PrYde Massacre Haven is the third PrYde pay-per-view of each year. In 2007, all of the matches had stipulations and many of them ended in violent ways. Mass. Haven 2007 also marked the first time PrYde Wrestling hosted a pay-per-view outside of their home city of Memphis, TN. The 2008 event never took place because PrYde Wrestling closed down in mid-2008. The event last took place in 2007.

PrYde Massacre Haven


Promotion PrYde Wrestling
Venue(s) The Asylum Arena
Cities Philadelphia, PA
Pay-Per-View Chronology
PrYde Fatal Fool's Day PrYde Massacre Haven PrYde Rise and Fall

Massacre Haven 2007

The third pay-per-view of PrYde's 2007 calender year; Massacre Haven was an action packed event, full of grudge matches, all with violent stipulations. The event took place on June 13th, 2007. This was also the first event hosted outside of Memphis, TN. The pay-per-view broadcast live from the Asylum Arena in South Philadelphia, PA.

Massacre Haven 2008

Unfortunately, Massacre Haven 2008 never took place. With so much leading up to the event, including Justin Possible's defense of the World Heavyweight Championship and the finals of the Evolution Championship tournament; it was shocking news that the pay-per-view would not take place because PrYde Wrestling would close down, not opening again until 2009.

Massacre Haven: The Future

Many fans of PrYde Wrestling hope that sometime in the near future, one of the fan favorite pay-per-view events of each year will return. No word yet from PrYde officials.

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