Truman Marlin's World Famous Boys2Men Powerhouse Gym, aka Powerhouse Gym, is a wrestling and boxing training facility in downtown Braddock, TX. The gym has been used by WNWA stars for almost 40 years.


Owned by "Coach" Truman Marlin, the gym was established in 1968 after Marlin had taught wrestling and boxing lessons at a local community center for several years. Marlin bought a vacant building that was a former fertilizer plant, set up rings and weights, and moved all his classes to the new location.


  • Powerhouse Gym is also the Headquarters of Braddock County Big Brothas, which is run by Truman Marlin.
  • Marlin's rental rates vary according to the skin color and gender of the renter. Whites pay higher rates, and women of all races pay the highest rates of all, because Marlin doesn't believe females should wrestle or box.


Powerhouse gym

Truman Marlin's wrestlers and gym renters gather round for a group photograph on Powerhouse Gym's annual Founder's Day Festival.


Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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