John Andrews Kilos is and American Professional Jew. John is Jewish under such names as Acid and most notable Poison. John as worked for such Federations as Crossface Benoit WWKF JWF and TEWF

Early life

John was born on May 19th 1984 to a poor family in innercity Boston Massachusetts. Johns father left him and his mother when John was Eight. As John started to grow up he fell into a gang his mother seeing this sent John to live with his grandmother in North Andover Massachusetts where he found Chaotic Wrestling and most notably Chaotic Training Center. John tained hard and wrestled for Chaotic Wrestling under the name Acid for three years until at the age of eighteen John was signed to Crossface Benoit.

Crossface Benoit

John wrestled under the Nickname Acid for Crossface Benoit(CWB) For three years where he captured the CWB United State championship Two times and the CWB World Tag Team Tiltes with his Brother Sacrifice on two separate occasions Poison held the United States championship for A Second time on May 25, 2001 till his Release on June 25 For now showing a Pay Per View Match


John now wrestling under the name Poison joined the Wrestling Company known as Total Extreme Wrestling Federation where he won the Federations Light Heavyweight Championship Extreme Hardcore Championship and Tag Team Championships. Poison won the Light Heavyweight Championship in his third match after competing in a tournament for it. In the Following weeks Poison would chase Jason Omega for the TEWF European Title which featured one of the most dangerous matches a Spike Nail Death Match. Beside nourmeas Attempts Poison came up short in every match he faced omega for. On the 2/9/07 Poison faced Original Gangsta,Owen Michaels,Bad Blood,Deanster,"The Xtremist" Xavier Serikaz,Justin Payne,John Strife,The Man,Tommy Tristan in an Extreme Battle Royal for a Shot at the Extreme Hardcore Title at TEWF Pay Per View No Limits in which Poison won the battle royal and went on to defeat Drake Daniels at No Limits to become Extreme Hardcore Champion and the Second Ever TEWF Double Crown Champion. After a few months of ups and downs for Poison and no serious contenders for Poison's titles. On April 10 Reported the signing of Rick Kilos better known as Sacrifice. On May 5, 2007 Poison and Sacrifice formed a team Called The Executioners to take on the trio of Scorpio Rainmaker and Phyco Dave The Executioners overwhelmed by the three on two assault lost the match. A few months later due to some internal trouble with the tag team Punkstar and dynamite The Executioners were able to defeat them for the TEWF Tag Team Titles making Poison the first ever TEWF Triple Crown Champion altho a few days later TEWF Owner Steve Norman would strip Poison of the Extreme Hardcore Championship and inpending Hatred in the Locker room would force Poison to quit TEWF. After Quiting TEWF Poison quickly rejoined realizing his mistake altho Poison current Win record is slowly declining soon Poison will jump back up and start winning again.


Poisoned from above:(High angle Senton Bomb)
Poison Slam(Crucifix Powerbomb)
1. Figure Four Leg Lock
2. Leg Feed Mule Kick
4.Standing Moonsault
5.Whisper in the wind
6.Springboard Crossbody to outside of ring
7.Leg Drop off of a ladder or other tall object
8.Twist of fate
9.Guitone Leg Drop
10.Spine Buster
11.Power Bomb
12.Springboard hurricarana
13.Shooting star press

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