Russell Simon Jones (Born Novemer 8th, 1980), is an American-Independent wrestler currently wrestling for POW, and AAW.

President Robert Pliskin
Image of President Robert Pliskin
Real name Russell Simon Jones
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Height 6'5
Weight 257 lbs.
Date of birth November 8th, 1980
Place of birth Dallas, Texas
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Resides Queens, New York
Billed from Washington, D.C.
Trainer Ace Steel, Al Snow, Johnny Rodz, Bryan Danielson
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Early career

Jones was born into a family of 4, his parent, him and his younger sister, Sabrina (Who is 7 years younger than him). Jones was just 10 years old when his mother, Mary, died of Breast Cancer. His father, Howard, moved with his family up to Queens, New York. Russell would go to college and get a degree in Communications. Jones' dream was to become a wrestler, as he saw an opening in POW in Kansas City. His father urged him to follow his dream, as Jones did. Jones became a part of the POW roster, with his name being President Robert Pliskin.


Jones made his first ever wrestling debut in Power On Wrestling in their New England terrrirtory, getting a win over Eddie Jones. The following show, he would win against Captian Ragnorack, in which he would get a title shot at the vacant Openweight title against Renegade Travis Brown at Red, White and Bruised. Jones, would come up short, however, as the following week he lost to the Stoned Raiders and Brown in a six man tag match with the Central Intelligence Agenecy. He would then rack up a win in a triple threat match against Eddie Jones and Chris Knight, making Knight tap out to an Anaconda Vice. At Ocean City Slam, he would then be victorious in a 7 battle royal (which turned into a 5 man battle royal due to Ragnorack's and Knight's no shows), against Graves, Jason Ressurection, King Cobra, and Nightkiller.


Jones has been contracually accepted into Australian Amateur Wrestling. He is known to be in the Heavyweight Title tournament. The first show for AAW's Heatwave is unknown, at the moment

Finishing Moves

  • Code Red Terror Alert (Reverse DDT into a Dragon Sleeper with Scissors)
  • Code Orange Terror Alert (Inverted Facelock Camel Clutch - sometimes with an armlock)
  • Code Yellow Terror Alert (Anaconda Vice)
  • Code Blue Terror Alert (Modified Reverse Figure 4 Leg Lock)
  • Code Green Terror Alert (Swinging Side Slam - rarely used as a finisher)

Favorite Moves

  • Mass Genocide (Kryptonite Krunch - Usually transitioned into Code Yellow)
  • War on Terror (Running Big Boot - sometimes to a kneeling opponent)
  • Proxy Bomb (180 spin High Lifting One armed spinebuster)
  • Brainbuster Suplex
  • Bomb Threat (Koji Clutch)
  • Two Handed Choke driver pin
  • Inverted Suplex slam with the opponent's torso landing on the top rope
  • Bearhug
  • Senton Bomb - In AAW
  • DDT
  • Shot with the American Flag
  • Guillotine leg drop onto the apron-bound opponent
  • Key lock
  • Falling Powerbomb

Used Theme Musics

  • Massive Attack - Angel(POW - Debut)
  • Blow me away - Breaking Benjamin (POW - Current)
  • Attack - System of a down (AAW - Current)


Jones is a political junkie.

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