked brought on someone nobody thought would come to his aid.. Kaijin "Thunder" Red!

Cutter and Kaijin now allies and have teamed up.. Where did this all lead? Well it led to the two splitting up and Red moving back to RSW.. Cutter left pretty much alone.. But after a year or so of random feuds with the likes of Ozzy Dethstrike and Barry Horror.. in December 2007 Cutter won the SWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

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