The CWF Power15 is run by Mr. Demonical and co-run by The Game. It uses a very accurate points system to decide the rankings.


For the first 3 weeks of its creation the Power15 was not actually the Power15, but the Power10. The first edition came with full formatting and pic bases, but that idea was demolished when Bay-B Dogg became inactive. From Week 4 to the present day the Power15 has been so named, and has been run 90% by Mr. Demonical.

How it Works

The Power15 uses a very accurate points system to decide the rankings. The points from one week continue to the next and everybody's point total will be saved so that people can be swapped around. When being posted, we post the superstar's position, name, points total and a description. The points system can be found below this article. (Changes are made a lot)

Roleplaying Points

5 Points - Outstanding Win (Participants roleplayed to there maximum.)

4 Points - Good Win (Participants roleplayed, one clearly better than the other.)

3 Points - Routine Win (Only the winning participant roleplayed.)

2 Points - Valiant Effort (Participants roleplayed to their maximum.)

1 Points - Unlucky Loss (Participants roleplayed, one clearly better than the other.)

3 Points – Outstanding Win in Dark Match

2 Points – Good Win in Dark Match

1 Point - Routine Win in Dark Match

0 Points – Loss in Dark Match

Additional Points

4 Points- Retaining a title against more than 3 people

3 Points – Retaining a title against 2-3 people

2 Points - Retaining a title against 1 person

5 Points - winning a title against more than 3 people

4 Points - winning a title against 2-3 People

3 Points - Winning a title against 1 person

1 Point - Main Evented

Manager Points

3 Points – Manager Roleplayed and Client Won Match

3 Points – Client had an Outstanding Win

2 Points – Client Had a Good Win

1 Point – Client had a Routine Win

Minus Points

1 Point – No Match

1 Point – Not Roleplaying

2 Points – Not Roleplaying for a main event and/or title match

Week 1


Asylum is on top of the CWF, continuing his winning streak since being crowned Champion. But after a Battleship Driver from Ironsides, a chair shot from Judgment and a surprise announcement from Anthony Romeri, how much longer can he continue to fend off the circling sharks?


At number two this week is one of the three number one contenders for the TV title. With an impressive victory over Matt Frazier and former tag team partner Patrick Hunter, Day also grabs this prestigious spot because of his great backstage activity.


The Queen of Hardcore has been cheated out of a lot of matches in the past, but she had a perfect win over Ironsides this past week. Can she and Ironsides co-exist and take out the man that has wreaked havoc on Bay-B Dogg over the last few weeks, Judgment, and the champ?


Mr. Demonical pulled out a massive win over The Barbarian this week, and was rewarded with a shot at becoming the inaugural Television Champion. His backstage activity has made him a favorite, but will he be able to prevail against Day and Jones and become CWF’s second ever holder of gold?


He may have lost a hard-fought match this week, but Ironsides is still one of the greatest forces to be reckoned with in the CWF. A huge Battleship Driver to Asylum has to be the most threatening – not to mention personal – message the champ has been sent yet.


The second former HPW superstar takes the sixth spot in the Power10 after a good showing against Alex Day and Matt Frazier. Hunter might not have won the match, but there are reports that his backstage activity is exquisite.


The anti-American star from Vietnam has made a massive splash in a short time. As well as being victorious in-ring, VND has been one of the most vocal members of the roster backstage. Big things could be in store for the Asian troublemaker – although he’s sure to make some enemies on the way up…


At number eight is the vixen whom was named the first ever number 1 contender for the TV Title. Her good showing against Randy Iverson and Adam Samuels this past week has impressed Mr. Romeri.


Beating Chase Williams in a handicap match this past week puts Mental Jack into the number 9 spot. Can he defeat his partner in that match - VND - this week, or will the Asian get the better of him?


Chase Williams and Barbarian both put in impressive performances, but rounding off our list this week is Matt Frazier. He managed to hold his own against an on-form Alex Day and Patrick Hunter, and has been one of the most popular stars backstage. We think Frazier is one to watch.

Week 2


Keeping his number one spot is the champ. He had a very impressive victory over Bay-B Dogg and Ironsides, and being the champ is saying something. But can Asylum retain his gold next week against Judgment?


The Queen of Hardcore, even though she lost, jumps from 3rd to 2nd because of circumstance. Will she be able to stay high up the ranks without even having a match this week?


Jumping from 10th to 3rd is Straight Edge, Matt Frazier. With a huge victory over The Barbarian and with his backstage activity making him a favorite, how far can Frazier go?


Two wins in two matches isn’t too bad. This week he proved himself against VND before tearing his opponent’s Vietnamese flag to shreds out side the ring.


Rising up a spot this week is the Walking Fortress. Even though he has lost again and again, Ironsides is still a massive force to be reckoned with.


Having an inactive week leaves Hunter in the same position as last week. With no matches, how much longer can Hunter stay on the list?


Even though he’s not an official CWF Superstar, The Janitor “cleaned” the house with Xtremo this past week, qualifying for the Three Ring Circus match against Patrick Hunter.


In 8th place is the number one contender for the World Title, Judgment. Not only did he win his match this past week, but he also destroyed the other three contestants in that match after it. It shan’t be long before Judgment is rising up the ranks.


With an impressive tag team victory in a Pre-show match, Deathbringer grabs the number 9 spot. He claims he will be the next World Champion, but rumors have it he may have something going on with the tag titles.


Defeating Justin Flyer in a Dark Match by punching him in the genitals and tripping up a clown to help a Janitor win a wrestling match all in one night has to mean something, right?

Week 3

1. ASYLUM (22)

The World Champion defended his championship once again. He seems to main event every show, and he will do so again at Blind Justice. But will Ironsides overpower him and be the first to take a championship off somebody in the CWF, or will Asylum get the better of The Walking Fortress once again?


The Ringmaster and The Great Milenko may have been beaten down by the Dark Alliance after their match, but their win was very impressive. Will they get revenge on their attackers and Blind Justice and win the tag titles?


Matt may have lost his match, but backstage his performance has been exquisite. Can he keep up the good work?


Again Jack got the better of his opponents when he teamed up with Mr. Cosby to defeat VND and Xtremo the Clown. Will his undefeated streak continue at Blind Justice and will he save the States?


Not only did he pick up a very impressive win over the number 1 contender for the CWF World Championship Ironsides, but he also made a name for himself when he decimated the Wicked Clowns and the Hot Bodies after their match.

6. BAY-B DOGG (10)

The Queen of Hardcore drops four places because of circumstance. Can she shoot back up the rankings after Blind Justice when she takes Judgment on in a Street Fight?

7. MR. COSBY (8)

Mr. Cosby has had two great weeks. He defeated Justin Flyer in a dark match last week before helping The Janitor to pick up a victory over Xtremo the Clown, and this week he defeated Xtremo and VND when he teamed up with Mental Jack. Can he keep it up when goes one on one with Xtremo the Clown for the first time at Blind Justice?


With a tough loss against Asylum in a title match this past week, can The Executioner regain his power and overcome Bay-B Dogg at Blind Justice?


Not only did he defeat Justin Flyer this past week, but he also stopped the Straight Edge of CWF Matt Frazier right in his tracks. There is a rumor that he will be competing in the Open Invitational Battle Royal for the TV Championship at Blind Justice. Will he come out of CWF’s first ever Pay-Per View the Television champion?


Teaming with Deathbringer is sure to bring Nightstalker luck. Will the Dark Alliance walk out of Blind Justice Tag Champs?

Week 4

1. ASYLUM (32)

There is no stopping the Heavyweight Champion. Ever since winning that title he was been Undefeated and has proved that there is nobody than can dethrone him. He is yet to escape the danger zone however. Can he bare it any longer?

2. NIGHTELF (17)

Making your debut on the Power15 at Number 2 is some feat, but Nightelf has done it. Outlasting every opponent that was thrown at her at Blind Justice she became not only the first ever Television Champion of the CWF, but also the first Female Champ. Can she keep it up now that she is a marked superstar?


There is no stopping this monster that is known as Mental Jack. He has outlasted VND time and time again, and this time destroyed his enemy’s pride in his country. There is no doubt he is going to be pushed by the Board, the only question is when?

4. BAY-B DOGG (16)

The Queen of Hardcore finally gained revenge on Judgment at Blind Justice by putting him through a table before pinning him to pick up the victory in a hellacious Street Fight. She now looks like the only person in the locker-room who could pose a threat to Asylum. We will find out as they square off one-on-one this week.


In at Number 5 is one half of the Wicked Clowns, the newest and first CWF Tag Team Champs. He and The Great Milenko have been on Cloud 9 for the past few weeks but now that they’re champs will it last for long?


Straight Edge continues to lose but also continues to hold a strong position in the rankings. We feel however that it’s not long until he drops off the list completely.


He and The Ringmaster look like an Indestructible Force, defeating Dead Reckoning before indivertibly making the Dark Alliance turn on their newest member Mr. Demonical. Can they keep it up?


He put up a very impressive performance at Blind Justice, only to come up short to Asylum. What’s next for The Walking Fortress?


He totally dominated Patrick Hunter in Blind Justice’s Three Ring Circus match after a few sneaky tricks and it now looks as if he may be in the ring more often. He is still not yet an official superstar, but claims have been made. Are any of these rumors true?

10. JUDGMENT (11)

He put up a good fight in his match against Bay-B Dogg and also destroyed a staff member, so there is no reason for him to drop.

11. VND (10)

The Vietnamese Hero has come up short to Mental Jack many a time, but he keeps his spot on the rankings because of the expanding. How much longer can VND go without ending his losing streak?


Big Papa Bear debuts on the Power15 rankings after putting on a good showing in the Battle Royal. With the plague that infected him, the Dark Alliance, past, can he finally blossom and show us what he’s got?


The Unstoppable Force has been pretty inactive lately, but his work backstage has been noticed. After being decimated by The Dark Alliance, can he regain himself and team successfully with Adam Aerts this week?


After showing well in the TV Title Battle Royal, can he co-exist with the champ Nightelf this week as they team to take on two other teams?

15. ADAM AERTS (5)

Another superstar who did well in the Television Title match at Blind Justice, Adam Aerts has a chance this week to team with Mr. Demonical and pick up a win. But will he take it?

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