PrYde Wrestling


Federation Name PrYde Wrestling
Abbreviation PrYde
Shows Vindication
Previous names Merged with E.C.W.
Time open 2006 - 2011
Owner(s) Logan Rutherford
Creator Logan Rutherford
Owner(s) (Kayfabe)

Board of Direcotrs

Siro Black (Interim)

Based in Memphis, TN (U.S.)
Federation type Role-play based
Pay-per-views bi-monthly
Website [1] (Not Active)

PrYde Wrestling (sometimes written as Pryde) is a United States of America based wrestling promotion that was created in 2006 by Logan Rutherford. The original promotion was a small independent venture created to fulfill the local need for sports entertainment in a small suburb of Memphis, Tennessee. Since 2006, PrYde Wrestling has grown to become one of the largest and most well respected wrestling promotions in the world and is internationally known as a harbor of talent. PrYde is an affiliate of the Championship Wrestling Council, a network of promotions considered to be the elite class in professional wrestling. PrYde Wrestling supports the development of new talent for the 21st century of professional wrestling through both an open-door contract policy and talent exchange programs with numerous other promotions. The federation's weekly television broadcast, Vindication, can be seen live each Tuesday night, from the Point Arena in Memphis, at 9:00pm EST on the Verses Network.

Formation & Origin

PrYde was founded in 2006 by Logan Rutherford and an unknown finical backer known simply as "the Chairman". After extensive talks of the profit that can be made in professional wrestling as well as the need for a local Memphis based promotion that is considered more modern than those that still linger from the 1980s, PrYde Wrestling was born. The original mission statement of the promotion (as found on the website) was to "help promote the great sport of professional wrestling all throughout the mecca of sports entertainment, Memphis, Tennessee as well as in the southern states of the US. We hope that one day, a person will not be able to mention professional wrestling without thinking of PrYde."


PrYde Wrestling C.E.O, owner, and founder Logan Rutherford

PrYde began to host monthly events in high school gyms and small arenas throughout the city, offering entertaining wrestling at fair and economic prices. Being a small time local federation, boasting a roster of about 15 active wrestlers, PrYde originally featured only three titles; the PrYde Heavyweight Championship, the PrYde Anarchy Championship, and the PrYde Evolution Championship. As the federation grew and became to gain a fan base, the demand for well known local performers was answered with the creation of an "open door talent policy". PrYde was willing to accept any and all wrestlers that accepted the challenge of a tryout match. Logan Rutherford, now acting as Chief Officer and general manager of the company, as well as the head booker, was extremely impressed with countless talent that stepped between the ring ropes. This bolster in the roster called for the creation of newer and more prestigious titles. On May 7, 2007, PrYde crowned their first ever Extreme Tag Team Champions and only two short months later, on July 23, 2007, PrYde added the Independent Championship. It was also at this time that the PrYde Board of Directors began to seek out a premenate residence for their now popular wrestling brand.

Unfortunately, the boost of interest and the creation of championships as well as a roster now busting with talent was not enough, and fans soon became disinterested in the federation. It would seem that PrYde would have to close it's doors if it could not create a revenue stream. For countless months, starting in September 2007, Logan Rutherford and the newly created board of directors tried everything in their power to keep PrYde above water. New titles were created as quickly as they were archived, new shows were introduced to the now dwindling audience, but nothing was creating enough money to warrant the spending budget. On December 15, 2007, PrYde closed it's doors

PrYde Reborn

Filling the void that PrYde left on the wrestling community in the south were countless promotions and federations; one though stood out above the others; the Elite Championship Wrestling. Building it's business plan on many of the ideas revolutionized in the "time of PrYde", the EcW became a fan favorite quickly throughout the southern region. From the open-door policy to some familiar faces that once graced the PrYde ring, the Elite Championship Wrestling promotion was popular as a small, local venture. After many attempts to break free of the typecast as a "southern promotion", hosting shows in both New York City and Los Angeles, only to leave both arenas having spent more money than they made, the EcW had to find a way out of the hole they had dug themselves. True to history; even a popular wrestling federation is not guaranteed success. Throughout this time though, one business man had a constant eye on EcW and it's workings, the former C.E.O of PrYde Wrestling; Logan Rutherford. After watching the failed attempts to become national and always scouting the new talents that broke through with the Elite Championship Wrestling, Logan hatched a plan. Mr. Rutherford offered the finical backers of the EcW more a reported 1.5 million dollars in return for complete control of EcW and all of its intelligent property. In a deal that has become known as the "Elite Rebirth of PrYde", on December 31, 2009, a deal was struck and after nearly two years of inactivity, PrYde owner Logan Rutherford purchased Elite Championship Wrestling, and all of its assets, including superstar and staff contracts from EcW owner, Eryck Ryeth. This news shook the wrestling world and at the time only one thing was certain; PrYde Wrestling was back!


Logan Rutherford and Eryck Ryeth at the time of the "Elite Rebirth of PrYde"

On January 19, 2010, PrYde Wrestling aired the first edition of Vindication in nearly two years, the show was headlined by a match between the PrYde Heavyweight Champion, Colson Toafa and the PrYde Anarchy Champion, Black Jack McGraw in a match that Toafa would emerge victorious from after rendering McGraw unconscious and forcing a stoppage in the match. Included in the sale of Elite Championship Wrestling were all of the titles and title history of the EcW. After much debate, it was decided that all the EcW titles except the Unity Tag Team Titles would be merged into the equavlient to each PrYde Title. The Extreme Tag Team Titles and the Unity Tag Team Championships would be defended separately The following week's Vindication would change the shape of this reborn organization forever as the Anarchy Championship changed hands after Allister Black defeated Goth for the prestigious honor. Later on in the same night, Taurus Black would defeat Colson Toafa to regain the PrYde Heavyweight Championship. Other highlights of PrYde's first year back include the formation of the "Black Army", a stable consisting of Jared Black, Taurus Black, and manager Siro Black, who dominated PrYde for many months, and the violent rise of Black Jack McGraw as he became and defended the Anarchy Title through the blood of himself and his opponents. Vivan Thorn and Maxxx Hardcore also came onto the PrYde scene around this time and created their own personal mark in PrYde Wrestling for years to come.

Throughout 2009, the first year of "the Reborn Decade" as the board of directors branded it, PrYde fans saw the creation of new logos, a new stage and entrance set, and modern wrestling like only PrYde could create. The open door policy still stood, PrYde had welcomed many new faces and the returning superstars of PrYde past with open arms. Still though, PrYde has a roster bigger now than ever; with the purchase of the talent contracts from Elite Championship Wrestling, over 20 different competitors decided to make the jump to PrYde and still more staff was welcomed behind the scenes.

It was through the purchase of the EcW that PrYde found what it was searching for three years ago when the doors to one of America's favorite professional wrestling federations first swung open; a permanent home. The Elite Championship Wrestling had a longstanding relationship with the Point Arena and Casino in Memphis, Tennessee and was, at the time of purchase in 2009, going through the motions of making the Point EcW's weekly home of broadcasting. With the buyout of all of the talent and rights to video libraries from Elite, also came a contract with the Point Arena for one year's worth of shows to be preformed weekly. Still to this day, PrYde broadcasts from what is now being called "the home of professional wrestling" and it is said that Logan Rutherford has brought the Point so much money that he was gifted a private penthouse at the Point Hotel to use as a residence while in Memphis.

It was around this time in late 2009 that the last remaining banner of the Elite Championship Wrestling was put into the archives. The Unity Tag Team Championships and the Extreme Tag Team Championships were combined to for the Unity Tag Team Titles. By the end of 2009, nothing stood standing that bared the EcW logo or resemblance except the PrYde titles still used today that were featured in the former company.

Joining the Championship Wrestling Council


Logan Rutherford announcing partnership between PrYde Wrestling and the CWC

In March 2010, just two months after PrYde's reformation, Logan Rutherford and the PrYde Board of Directors were searching for ways to gain exposure outside of just their talented performers and their entertaining weekly broadcast; "we had the United States wrestling market cornered, PrYde needed to branch out." Logan Rutherford said of the time period. Around this time, an already established talent in professional wrestling known as "The Viking King" of the Viking Wrestling Federation had joined together with a promoter and booker known simply as "T-Bone" to create a close-knit alliance of top wrestling promotions throughout the world known as the Championship Wrestling Council (CWC). The CWC's main goal was to glorify little known talents from each promotion in a monthly showcase and create well respected championships to be defended each month at events as well as within the different promotions as a challenge was issued to the champion. Realizing the likeness of PrYde's open-door history and the exposure the promotion could gain through a partnership with the CWC, Mr. Rutherford reached out to T-Bone and his business associates.

Even in present times, PrYde Wrestling is considered one of the top federations featured within the Championship Wrestling Council and has featured countless CWC Title wins throughout its roster. The bond of talent exchange and development is strong between the Council and PrYde Wrestling and all parties have benefited. "The CWC has one of the best things to happen to PrYde," Logan Rutherford said at a press conference announcing the partnership in June 2010, "and I can confidently say that PrYde was one of the best things to happen to the CWC."

The Rebirth of the Reborn

In the summer of 210, with the roster of PrYde Wrestling at a constant buzz, but awaiting just a few elite competitors to push it over the edge, PrYde reached out to the CWC talent pool in hopes of finding the few good men that will carry PrYde into the new year. It was around this time that Alexander StarrZoë, formerly of the One World Coalition, found his way into PrYde. Boasting countless title wins throughout his career and a constant hunger for victory and the blood of his opponents, PrYde welcomed the new talent with open arms and a roster of the best in the world. Since June 2010, StarrZoë has set the PrYde world ablaze, winning more matches than he's lost and scooping up title victories one after another. Many of talent of the Championship Wrestling Council looking for a few home within the alliance, including the future PrYde Independent Champion Waylon Holladay. In the fall of 2010, just months before the new year, PrYde Wrestling welcomed a man most consider to be the "man to beat in pro wrestling" and a World Champion just waiting for his opportunity, Samuel "Hess" Hessingstock. Hessingstock created ripples the moment he stepped between the ropes and is featured prominently both within PrYde and in the CWC.

2010 saw many championships change hands and many new talents winning their first PrYde championships, including Samuel Hessingstock winning the World Title, defeating long time champion Taurus Black and Alexander "Starr" StarrZoë defeating well respected Evolution Champion Jared Black as well as becoming a double champion with his childhood friend Ryan Rampage, defeating the dominate tag team of Power Trip to win the Unity Championships. 2010 also marked the first time in PrYde history that a second television broadcast was introduced and enjoyed by the fans. Defiance, featured on Thursday nights on ESPN, was toted as the "Vindication for the Next Generation" and was a showcase of the new talent in PrYde Wrestling.

Logan Rutherford Out, Siro Black In

In October 2010, just two months before the 4th anniversary of PrYde Wrestling, it was reported that C.E.O and founder of PrYde, Mr. Logan Rutherford had disappeared from the place he once called home. Coming as a shock to many, Rutherford left the place he toiled and sweated over and broke the bank for many times without any notice. After countless weeks of attempting to hunt down the disappearing businessman, the Board of Directors acted in place of the majority shareholder and searched out a replacement to "captain the ship". After searching for months between Fortune 500 business leaders and former professional wrestling promotion owners, the board found their new interim president and general manager in a former PrYde Employee and leader of the "Black Army" Siro Black. When asked about the chotic time, a source within PrYde recalls; "No one could find Rutherford; he just never came back into work. The boys in the back had no idea where he was, no one in the office knew where he was, he couldn't even be reached on his cell phone. One day he flipped the lights off in his office and the next day he just never returned." PrYde superstar Alexander "Starr" StarrZoë remembers the times with a bit of a smile on his face and a tongue-in-cheek comment true to character; "Rutherford is probably on Mars right now with Elvis and Amelia Earhart. I just wish I would have known he was going. I would have gotten him one of those cheap gold watches you give people when they retire."


Acting president of PrYde Wrestling; Siro Black

Acting as president, Black saw to it that PrYde was as strong as ever and gave fair advantage to the newcomers as well as the veterans of the promotion. Under Siro Black's leadership, more new champions were crowned in only a few months than in 2010 combined. Also, even more talent was welcomed into the PrYde family between the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011. Unfortunately, with all of the talent focused on better the promotion and the product, Defiance was taken off air and once again, Vindication became the only PrYde show on television. With the news of Logan Rutherford's disappearance and replacement as dictated by the Board of Directors, PrYde General Manager Ian McCarthy stepped down in November 2010. "PrYde was always strong," Siro Black said recently on the topic of Logan Rutherford, "it was strong with Mr. Rutherford and it will be strong long after everyone here is gone. Logan did a lot for this promotion and he will never be forgotten, but it is time to move on."

For the first time in PrYde's 4 year history, Siro Black saw to it that the PrYde superstars brought their special and entertaining brand of wrestling across the ocean for an international tour. Known as the "World WYde PrYde Tour", Tuesday Night Vindication was broadcast across the world from countries like England, Japan, and India. For more than a month, PrYde superstars were preforming both in front of the camera and just for paying fans, packing stadiums 6 days a week for 6 weeks! "It was amazing," Samuel Hessingstock said of the tour; "I've never realized how many people truly enjoy what we do in that ring." PrYde returned home to Memphis in late December 2010.

Show Your PrYde

PrYde began to see a small diminishing of veteran talent leave the promotion towards the end of 2010, Taurus Black left in September, both Maxxx Hardcore and Black Jack McGraw left the promotion in November, and in December Ace Montana followed suit. Though PrYde also saw an influx of yet another new generation of superstars enter the hallowed ring, including new faces in professional wrestling like "Big Bad Casey", Joe Barone, and a superstar simply known as "Mystery Man". As some verterns left the federation, others returned; Waylon Holladay, an up-and-coming superstar at one point in late 2010, who had disappeared from the business after being defeated by Alexander StarrZoë many weeks before, returned, in a shocking turn of events, to defeat the StarrZoë Entertainment Group (Starr and Ryan Rampage) for the Unity Championships—Alex had invoked the Freebird Rule and was replaced by a friend known as Jayson Blaze for the night. Jared Black, a former Evolution Champion who had taken flight from the promotion after losing his title to Alexander StarrZoë at the 2010 edition of PrYde's August pay-per-view Rise and Fall, returned as well, ready more now than ever to make a lasting mark in the industry.


PrYde newcomer in 2010 Waylon Holladay

The records of PrYde Wrestling, now on its 4th year in the business of professional wrestling, speak for themselves; through adversity and challenges, even after closing its doors to the public, PrYde has been through it all and will continue to stand tall in the face of those that doubt the promotion or the product it delivers each and every week. There have been many that have said "it started off as an independent, got big, the owners didn't know how to handle it, it will crash and burn no matter what", but for all of those who think negatively of PrYde Wrestling, there are ten times that many people that tune in every week, cheering not for their favorite superstar or their favorite match-up, but simply for their favorite promotion. PrYde Wrestling is the epitome of sports entertainment and professional wrestling; it is what all other federations should stride and one day hope to be. The bar is set high after 4 year, but PrYde Wrestling is far from folding, decades from closing down, so imagine how much higher the bar will be set when that time does come.

The Closing of PrYde Wrestling

It was with great sadness that on May 13, 2011, PrYde Wrestling, no longer under the leadership of Siro Black, announced via the Board of Directors that for the third and final time, PrYde Wrestling closed it doors, ending an era that last six years strong.

Official Promotion Information

The following information is the official statistics, dates, and records found within the PrYde Wrestling and Elite Championship Wrestling archives. All of the win/loss records and the championship title records were recorded from matches official sanctioned by PrYde Wrestling and the City of Memphis Sports and Rules Council (and other sports councils where applicable). All title wins and records date back to 2006 and include both the first PrYde Wrestling promotion records, the Elite Championship Wrestling records, and the records of PrYde Wrestling as it stands today. The roster is updated once a week as more local and international competitors accept the challenge via the open-door policy.

Championship History

The following championship title records range from 2006, when PrYde Wrestling was first created through current day and include the title history of the Elite Championship Wrestling.

Championship Title Name Championship Title Records (Link)
PrYde World Heavyweight Championship Click Here
PrYde Evolution Championship Click Here
PrYde Anarchy Championship Click Here
PrYde United States Championship (Retired) Click Here
PrYde Unity Tag Team Championships Click Here

Defunct Titles:

Championship Title Name Resason
PrYde Extreme Tag Team Championships

Merged with the Unity Tag Team Championships

PrYde Independent Championship Merged with the United States Championship


PrYde Wrestling's roster is updated frequently and there are constantly new superstars hoping to impress in their tryout matches. Thanks to the open-door policy, PrYde always features the newest and best wrestlers in the world. All current competitors, stables, tag teams, and staff, as well as alumni of PrYde Wrestling can be found at the roster page of PrYde Wrestling's official website (click the link below).


Roster - Click Here

Pay-Per-View Schedule

Pryde Wrestling hosts a pay-per-view once every two months (bi-monthly) live. Usually these events are broadcast from PrYde's home in Memphis, TN, the Point Casino, but occasionally they emanate from different locations both within the United States and internationally. Below is a yearly schedule of each event.

Month of Pay-Per-View Name of Pay-Per-Vew
PrYde Ruthless Intentions Febuaray
PrYde Fatal Fool's Day April
PrYde Massacre Haven June
PrYde Rise and Fall August
PrYde To Hell & Back October
PrYde At All Costs December

Accomplishments & Firsts

This list includes the official first champions, the "Money in the Bank" match winners, and the "PrYde Rumble" winners. Both the "Money in the Bank" match and the "PrYde Rumble" match were discontinued after 2008. These records are from the PrYde and Elite Championship Wrestling archives.

First Champions

Championship Title 1st Champion Date Won
World Champion Claude Baptiste Ranie February 3, 2007
Evolution Champion Mighty Mick January 8, 2007
Anarchy Champion James Hughes January 15, 2007
Extreme Tag Team Champions Elite May 7, 2007
Indepedent Champion Valo July 23, 2007
Unity Tag Team Champ Gamblers Anonymous September 21, 2009

Money in the Bank and PrYde Rumble

Match Name Winner's Name Event
1st PrYde Money in the Bank Synic

Ruthless Intentions 2007

(February 4, 2007)

2nd PrYde Money in the Bank Skorp

Fatal Fool's Day 2008

(April 5, 2008)

1st PrYde Rumble Tery Ortega February 26, 2007
2nd PrYde Rumble Chris Moore February 23, 2008

Gallery of PrYde

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