Pre-Booked Sim federations, often referred to simply as "Sim Feds" or "Sim Federations", are a type of e-fed. They are one of the most uncommon types of e-feds, as very few exist.

Pre-Booked Sims are known for having the toughest and most time-consuming workload of any type of e-fed. However, it is also the most accurate simulation of wrestling, as it is basically a text-based version of real professional wrestling.


As with other e-feds, each handler creates their own character. Most Pre-Booked Sims are based on original characters, as many Sims that have used real wrestlers have been closed down.

One or more moderators takes the roster of characters and books a show. The mods choose who wins and what happens storyline-wise.

Once your character is booked, it is your responsibility, in addition to your opponent (writing partner), to write your matches or angles and turn them in to the moderators by the due date. The mods then put the show together and post it.

Pre-Booked Sims are about creating the best match and best show possible. It's not about winning. You work with your opponent to write the best match possible. Unlike games where you play to win, Sim feds are a true simulation of real pro-wrestling.


The first well-known original character-based Sim federation appeared in 2005, when WWE-Club SIM Federation (WCSF) was created out of the ashes of the website's previous WWE-based Sim federation, Here Comes the Pain. It was an immediate sensation on WWE-Club, as dozens of members signed up to be part of the action.

Rising Popularity

Later in the year, many Sim federations, most with an entire website devoted to them, began to appear in the wake of WCSF's success. SOS and PSW were the most prominent of these, as they gained a loyal following of their own.

WCSF remained the largest Sim Federation, but all of the new promotions formed a Sim "indy circuit". A lot of talent wrote for several different promotions. Sim federations like these enjoyed much success in 2005.

In 2006, even more promotions were created. Some of them were successful, such as IOW. Countless others failed, because creating, promoting and maintaining a Sim Federation is so difficult. Many writers simply no-show due to the hard work, and finding new talent to replace them is hard because the idea of the mods picking who wins and writing long matches is a tough sell.

Despite this, many people loved the idea of Sim Wrestling, and through 2007 many promotions remained successful.

The Crash

In mid-late 2007, the bottom fell out of Sim Wrestling. Many of the top writers left for various reasons, and there was simply not enough new talent to replace them. PSW was the first major promotion to go under.

SOS and IOW held on. However, they too were losing support. The writers and bookers alike were burnt out, partly due to the hard work and partly due to over-extending themselves by writing for more than one federation.

People still tried to form new federations, but none of them could catch on. Most of the new promotions formed in 2007 either died quickly after their first shows, or simply never got started in the first place.

In late 2007, after IOW booker Daz had been covering for much of the roster, writing the majority of shows completely alone, he finally had enough, and decided IOW would be closed down.

Throughout 2007, SOS was plagued with no-shows, but continued to post events regardless. When fall 2007 began, the no-shows became unbearable. SOS management decided they would take a 3-month break every fall. The idea was to avoid the toughest part of the year, while also giving their talent time to rest.

Alas, by the time December rolled around, SOS owner Buck Pelletier was convinced SOS could not regain their momentum when their new season began in January. He reluctantly announced that on January 13th, SOS would hold their final show, and close thereafter.

The SOS Swan Song card was posted on January 15th, 2008. As of March 2008, the event still has not been posted due to no-shows.

Suddenly, people decided to stop trying to make new promotions. Sim federations everywhere vanished practically overnight.

The only major Sim promotion that has survived to this day is WCSF.

Possible Rebound

In March 2008, WCSF posted their "Total Carnage" Pay-Per-View. Unlike recent WCSF cards, this show had very little no-shows. Two segments had to be removed from the show, but the event was still posted only a few days after the due date.

Also, Daz has announced that he will attempt to re-open IOW. He has received support of many former IOW workers in doing so.

There is still no plan for SOS, PSW or any other major former Sim federation to re-open in 2008.

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