The PrYde Evolution Championship

The PrYde Evolution Championship second most coveted title in PrYde Wrestling. It was first commishioned as a championship on January 8, 2007 on Tuesday Night Vindication. In late 2009, the original title history from PrYde (2006 - 2007) was merged the Elite Championship Wrestling World Title history (2007 - 2009) after the EcW/PrYde merger. Since its inception, the Evolution Title has been considered "a stepping stone" to the World Title. Roughtly 55% of all of those that have won the Evolution Title have gone on to win the World Title directly after their Evolution Title reign. The title has been defended since 2009 and boasts over 4 years of history. Some highlights of the championship include numerous reigns by Jared Black, a hard fought win for Maxxx Hardcore, and an extensive reign by Alexander StarrZoë.

Offical Title History

The PrYde Evolution Championship is defended only in PrYde Wrestling Championship Council sanctioned match-ups and only at PrYde events. The official results of each championship match and dates of title reigns can be found at the official PrYde Wrestling website (click the link below.)


Title History - Click Here


Record Record Holder Record Statistic
Most Reigns Chris Moore and Jared Black 2 (each person)
Longest Reign Mighty Mick 244 days
Shortest Reign Adam Cain 47 days
Oldest Champion Adam Cain 36 years old
Youngest Champion Steven Jones 21 years old
Heaviest Champion Adam Cain 244 lbs
Lightest Champion Steven Jones 198 lbs

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