Name = Power On Wrestling inc.

 Acronym = POW 
 Established = 2007
 Style = American Wrestling
 Location = Kansas City
 Founder = Tito Capaci
 Owner/ Majority Share-holder = Tito Capaci
 Head Booker = Jay T. Nitro

Power On Wrestling (POW) is a wrestling e-fed that was created early 2007 and is owned and operated by Jay T. Nitro. POW has two brands; the Midwest territory, ran by Jay T. Nitro and the New England territory, ran by Tony Hunter. POW:Midwest operates out of the Star Pavilion, Kansas City and runs a weekly show. POW:NE operates out of Michaels 8th Ballroom and also runs a weekly show. Each show has a DVD Taping once a month.

POW hold their DVD Taping at varios arenas around the United States, taking the classic wrestling from Kansas City and New England to stages and crowds throughout the country

Main roster

POW World Heavyweight Champion

  • Kailus Holmes

POW: Midwest

Tag Teams

K.C. Dudes

  • The Kansas City Mad Man & The Kansas City Mad Man

Rite of Chaos

  • Lestat and Silver


The Four Horsemen: XE (Xtreme Edition)

  • Big Ci
  • Reck Maverick
  • ???
  • ???



POW Midwestern Heavyweight Champion

  • Reck Maverick

POW Valor Champion

POW Television Champion

POW Tag Team Champions

POW: New England

Tag Teams

Stoned Raiders

  • Blake Ryder and Rex Vinkle

Central Intelligance Agency

  • Thomas Knight and Steven Thompson

The Final Cut

  • Night and Daye



POW Eastern Heavyweight Champion

  • John Anthony

POW Mid-Atlantic Champion

  • Buddy Love

POW Openweight Champion

  • Flap Flanegan

POW Tag Team Champions

  • The CIA

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