The PrYde Independent Championship

The PrYde Independent Championship is a championship title in PrYde Wrestling. It is considered the least prestigious singles titles in PrYde Wrestling, but still helped to launch many members of the roster to the World Heavyweight Championship. In late 2009, the original title history from PrYde (2006 - 2007) was merged the Elite Championship Wrestling World Title history (2007 - 2009) after the EcW/PrYde merger. The title is defended at almost every PrYde event, including Vindication. Some of the more notable Independent Champions over the last 4 years have included Waylon Holladay, Kilo Jones, and Ace Montana.

Official Title History


Title History - Click Here


Record Record Holder Record Statistic
Most Reigns Ember 2
Longest Reign Ember 101 days
Shortest Reign Valo 26 days
Oldest Champion Ace Montana 33 years old
Youngest Champion Valo 21 years old
Heaviest Champion Kilo Jones 290 lbs
Lightest Champion Waylon Holladay 180 lbs

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