The Primal Fear Roulette was a R4GE Custom Championship stipulation when Jamboree held the belt.


Before a match the Primal Fear Roulette was spun, the wheel contained the following lists of fears combined with linked match-types:

  • Acrophobia. That's a phobia of heights, so how about a nice ladder match?
  • Scared of the dark? That's called Achluophobia. Perfect for a

blindfold match, I'm sure you'll agree.

  • Fear of confined spaces? Claustrophobia. A casket match.
  • Taphephobia. A fear of being buried alive. No prizes for guessing here, it's a Buried Alive match.
  • Fear of open spaces? That's Agoraphobia. A parking lot brawl should be ideal.
  • Fear of fire? Pyrophobia. Not idea for anyone competing in an Inferno match!
  • Hemophobia. Scared of the sight of blood. What better than a first blood match?
  • Afraid of being trapped, unable to escape? Cleithrophobia. Four words: HELL IN A CELL!
  • The fear of having your massive ego dented, of having your pride stripped from you. You'll not find a fancy term to encapsulate that fear, but I think you all know that it exists. I expect that is what most of you truly fear more than anything else. And what better way to dent the ego of a fighter than by having him scream “I quit” into a microphone in front of millions of viewers worldwide? The final match on the Roulette wheel: An “I quit” match.

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