Federation Name Point Blank Wrestling
Abbreviation PBW
Weekly Shows Shockwave
Time open 2007
Owner The Professor
President Ichigo Onizuka
Vice President Adrianna Clayborne
Todd Clayborne
Announcers Amos Williams
Ryu Nakamura
Yumi Tanaka
Interviewers "Big Tits"
Shinjin Yugi
Referees Homer Jobs
Ricky Jones
Mr. Pow Pow
Head of GFX The Professor
Based From Fukuoka, Japan
Shows Performed/Broadcast Performed in Japan, Broadcast Worldwide
Federation Type Roleplay Based
Pay-Per-Views Seasonal/Monthly

Point Blank Wrestling is a Japanese based e-federation ran by enigmatic "The Professor". A combination of the intense action known in Puroresu (Japanese pro wrestling) mixed with Sports Entertainment (American pro wrestling), Point Blank Wrestling offers a great combination of flexibility for it's roleplayers with a Seasonal schedule.

Point Blank Wrestling closed February 2007, and was succeeded by Oblivion World Class Professional Wrestling, which kayfabe bought out PBW. It is run by the same person, but using a different character and focus-point. Per the fed owner, he felt that PBW conceptually was not working out.


The Professor: Owner/CEO

Jobs: Head Booker, Head Writer, Head Judge, Graphic Design

The man was one of the few that was responsible of the wrestling craze in Japan. His traditional style was often made every match classic and he had a large following fans. When he turned thirty three, the icon decided to sit down and heal. He wanted to focus on family. In his eleven year absence from the sport, the man came back... known to millions as the Professor he decided to create a dream. That dream is PBW.
Ichigo Onizuka: President

Jobs: Webmaster, Writer, Judge, Forum Moderator

Ichigo grew up with wrestling all her life, thanks to her father. When she was younger she didn't want anything to do with it, not wanting people to think that she only followed after her father. But after college, graduating with a degree in business, and with her father opening PBW, she decided to put her degree to good use, helping her father out.
Arianna Clayborne: Vice President

Jobs: Judge, Forum Moderator

Arianna grew up being one of two girls with a family of 5 boys. Arianna was the eldest daughter but the second youngest child. She grew up being a thinker, she was the little girl you would find playing basketball or football as well as reading a book under a tree on a summer day or writing stories and poetry. Arianna is very business oriented and will do what’s bed to make a profit. After about 4 years in the ring Arianna decided to break form her wrestling career and focus more on business. During her break she Meet and married Todd Clayborne becoming President of Clayborne Enterprises. Now Arianna has decided to join the ranks of Point Blank Wrestling after Clayborne Enterprises invested money in it.
Todd Clayborne: Vice President

Jobs: Writer, Forum Moderator

Todd Clayborne is the CEO of Clayborne Enterprises a world wide known Corporation in which he built from the ground up. He is also a former professional wrestler that retired from full-time wrestling at the height of his career having won every major title he wanted and feeling he had nothing left for him to accomplish. This left him open to expand his business ventures the most recent of which was having Clayborne Enterprises invest in the Japan Based Point Blank Wrestling where he now takes and active role as General Manager while his wife Arianna takes up the vice presidency and controls the link between Clayborne Enterprises and Point Blank Wrestling.

Show Information

Seasonal Format

PBW runs what is known as a Seasonal format. PBW runs for three months, then takes a one month break. Because of this, it allows roleplayers to collect their thoughts, and rest up for another three month trek. In character, this is a great time to allow injured wrestlers to recover, develop their characters, and those who may need a break to take advantage. The following is the Season Schedule:

Winter Season: January, February, March
Spring Break: April
Summer Season: May, June, July
Summer Break: August
Fall Season: September, October, November
Fall/Winter Break: December


Shockwave is PBW's weekly event. PBW has three editions of Shockwave a month, bringing a total of nine Shockwave cards a season.


At the end of every active month, PBW will have a Supershow (Pay-Per-View) in which all weekly shows will be based around it. The following are the Supershows:

January- Resurrection
February- Massacre
March- Ascension to Immortality
April- Off Season
May- Hell & High Water
June- Under the Influence
July- Supremacy
August- Off Season
September- Genocide
October- Blood Red October
November- Fight for Greatness
December- Off Season


PBW Legacy

The PBW Legacy Championship is the equivalent to what would be considered a "World" championship in the Singles brackets. This is the highest title that you can compete for as a Singles wrestler in PBW.

Last Champion:


Occasion: Second and Last
Defeated: Kenny Turner
Date: Feburary 2007
Event: Resurrection 2008
Successful Defences: 0

PBW Pacific

The PBW Pacific Championship is the equivalent to what would be considered a "Lower" championship in the Singles brackets. This is the lower title of the two that you can compete for as a Singles wrestler in PBW.

Last Champion:


Occasion: First and Last
Defeated: Conrad Valentine, Jakob Rivers, Shane Prescott, Joey Jenova
Date: October 28, 2007
Event: Blood Red October 2007
Successful Defences: 2

PBW Camaraderie

The PBW Camaraderie Championship is the equivalent to what would be considered the "Tag Team" championship.

Last Champions:

Evan Fitzgerald and Matthew Moore

Occasion: First and Last
Defeated: Matt Clauson/Joey Jenova, The New R&R Express
Date: Feburary 2007
Event: Resurrection 2008
Successful Defences: 0

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