Billing information
Ring name(s) Primus
Height 6'0" (1.82 m)
Weight 240lbs. (108.86 kg)
Born June 12, 1980
Hometown Portland, Oregon
Theme music 'Revolution Man' - The Union Underground
Affiliation(s) N/A
Federation(s) NIWA
Previous federation(s) N/A
Wrestling information
Alignment Face
Wrestling style Brawler, Technical
Signature Move(s) Frog Splash
Finishing Move(s) N/A
Trainer The Destroyer
Handler N/A
Professional career
Debut June 28, 1998
Record N/A
Accomplishments NIWA World Champion
•NIWA Continental Champion
•NIWA Hardcore Champion
•NIWA Tag Team Champion
•1st NIWA Triple Crown Champion
•1st NIWA Grand Slam Champion
Retired N/A

Primus (born on June 12th, 1980) is a professional wrestler currently signed to the New International Wrestling Alliance.


Early Life

Not much is known about Primus' life before wrestling, but from what is known, Primus was always a bright child, and he often excelled in school. He was always considered a very good student, and graduated High School with honors, but that is where his academic career ended, he put down the text books and stepped into a wrestling ring, never looking back. To this day, Primus still does independent studies, however; studying many things, ranging from Fundamentals of Law and the Fundamentals of the Human Body to more simple things like Math and Cooking.

Introduction into Professional Wrestling

In 1995, before Primus was even finished with High School, he was thrown into a wrestling ring, to be trained. Under the tutelage of The Destroyer, a former WCW (World Championship Wrestling) and WWF (World Wrestling Federation) wrestler. The Destroyer was/is also Primus' uncle, and wanting to follow in his footsteps, Primus was very eager to learn how to become a professional wrestler.

The two trained together for three years, Primus also working independent shows around the Portland area, off and on, for the duration of the training. The Destroyer taught Primus everything he could in preparation, and the young Primus was getting better with each passing day. After making a name for himself in the independents, Destroyer felt Primus was ready for the big time, so he called Jim Ross, WWF Executive Vice President of Talent Relations at the time. After an initial interview process and match, JR liked what he saw from the kid. So he worked a favor for The Destroyer, getting Primus his first big time wrestling match.

The World Wrestling Federation/World Wrestling Entertainment (1998-2001)

Primus debuted in the World Wrestling Federation at King of the Ring on June 28th, 1998 the event was held at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. That night, Primus had a match with Jeff Jarrett. In what was a hard fought contest, Primus eventually picked up the victory. After that night, it was official, The One Man Revolution had arrived.

Following his King of The Ring victory, Primus entered a small feud with Jeff Jarrett, who was livid, having lost to a "rookie" at a PPV. However; Jarrett was teamed with Owen Hart (RIP) at the time, so many of the bouts between Primus and Jarrett during this feud, ended with a two on one beat down on Primus at the hands of Jarrett and Hart. The two on one assaults would continue for several months, until finally, someone stepped in to help Primus. That man being none other than Silver.

The CoAlition (Part-1)

As a favor to his former partner The Destroyer (Primus' uncle), Silver reluctantly teamed up with the young Primus to even the odds with Jarrett and Hart. On January 4th, 1999, much to everyone's surprise, Silver showed up on WWF Raw and saved Primus from a brutal two on one attack. Subsequently, this was the same night that Mick Foley (Wrestling as Mankind) won his first WWF Championship.

Originally, Silver objected to helping Primus, citing that Primus was too "green" (inexperienced) to be in the same ring with him in the first place. Despite Silver's original restraints, however; The CoAlition was formed that night, and they would feud with Jarrett and Hart in the months leading up to WrestleMania XV. Where the two teams would face off in a Hardcore Match for the WWF Tag Team Championships. Primus and Silver won the match, and the titles. But the celebration was short lived, because Silver quickly left the ring, leaving Primus alone and confused, as Silver walked up the ramp, Primus was attacked from behind by Jarrett and Hart and the crowd looked on in shock, as Silver did nothing to help his fallen partner.

In the months following the incident, Primus and Silver distanced themselves from one another, but would have to come together every so often, to defend their WWF Tag Team Championships. Even through all the in-fighting, The CoAlition proved to be a great tag team, they ran through many tag teams during their run, The Acolytes, The Hardy Boyz, The New Age Outlaws, Hardcore & Crash Holly. Although they would often win their matches through individual performances because Primus and Silver did not want to tag out to one another, they got the job done nevertheless. The true test came on August 9th, 1999, when The CoAlition defended their tag team title's against the team of Kane and X-Pac. That night, both Primus and Silver did something unexpected, it almost seemed as if they had put their differences aside. Because they were working together for the first time in their tenure as champions, frequent tags, breaking up pins for one another, double team moves. For the first time, it seemed as if Primus and Silver were actually a CoAlition.

This was short lived, however; because during this match, something went terribly wrong for the champions. Toward the end of the match, referee Earl Hebner was knocked down in the corner, and trying to gain the advantage, Silver immediately dropped out of the ring, to get a chair. He slid back in with the chair in hand, and went to blast X-Pac in the head with it, but through quick thinking, X-Pac dropped out of the way, and the chair came in contact with the head of Primus. Primus dropped like a sack of potatoes to the mat and Silver looked on in shock at first, but quickly his look changed to one of disgust, he dropped the chair in the ring, and once again, walked out on Primus. X-Pac made the cover on the fallen Primus, and that was all she wrote on the Tag Team Title run for Primus and Silver. Their run as champions was over, but was this also the last we would see of The CoAlition?

  • To Be Continued.

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